University of South Australia
Hartley Playhouse
Until 16 Jun 2018

Review by Kylie Pedler

Under the direction of Glenn Rafferty, UniSA’s Third Year students have improvised, discussed and written their current performance piece. While the show is set around four main performers (Aiden Wang, Ashleigh McFadden, Daniel Harding and Gerry Barbaro) who mime their way through the scenes adding to the confusion and illusion of another world, the cast consisting of over thirty students all play their part.

An elevator, a tuba, a couch, some magic tricks and several interpretive dance pieces are all loosely connected by the four main characters who appear to be trapped in an apartment building. As they move to the different floors, each is struck by their fears, addictions and interactions with others. It is all a little confusing but therefore successful if the aim is to ‘transport [the audience] into a world where nothing is what it seems’ and you are left to question what is real.

Aware that this was a preview, more time should enable the technical and lighting crew to fix a few of the glitches and for the elevator tract to be smoothed out. The need for an intermission is also questionable in such a short piece as the audience appeared confused about being asked to leave for refreshments not long after the show had started.

Some of the projected images worked well and the final ‘Dancing with the Devil’ number showed good use of space and movement.