Printable CopyBATS
Tea Tree Players
Tea Tree Players Theatre
Until 13 Jul 2019

Review by Anthony Vawser

TTP’s Youth/Junior productions are so often turning out to be surprisingly delightful, that this reviewer really should cease being surprised at it happening!

One is struck, as ever, by the unfailing high spirits, the warm feeling of inclusiveness, and the oft-times wicked sense of humour. There is also a typically sprawling, character-heavy, simple-yet-complex bit of nonsense serving as a plot to the proceedings, punctuated by a selection of songs that succeed so well in their best moments that the weaker ones can be forgiven.

“Bats” – dealing, as the title implies, with matters concerning vampires - might be a show that parents of an easily frightened or startled child will want to carefully consider the appropriateness of, but if you enjoy a steady stream of ‘dad jokes’ (generally underplayed by the young cast to actually be even funnier than they might otherwise have seemed) mixed together with some material that is rather more macabre and unsettling than you might expect, this ought to be a show that can elicit an approving reaction across a broad range of audience demographics.

The one serious criticism that needs to be made concerns the lack of consistent voice projection from a number of cast members. One could at times make out the semblance of a potentially good joke that was being lost through inattention to volume levels.

Fortunately the humour, the energy, and the forward motion of “Bats” is more than enough to make it a winner of its type.