Her Majesty’s Theatre
Until 28 Jan 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

In 2001 America transitioned forever in to post 9/11 life under the presidency of George Bush. Elsewhere, Green Day released their now iconic album “American Idiot”. This album ended up being an anthology of anthems for youth who wanted their voices heard.

In 2009 the band’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong and Broadway producer Michael Mayer teamed up to turn this iconic album into a rock musical.

The show follows the story of Tunny (Connor Crawford), Johnny (Linden Furnell) and Will (Alex Jeans) as they try to make a life outside their rundown town. The three soon go their own very different ways, all facing their own struggles.

This show is visually stunning, musically electric and completely brilliant. Every element of this show works perfectly and from start to finish the audience is taken on a journey that is funny, gritty and heartfelt. The production uses Green Day’s music perfectly and brings their message from 2001 to 2018 seamlessly. Video projection enhances the detailed set and creates some amazing sequences.

The cast are phenomenal and create the feeling of a rock concert within a musical. Connor Crawford as Tunny is strong from start to finish. He adds light and shade to his performance, adding a splash of humour to his role. Linden Furnell and Alex Jeans as the other two lead males both gave convincing performances.

Australian indie-rocker Adalita’s performance as St Jimmy was a showstopper. Her portrayal of the alter-ego to Tunny was powerful and her voice was incredible. A serious talent.

Kaylah Attard, Phoebe Panaretos and Ashleigh Taylor as the love interest to the three males were all excellent. Attard in particular was a real treat as she performed an acrobatic number in “Extraordinary Girl”.

Whether you see this show because you are a Green Day fan or because you love theatre, you will not be disappointed by the spectacular rock musical that is “American Idiot”.