Tatachilla Lutheran College
Hopgood Theatre
Until 01 May 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

It is always a pleasure to see young people performing and even more so when the quality of the production is at such a high standard. To have the opportunity to use the facilities of the Hopgood Theatre, with an accomplished orchestra and musical director Timothy Frears and amazing costumes and sets, will create memories that will hopefully stay with these young people for a very long time. “The Addams Family” is not an easy show to mount and everyone involved with this show must be congratulated and should feel very proud of what they have accomplished.

Director and Producer Elizabeth Bentley has taken on a huge task with this show and the number of young people involved. With a range of dancing ability at her disposal, choreographer Rachel Overstreet has done exceptionally well by dividing the cast into groups. With so many young people on stage at the same time, it is a remarkable effort from all concerned.

Darcy Needle and Isabella Kolencik deliver very strong and consistent performances as Gomez and Morticia Adams. Isabella has a very strong stage presence and sweeps around the stage with confidence which belies her youth. Darcy Needle provides Gomez with the appropriate hen-pecked husband character. Keyta Stassinopoulos is outstanding in her portrayal of Wednesday while Ruby Hutcheson makes a suitably lovable Pugsley. Ashton Grace as Fester and Bailey Baldock as Lurch are both well cast and deliver good performances. Helena Savarton as Grandma, Charlotte Turner and Andrew Yates as Alice and Mal Beineke and Ashley Hooper as Lucas Beinecke and Megan Tiller as the lead ancestor, all deliver well-rounded performances as principal cast members.

Providing a show of this magnitude to the level of proficiency from all involved takes many hours of planning and preparation and rehearsal. Parents and school staff also contribute greatly to making a show possible and their dedication cannot be overlooked. The stage crew, hair and makeup, the prop construction and painting crew are integral to a successful show.

Congratulations to all concerned in bringing about this thoroughly enjoyable show.