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Until 08 Mar 2014

Review by Brian Godfrey

If you went to secondary school in the late 90s, or were involved in the book world in any way at that time, you would more than likely be familiar with or aware of the ‘Animorph’ book series. Published by Ashton Scholastic and written by K. A. Applegate (perhaps the J. K. Rowling of her day), this paperback-per-month series became so popular that it spawned a multitude of ‘spin-offs’, a television series and much merchandising (including calendars).

One young boy affected greatly at the time by these stories of a group of teenagers given morphing powers by a dying alien was Simon Binns. This is his story – and it is equal amounts of funny and charming.

More stand-up comedy and a friendly chat than true theatre, this is a wonderful way to spend an hour. Binns is extremely personable and has some delightfully unique ideas on how to present his subject – including introducing the author herself (or himself, depending on who’s sitting in the “audience participation seat” on the night) to us.

“Animorphed” is thoroughly enjoyable and delightfully quirky,

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)