Printable CopyBABA YAGA
Windmill Theatre
Queen's Theatre
Until 06 Mar 2019

Review by Doug Phillips

Once again, Windmill Theatre Co have cemented their place as one of the best theatre companies in Australia when it comes to productions for kids. “Baba Yaga” is an excellently presented tale that children will love, and parents will be glad they brought their kids too.

Just not really young kids I’d say. Ages 10 and up will be fine, and maybe even 8 and up, but any younger than that and they may find some of the visuals a little scary. With that said, the use and quality of the audio-visual effects in this production are superb.

With a small cast of just two, it would have been easy for the character of Baba Yaga to overshadow her co-star Vaselina. But both actors held their own, and neither detracted from the other. Christine Johnston will most likely be what most people remember when they think back on the production later; however, Elizabeth Hay’s performance was just as strong and engaging.

Parts of the plot could have been clearer, if more time was available to flesh it out. The attention span of the target audience, though, doesn’t allow for this.

Adults will enjoy this production also, as long as they’re in the mindset of this being a kid’s production.