Scotch College
Scotch College
Until 05 Aug 2017

Review by Talia Gaertner-Jones

The creepy and kooky antithesis of a ‘perfect’ family, The Addams Family is a favourite among young and old. Created by cartoonist Charles Addams and then brought to life on television in 1964. Since then, there have been television spin-offs, films and most recently the Broadway musical. And Scotch College has done a brilliant job at staging this amazingly spooky musical.

Everything from cast, set and costumes were extremely well executed and it’s not until you walk outside the building after the curtains are down, that you are reminded you are in fact in a school and watching a high school production. This production easily meets the standard of any local youth theatre production. Director Adam Goodburn, Assistant Director/Choreographer Linda Williams and Musical Director Briony Nickels have brought together a wickedly in sync cast from ensemble to lead actors.

The cast of the ‘Family’ are all unique in their own way, however blend together perfectly. At the head of the family, Tayla Prime as Morticia is bold and glamourous and has Morticia’s stance down to a fine art. Alongside Prime is Jordan Tomljenovic as Gomez. Tomljenovic is charismatic and humorous and has an unfaltering Spanish accent bringing an Antonio Banderas-like charm to the role. His duet “Live Before We Die” with Prime along with their dance “Tango De Amor” are two beautifully moving moments and despite his age, he is able to execute a touching rendition and create a loving and believable moment between father and daughter in “Happy Sad”.

As the children, Joshua Spiniello is mischievous and likeable as Pugsley, who fears losing his sister Wednesday (Hannah Hamilton) and sings the morbidly caring song “What If”. Hamilton shines on stage as Wednesday Addams, the dark loving girl who falls in love with a ‘normal’ boy. Her voice wows in “Pulled” and she shows many dimensions to her character, as she goes against her family in the name of love. Harry Fiedler is hilarious as Uncle Fester and “The Moon and Me” is a highlight moment for his character. And with minimal speaking but awesome murmurs and characterisation is Nicholas Burt as Lurch. And the last family member, the ‘mystery’ mother Grandma is Charlie Miller – it’s amazing that she hasn’t broken a hip with those crazy dance moves! There were even brief cameo appearances from Cousin Itt and Thing.

As Wednesday’s love interest, Matthew Daniell as Lucas Beineke is the object of a death defying stunt in “Crazier Than You”. Lucas’ parents, Mal Beineke (Phoenix Starr Hentschke) and Alice Beineke (Lola Williams) show their own kind of crazy in “Waiting”. The ensemble of ancestors looked perfectly pale in their all white costumes and makeup, depicting various characters and passed celebrities. They danced and moved with ease. The attention to detail in all costumes was stunning.

The lighting and set design was dark and dim and the overture with the use of projection for the opening credits set the atmosphere for what was to come, complete with the fog horn doorbell.

Scotch College has produced a ‘mysterious and spooky, all together ooky’ production and it is one not to be missed!

*This production has two casts. Review is of ‘Kooky’ cast.