The Royal Croquet Club
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

Tiffany and Maddison (alias Judy Hainsworth and Meggan Hickey) are two very talented and attractive young women. Judy (Tiffany) is creator and writer of the parody songs and patter and together the two are a powerhouse. The show is politically incorrect, deliciously satirical and very funny. The show is a send-up of all the ‘accessories’ of the rich and famous who have to deal with such major issues as - Is your coffee too hot? Does your conditioner run out before your shampoo? Maddison is in awe of Tiffany because ‘she is going to change peoples’ lives’ with her life coaching lessons.

Tiffany and Maddison look good and are extremely good singers. Singing satirical and parody songs requires excellent enunciation so that the comedy isn’t lost. Every word was clear from both girls, emphasising that they have done the work and have real talent. Individually they shine and together they dazzle. Maddison’s solo, showing she can do anything from tapdancing, trumpet playing, piano playing and singing is hilarious and, as is evident from Tiffany’s reactions throughout, in danger of stealing the limelight.

The songs are all punchy with clever lyrics, from political satire (Donald Trump, of course, gets a mention) to commentary on serious first world issues such as ‘do your hair extensions clog your Dyson?’ The Kardashians get a few mentions as do most of the rich and famous – that is, those who aren’t poor people who have to get a job. Costumes are colourful (‘tacky glam’ to the uninitiated) – I especially liked the party hats and balloons because it is after all a Party!

Mention must be made of the talented Miguel (from Mexico with a dubious background). He is the ‘accomplished accompanist’ and foil to much of the girls ’backhanded humour’. ‘Miguel’ handles it very well and it helps that he is quite cute. This is an hour of your time very well spent – unless you are easily offended and don’t enjoy a good laugh.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)