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The Adelaide Theatre Guide provides comprehensive services to the live theatre community in South Australia including reviews of over 90% of productions. With the recent success of the inaugural “Curtain Call” Awards and additional reviewer is required to join the ATG team to enhance awards consideration and compliment the already hard-working group.

Although the position is unpaid, all reviewers with the ATG receive two complimentary tickets and a program to each show reviewed as well as occasional special offers.

Required skills and attributes include:
  • Experience in media writing – reviews or general journalism.
  • Strong relationship with Adelaide theatre, whether amateur, professional, behind the scenes, performance, etc.
  • An enthusiasm and verve to see a range of theatre from the very good to the very bad and everything in between.
  • Availability to review both scheduled and last minute bookings on a monthly basis most especially during the 2006 Adelaide Fringe and 2006 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

To apply, email a brief outline of skills as well as a sample review of a recent theatre production (approximately 450 words) to info@theatreguide.com.au.

Applications close January 16, 2006.