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The 2009 Gala Dinner & "Curtain Call" Awards Night was once again celebrated in style this year in the Adelaide Festival Centre Banquet Room.

Congratulations are extended to all of the nominees for being recognised for excellence within their respective areas, but of course, there can only be one winner in each category.

In 2009 the "Curtain Call" Awards went to:


Best Show - Musical:
  • Metro Street (State Theatre Company of South Australia, Arts Asia Pacific & Power Arts)

    Best Show - Drama:
  • True West (Flying Penguin Productions)

    Best Show – Comedy:
  • Attack of the 40 Foot Wedge (Felicity Arts)

    Best Male Performance:
  • Renato Musolino (True West, Flying Penguin Productions)

    Best Female Performance:
  • Verity Hunt Ballard (Metro Street, State Theatre Company of South Australia, Arts Asia Pacific & Power Arts)

    Best Ensemble:
  • Worlds End (Accidental Productions)

    Best Technical:
  • Geoff Cobham, Lighting Design (Attempts on her Life, State Theatre Company of South Australia)


    Best Show - Musical:
  • Urinetown, the Musical (Hills Musical Company)

    Best Show - Drama:
  • The Cagebirds (Company of Muses)

    Best Show - Comedy:
  • The Underpants (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)

    Best Male Performances:
  • Will Cox (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Independent Theatre Company)

    Best Female Performances:
  • Isabella Norton (Driving Miss Daisy, Matt Byrne Media)

    Best Ensemble:
  • The Cagebirds (Company of Muses)

    Best Technical:
  • Emma Brockliss, Costume Design (The Cagebirds, Company of Muses)

    Congratulations also to the recipients of the Simon Slade Memorial Awards, identified as emerging talents in the Adelaide theatre community.

    Thanks go to our sponsors for these awards, Actors Ink and TAFE SA's Adelaide Centre for the ARTS, and the generous donors who contributed toward these awards.

    The recipients were:
    • Jethro Pidd
    • Kate Fraser
    • Claire McEvoy
    • Peter Howie

    Thank you to all who helped with and supported the event!