Tea Tree Players
Tea Tree Players Theatre
Until 23 Oct 2021

Review by Ross Johnston

Last night I had the pleasure to see the Tea Tree Players production of “According to Rumour”, a comedy, at their intimate theatre in Tea Tree Gully.

The play revolves around a night Carter can’t remember. When he wakes next morning his flat is a mess and a strange woman comes out from his bedroom. To compound the issue, he finds a bag containing 50,000 pounds in his fridge. He madly cleans up his flat as his mother and others are due any moment. To make the issue more complex is the fact that his sister, Emma, got engaged to a policeman, Logan, and the fact that his “slow” mate Roger loves Emma too. However, Carter’s mother has other ideas about Roger as well. All in all, this “Hangover” type scenario makes for a hilarious situation where many belly laughs were generated from the audience.

Punctually the curtain opened and, again, I was impressed by the set. The whole play is performed in the kitchen/living area of Carter’s flat. Hardy congratulations to the Set designer(s) and builders.

All the actors played their parts superbly and all projected their voices, even when whispering, so, we in the audience, could hear them. Carter played by Kieran Drost was superb as the “hungover” occupant who hadn’t much of a clue what happened the night before. His lightshade impression brought many a laugh. Kristyn Barnes’s role as Kitty Kat, Carter’s “bed mate” had us smiling on many occasions. Roger, Carter’s “slow” mate, played by Kyle McCarthy had us smiling from the moment he made his entry in Scene 1 to the final scene. Emma, played by Keyarra Maur was magnificent as the loving but confused sister to Carter. Her facial expressions in Act 2, Scene 1 involving Carter and Roger was priceless and had all of us in fits of laughter.

Ashley, the hapless postwoman, played by Carolina Fioravanti, almost stole the show with her performance. Her antics as the concussed, “innocent” bystander to the money question has us smiling throughout the performance. Harriet, Carter’s Mother, was played by the talented Lilly Dolman and her performance as Roger’s temptress was great. Logan, the corrupt cop and Emma’s fiancé, played by Clinton Nitschke was impressive and his “calm” manner in times of crisis made us smile too. Finally, the dual role of the twins Maxine and Martine played by Madi Hart had us laughing. Madi definitely got a physical workout during this show disappearing on OP Side as Maxine to reappear very quickly as Martine on P Side and visa versa.

Lachlan Blackwell is to be congratulated as the play’s Director as he has produced a hilarious play performed by excellent actors.

This is my second play I have watched put on by the Tea Tree Players and, hopefully won’t be my last. I really enjoy seeing their productions and I’m looking forward to seeing their next production.

I highly recommend this play if you want a good belly laugh and your spirits lifted.