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University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild is calling for submissions from directors for its 2018 season.

Further information, guidelines and submission forms available from www.adelaide.edu.au/theatreguild/news/
or email melanie.hibberd@adelaide.edu.au

Submission deadline 30 April 2017.
For Symposium Season 1

‘Symposium Season 1’ is a new production from Symposium Productions for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe involving several collaborative writers. The production will run for approximately 60 minutes and include 6-8 scenes (depending on number and length of submissions).

Each scene will be written by a different playwright, with only 1 (or 2 depending on number of submissions) being written by the show’s producer/director/script editor James Watson.
Scenes can be about anything, there isn’t any set style, topic or theme. The production should be viewed more as a collaborative selection of individual scenes rather than one single play.
Scenes must be no longer than 10 minutes when performed, and must include no more than 3 actors (monologues accepted). The set will remain consistent between scenes; featuring nothing but a couch in the centre of a small stage. There’s no limit on props, lighting, sound, makeup or costumes within each scene.

What submissions will need to include:
- Your scene
- A short statement explaining the motivation, inspiration and intention behind the scene (400 words max)
- Any directorial suggestions you may have, if your scene is a monologue perhaps include a suggestion of which actor could suit the role (100 words max)
- Contact details (Mobile and email) and a short bio of your previous theatre experience.

Please email your submissions or any questions to James Watson at thewatson98@gmail.com
The deadline for submissions will be Friday the 31st of March 2017