Bakehouse Theatre
Until 14 Mar 2020

Review by Anthony Vawser

The ‘solo show’ may be a species of theatre that’s easy to find at the Adelaide Fringe, but this presentation by Peta Morris is likely to prove one of the more memorable highlights of 2020’s festival offerings.

“Baggage Limit” hardly feels like a solo presentation - which indicates Morris’ propensity for embodying multiple characters, as well as her skill in communicating their histories and personalities to us. (There is also a particular costume – if that’s the right word – which should single-handedly make this show into a talking point; kudos to designer Melanie Gilbank.)

Morris has composed five original songs to accompany her storytelling and anecdotes; on a musical level, these resonate with an impact reflective of a performer with enough skill to have sung professionally for some of Australian music’s biggest names. (Phil Downing accompanies on keyboard, in addition to collaborating with direction and song-writing.)

Emotionally, “Baggage Limit” is, at times, a hard-hitting drama, but it also sparkles with the wry humour of a smart survivor who’s working through the legacy of her past (and that of her wider family) in a way that is both entertaining and inspiring.

Peta Morris deserves plaudits for crafting an honest and personal piece of theatre without falling into indulgence. “Baggage Limit” is the kind of quietly thrilling experience that helps make the Fringe such a valuable resource for audiences who seek shows with substance.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)