Printable CopyBROMANCE
National Wine Centre
Until 09 Mar 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

Upon entering the performance space, the first sight seen is what appears to be Meatloaf, circa “Bat Out Of Hell”, wearing tight cut-off denim shorts, fish-net stockings, and a leather cap. So like any logical person would do, I went back outside to check the sign and make sure I was in the right venue.

I was.

Meatloaf as it turns out, is the narrator (of sorts) of this charming tale of two Aussie blokes who meet, strike up an awkward but genuine friendship, and the events that follow.

The story is a little disjointed, with some plot lines deserving of more development, and others that could be dropped. It’s a low-key representation of Ethan and Toby’s lives, where not a lot happens. Instead, the focus is on the relationships involved, and in that respect they’ve done quite well.

Their relationship is thrown a curve ball with the introduction of the character Jessy, causing Ethan to become a little unhinged. This is a comedy-drama though, so don’t think psycho thriller, think more Comedy Company.

It has all the things you’d expect from an ocker mates story, including plenty of beers, the obligatory sporting references, and more beers. With some spectacular prancing from Meatloaf thrown in for good measure.

It felt like they needed a bit more rehearsal time, just to really tighten up the interaction between the three main characters. But the performances from all involved were amusing and there are plenty of laughs and high points.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (out of 5)