Skyline Events Centre
Until 25 Feb 2017

Review by Kylie Pedler

In this production, Break the Ice Entertainment explores what might have happened if two iconic blonde bombshells shared the stage and dressing room: hence the title Backstage with D (Doris Day) and M (Marilyn Monroe).

As Victor Borge, Will Metzer is a flamboyant piano accompanist with eyebrows to die for. (Well, probably of embarrassment in this time or age). He set the scene beautifully, providing lovely background music as the audience enters the small but charming restaurant space. But once the show begins his involvement often feels ad hoc.

The show begins well, introducing Rachael Horbelt as Doris day and Alex Schulze as Marilyn Monroe. Sitting behind a glittering framed mirror and prepping for the show’s opening there are some nice reflections into the characters and their personalities. Unfortunately, from this point on a reference from within the show rings true: while having the potential to be “a swan, is peddling for dear life.” When portraying two high profile beauties, appearing in familiar outfits and blonde hair is not enough. Sex appeal, accent and vocal power is essential but missing. Also the ad lib between song numbers would benefit from refinement.

There were well-known tunes that implored audience participation and these were enjoyable. However, the young audience member’s delight in watching his dad dance with Marilyn Monroe was the highlight.

Overall the audience seemed to enjoy the show’s potential and one liners.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)