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The ATG is delighted to announce the nominees for the 2005/2006 "Curtain Call" Awards. The selection process was particularly difficult this year with such a huge amount of theatre to include and a high standard of productions.

We congratulate every single nominee and hope that they will be proud of this achievement alone irrespective of the outcome on July 22. Some criteria that is considered for award nominees includes - shows have the overall package, being entertaining, good production values and a unique element whether it is taking a risk, trying something new or giving a freshness to something that is traditionally the same every time. Individuals have an overall high standard which stands out and is particularly memorable and has contributed to the quality of live theatre in Adelaide.

Tickets are selling fast for the ATG Gala & "Curtain Call" Awards Dinner on 22 July 2006. Click here for booking details.

And the nominees are...


Best Show - Musical
  • The Big, The Bold & The Beautiful (Swamp Fairy)
  • The Breasts of Tiresias (State Opera Studio)
  • Women with Standards (Adelaide Fringe 2006)

Best Show - Drama
  • Beautiful Words (Oddbodies Theatre Company)
  • Checklist for an Armed Robber (Vitalstatistix)
  • The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (State Theatre Company SA)
  • Translations (Flying Penguin Productions)

Best Show - Comedy
  • Honk, if You Are Jesus (State Theatre Company SA)
  • Queen (Adapt Theatre & Film)
  • The Sad Ballad of Penny Dreadful (Windmill Performing Arts)
  • Special Delivery (Patch Theatre Company)

Best Male Performance
  • Dennis Olsen (Beautiful Words, Oddbodies Theatre Company)
  • Max Cullen (Daylight Atheist, State Theatre Company SA)
  • Stephen Sheehan (Translations, Flying Penguin Productions)
  • William Zappa (The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, State Theatre Company SA)

Best Female Performance
  • Caroline O'Connor (Bombshells, State Theatre Company SA)
  • Jackie Weaver (The Blonde, The Brunette & The Vengeful Redhead, State Theatre Company SA)
  • Jacqy Phillips (Beautiful Words, Oddbodies Theatre Company)
  • Martha Lott (Bondage, Holden Street Theatres)

Best Technical
  • The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? - Geoff Cobham, Lighting (State Theatre Company SA)
  • Daylight Atheist - Gavan Swift, Lighting (State Theatre Company SA)
  • Checklist for an Armed Robber - Cath Cantlon, Set Design (Vitalstatistix)
  • The Breasts of Tiresias - Patrick Lim, Set Design (State Opera Studio)


Best Show - Musical
  • A Fractured G&S Trilogy (Northern Light Theatre Company)
  • High Society (Therry Dramatic Society)
  • Iolanthe (Gilbert & Sullivan Society SA)
  • Seussical the Musical (Hills Musical Company)

Best Show - Drama
  • Landed (Riverland Youth Theatre)
  • Payne's Window (Raw Not Fried)
  • Speaking in Tongues (REDCHilli Theatre Company)
  • The Crucible (Burnside Players)

Best Show - Comedy
  • Chekov & Stoppard Bite Sized (Rough Magic Theatre & Film)
  • Cloud 9 (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • Farndale Murder Mystery (Kapunda Musical Society)
  • Puss in Boots - Adult Show (2B Productions)

Best Male Performance
  • Aldo Longobardi (Cloud 9, Uni of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • Fahad Farooque (A Passage to India, Independent Theatre)
  • John Rosen (The Crucible, Burnside Players)
  • Steve Rudd (Seussical the Musical, Hills Musical Company)

Best Female Performance
  • Anna Linarello (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Uni of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • Helen Geoffreys (Miracles, Mixed Salad Productions)
  • Kate Dempsey (The Wizard of Oz, Northern Light Theatre Company)
  • Tahli Corin (Pygmalion, Independent Theatre)

Best Technical
  • Indian Ink - David Roach, Set Design (Independent Theatre)
  • Seussical the Musical - John Dempsey, Set Design (Hills Musical Company)
  • The Crucible - Megan Dansie, Set Design (Burnside Players)
  • The Wizard of Oz - Anne Humphries, Costumes (Northern Light Theatre Company)

Tickets are selling fast for the ATG Gala & "Curtain Call" Awards Dinner on 22 July 2006. Click here for booking details.