Venture Theatre Company
Trinity Uniting Hall
Until 04 Aug 2018

Review by Anthony Vawser

Being unable to remember much of the ‘what’ or ‘why’ about last night’s fun-and-frivolity can have its benefits, but in this script by Robert Scott, it’s mostly the drawbacks that young Carter has to struggle through in the hope of reaching his happy ending. Complicating the process of cleaning up the house – and getting his affairs in order – is a lovely stranger named Kitty, plus a smitten roommate called Roger – not to mention the object of this roommate’s affections, who just happens to be Carter’s sister, who just happens to misunderstand the true nature of the relationship between her brother and Roger…

Add in such obstacles as a hapless messenger/delivery service, a policeman with questionable morality, plus a cleaning lady with a difference (as well as an amazingly flexible ability/inability to speak/comprehend the English language), and you have the recipe for a show that, somehow, ought to be a bit funnier and more memorable than what it is. Scott’s script twists, turns, and covers the expected bases enjoyably enough, while falling short of something truly special. (There are also a number of questionable jokes and ancient stereotypes here that will make some viewers cringe, but it’s mostly par for the course in this type of theatre, and nothing that should cause any offence.)

Fortunately, under Luke Wagner’s capable direction, the ensemble of actors generally manage to perform with the kind of enthusiasm and skill that brings the proceedings to life and makes sure that a solid supply of laughs and smiles is served up. Kyle Hopgood’s copper is an onstage standout, generating a real electricity and tension whenever he appears. David Pace’s lighting does the job, and his sound effects (operated by Shelley Carman) are certainly loud enough (possibly a tad too much so).

If you’re looking for some silly chuckles delivered in an old-fashioned farcical manner by an energetic cast, then this latest outing from Venture may well fit the bill.

Luke Wagner is a reviewer for Adelaide Theatre Guide.