Printable CopyADULTING
Until 25 Feb 2018

Review by Thomas Filsell

Tash York cuts the niceties and drags us right into the awkward, painful, stark light of day we are forced to face as we confront the ineluctable realities of that magical age of adulthood (But, what is that age? When we hit puberty? When one gets their first menstrual cycle? Your first time?). ”Adulting” is a show about the trials a young York faced, but really, we all face, as we navigate the difficult transition from contented, supported dependent, to responsible, independent adult.

York has the audience on her side from the beginning, thanks to her charming mix of robust self-confidence and humorous self-effacement. It was surprising to see how many audience members could relate to her personal story in some way. Male and female, it seemed there was some truth that resonated with each person, which helped create an empathetic atmosphere and meant that all the jokes and humour of the show landed successfully.

York was unabashed and unflinching in her narration of her adult life, from amassing a sizeable debt in parking fines, to her teenage engagement to a white-collar criminal, to her love of wine and fried foods, yet she also managed to find points of poignancy and pathos along with the ‘adult’ musical numbers and bawdy humour that characterised most of the show. Her penultimate song about her relationship with and love for her mother was heartfelt and heart-warming, thanks to the empathy she engendered from the beginning of the show.

York’s singing voice was flawless. She displayed masterful musical talent, transforming well-known songs into delightfully comic or unexpectedly poignant musical skits that together came to tell the story of her adult life. Her stage partner and accompanist, Jamie Burgess, was faultless in his piano playing and musical and comedic timing. He came out with some of the funniest lines of the night. Both performers were magnificent improvisers, for their humour and musical prowess they were impressive, entertaining, funny, fun.

Overall, a pleasant surprise and something I would gladly recommend.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)