Tuxedo Cat
Until 16 Mar 2014

Review by Brian Godfrey

During the Fringe, we reviewers often state that shows have little or no structure, are under prepared, and are simply not entertaining. This is certainly not the case with “Alexis Dubus – Cars and Girls”: the show has a strong structure, is extremely well prepared – right down to visual aids, and slick sound and lighting cues courtesy of techie Nathan – and very entertaining.

English stand-up comedian, Alexis Dubus returns to the Adelaide Fringe for the third time. But this time his show is in a different style to his first two (“A Bl**dy Brief History Of Swearing” and “A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity”): it is a spoken word show done entirely in rhyme.

Dubus reminisces, in verse, about his travels of slightly earlier years, taking his audience along with him in trucks and vans through France, Spain, Morocco, South America and redneck America. We visit nude bike rides, ‘bang houses’ (brothels) and The Burning Man ritual; all resulting in absolute hilarity and a very happy ending.

This is gentle comedy with a bite; with Dubus coming across as extremely personable, showing great cleverness with his rhyming, and a great ear for accents.

There is no awkward audience participation or bad taste jokes, just a very funny, highly entertaining 50 minutes that go all too quickly.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)