The Parks Theatre
Until 13 Feb 2018

Review by Brian Godfrey

The secret to enjoying this one-off production is the word ‘showcase’. It is simply showing family and friends what youngsters have learnt to give them a taste of performing and some confidence.

The energy level from these youngsters is infectious. Songs may not always be pitch perfect and dialogue often garbled and/or soft in volume (sound and mic problems did not help), but the dance movements from all young performers were near to perfect. Microphone technique might be something valuable to include in future workshops.

The young performers showed off the improvisational skills that they had learnt in the two-week January bootcamp/workshop. Some of these were pretty impressive and amusing: did you know that it takes a million dollars to replace a passport? Mind you, it does only take five minutes! However, high-pitched teenage girls need to learn that they don’t always need to play high-pitched teenage girls.

The love and exuberance of performing certainly showed in high energy numbers such as the Village People medley and the ‘I love the Eighties’ segment – very impressive for kids who weren’t even around then.

Praise must be given to the three young boys who performed a number from the Tony award winning “Hamilton” with perfect female movements (the song is written for and normally sung by three women). Other standouts were the stunning and vocally strong number from “Copacabana” and the rousing finale number, ‘Dirty Washing’ from “Witches Of Eastwick”.

It was good to see that everyone in the huge cast were given a go. See kids, performing can be fun!

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)