Until 17 Mar 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

Are we defined as people as lucky or unlucky? That is the scenario that is proposed by Laurie Black.

This show is somewhat a tasting platter of a few different fringe cabarets. Whist this show is primarily Laurie Black’s show, it also featured performances by Red Bastard and Alfie Ordinary. Both additions were both extremely amusing and Alfie is an absolute scene stealer as he performs a hilarious duet with a puppet Whitney Houston. He performs two songs but leave a lasting impression on the audience as he prances around as the self-proclaimed drag prince.

Black is an interesting performer who delivers a range of original songs and spoken word pieces. Her show has a strong concept – good and bad luck – but she does not capitalize enough on that premise in this show. She is a fun performer and appears to work best in an unstructured role where she can play loosely with the audience, something she does well.

Black does note, however, that she does have a full show, “Laurie Black Live” being staged later in the Fringe and given some of the originals she demonstrated in “Bad Luck Cabaret”, this should be a great show.

Rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5)