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We are delighted to announce the nominees for the inaugural year of the ATG "Curtain Call" Awards. The Adelaide Theatre Guide reviewer team has reviewed over 90% of productions performed in Adelaide since June 1, 2004 and the short-list of nominees for this year's awards are considered to have an element of uniqueness or quality which encourages continued support of live theatre in Adelaide.

The overall value for money and entertainment offered to audiences is considered including all aspects of production (e.g. performance, direction, sets, crew, etc). Where a show is nominated for an award, everyone involved in this production should feel that they have contributed to this outcome.

Where an individual is nominated for an awards, they have an ability to shine and remain memorable in the minds of an audience member irrespective of the quality of the production they are in.

The ATG team is pleased with the short-list of nominees and hopes that with the success of this year's awards additional categories may be added to further recognise excellence in the Adelaide Theatre Community. We hope you support the nominees and book to attend the Awards Dinner & Gala on Saturday 23 July so that you can cheer for your favourites.

Good luck to everyone and congratulations!

Hayley Horton, ATG Site/Events Coordinator Adelaide Theatre Guide Awards Nominations
1 June 2004 - 30 May 2005


Individual Male Performance:
  • Barry Otto (Last Cab to Darwin, Pork Chop Productions)
  • Hayden Tee (South Pacific, Seabiscuit Productions)
  • Patrick Lim (Sunday in the Park with George, State Opera Studio)
  • Thern Reynolds (Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, MS Society)
Individual Female Performance:
  • Amber McMahon (Boston Marriage, State Theatre Company)
  • Dawn Langman (The Trojan Women, State Theatre Company)
  • Justine Saunders (Last Cab to Darwin, Pork Chop Productions)
  • Kate Fuller (Eva, Weimar Cabaret Fringe)
Best Show, Musical:
  • Die Fledermaus (Co-Opera)
  • Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (MS Society)
  • Les Miserables (MS Society)
  • Sunday in the Park with George (State Opera Studio)
Best Show, Drama:
  • 4.48 Psychosis (Brink Productions & Budgie Lung)
  • Drums in the Night (Brink Productions & State Theatre Company)
  • Influence (State Theatre Company)
  • Last Cab to Darwin (Pork Chop Productions)
Best Show, Comedy:
  • Comedy of Errors (Bell Shakespeare Company)
  • Boston Marriage (State Theatre Company)
  • The Pleasure of their Company (Glynn Nicholas & Shaun Micallef)
  • Emily Loves to Bounce (Patch Theatre Company)

Best Individual Male Performance:
  • Chris Buhagiar (Jekyll & Hyde, Hills Musical Co)
  • John Edge (Twelfth Night, Adelaide Uni Theatre Guild)
  • Robin Schmelzkopf (Fiddler on the Roof, Metropolitan Musical Co)
  • Tim Williams (Hobson's Choice, Stirling Players)
Best Individual Female Performance:
  • Diane Lang (A Little Night Music, Therry Dramatic Society)
  • Maxine Grubel-Wilson (Steaming, Matt Byrne Media)
  • Nicole Rutty (Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Mixed Salad Productions)
  • Robyn Woolvett (Stepping Out, Hills Musical Company)
Best Show, Musical:
  • 42nd Street - Return Season (Hills Musical Company)
  • A Little Night Music (Therry Dramatic Society)
  • Copacabana (Northern Light Theatre Company)
  • Jekyll & Hyde (Hills Musical Company)
Best Show, Drama:
  • Brilliant Lies (St Jude's Players)
  • Strangers on a Train (Independent Theatre Company)
  • The Unexpected Man (Director's Choice '05, Holden Street Theatres)
  • Woman in Black (Burnside Players)
Best Show, Comedy:
  • Birds on the Wing (St Jude's Players)
  • Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (Mixed Salad Productions)
  • Steaming (Matt Byrne Media)
  • Twelfth Night (Adelaide Uni Theatre Guild)