Printable CopyAIN’T WE GOT FUN
Blackwood Players Inc
Blackwood 21 (Blackwood Memorial Hall)
Until 05 Jun 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of visiting Blackwood Memorial Hall as it has been 18 months since they have been able to stage a production. This current production is a look back at the 1920s with great music, flappers, gangsters and a Speakeasy.

President Michelle MacLean is delighted to present an upbeat, fun show reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Co-directed by Michelle and Sue Oldknow, it is a fast-paced show with the cast having a great time and this carries over to the audience.

Sound recordings by Mark Hallam provide the toe-tapping music and costumes provided by Shelley Pontiac, Violet Rowe, Michelle Maclean and Sue Oldknow are bright and sparkly and appropriate to the era. The ensemble numbers set in the Speakeasy are a highlight and had the audience totally engaged and singing and clapping along. Shelley Pontiac demonstrates her experience as a feisty LuLu la Belle, neglected girlfriend of Babyface Balconi, played with just the right amount of arrogance and bravado by Damien White. Kathy Straut, Dora Stamos, Dawn Ross, Alana Lymn, Eryn Kralj, Emily Cester, Nancy Lovato and Lina Sabatino provide the glamour and glitz as the dance-hall girls and really strut their stuff in the dance numbers. John Charles Maney as Mugsy Madison and Nicholas Champion as Robin Ball complete the cast.

Community Theatre is very important in the realm of theatre, providing opportunities for performers to perform and for audiences to enjoy watching talented people use their talent. Blackwood Players have again provided a vehicle for this to happen. Welcome back!