Preachrs Podcast OnLine and OnStage
Until 02 Mar 2021

Review by Lance Jones

There is a time in everyone’s life where we simply stop caring about nurturing our artistic side, or feeding the soul with rich, thought provoking entertainment. Yes, sometimes, we simply need a funny collection of “dick jokes”.

This show is not rich, thought provoking, or even generally funny for the most part.

Not that it started out that way. The first ten minutes were hilarious and gave us the promise of a fun time. A slide show of amusing items being photographed with the author standing provocatively using them as a phallus got the laughs we expected and came for. Yes, the title said it all. Statues, towers, animals, shoes, iconic landmarks and even at times people were amusingly superimposed into the photograph in the “groin” position. The grandeur of the accompanying music made the scenario even more ridiculous, and in a good way. It was great to be there and the laughs flowed freely.

However, after about ten minutes, they ran out of material, and we were subjected to terrible anecdotes that simply weren’t funny. It was as if they had to fill up the hour with something, so they just prattled.

Ten minutes of comedy does not an hour-long Fringe show make.

Is it worth seeing? Well, the concept is hilarious, and the first ten minutes met the expectation. I guess you could check your social media for the remaining time...

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)