Bakehouse Theatre
Until 10 Mar 2018

Review by Anthony Vawser

Written by Channing Cornwall, this is, for the most part, a sweet-natured, warm-hearted, well-intentioned tale of a shy, stammering young man named Bert who has his own particular way of coping with the world around him. Kind neighbour Elizabeth may be looking to escape her own troubled existence and make Bert a part of her life – but what will the colourful crew of roommates named Crain, Tessie, and Mia have to say about that…?

Lighting design is very nicely achieved to provide ‘fades’ between scenes, which aids greatly in generating the pleasant atmosphere that so much of this show achieves. Make-up is a crucial component which is skilfully executed, set decoration is minimal but ingenious and amusing in all the ways that it needs to be, while costuming is an undoubted highlight.

The big problem that this reviewer had with “Apartment of the Feign” is its final scene. Perhaps with more careful writing and more restrained acting, it might have effectively resonated, but in its present state, the coda plays like a clunky bit of manipulative melodrama, aiming for true tragedy, but falling well short. A tad more fine-tuning to the finale would give this show a strong chance of emerging as an all-around winner.

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)