Until 04 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

“One Night with Bonnie Weaver” is the result of a collaborative process between Caetlyn Collins (writer, producer and performer), Richard Davis (composer), Lizzy Falkland (director) and Terence Crawford (co-song and script writer/dramaturge). Caetlyn Collins is a very talented actor who also sings very well, the original songs underscoring the story of Bonnie Weaver, a woman whose long-term affair with a married man has left her alone and bitter, suddenly aware that there is no future with this man and that life is passing her by.

Accompanied by the very talented ‘sidekick’, aka Gareth Chin, Caetlyn tells the story of Bonnie through a range of ‘torch’ songs that highlight her pain and sadness. “One of my biggest regrets is that I have no regrets.”

Upstairs at Distill Cocktail Lounge is a perfect venue for this show, creating the moody atmosphere required to tell Bonnie’s story. The audience arrives to find Bonnie at the bar welcoming her guests, already somewhat inebriated. From the outset she endears herself to the audience with self-deprecating humour and charm, as she introduces herself to various members of the audience, appropriately dressed in corset and floaty gown. Moving seamlessly between comedy and drama, Caetlyn tells the story of Bonnie through story and song. She delivers a fine performance.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)