About the CanDo Group of Charities

CanDo Group Charities are working together to provide much needed programs and services throughout South Australia for people with sensory impairments. The CanDo Group currently consists of CanDo4Kids and DeafSA.

CanDo4Kids is about highlighting the potential of children rather than focusing on their disabilities - it's about what they CanDo! It is also about ensuring that Townsend House can continue its 133 year tradition of serving the kids of South Australia who have a sensory impairment.

CanDo4Kids provide services to children and young adults who are deaf, blind or sensory impaired. Our services give the kids skills and self confidence to be more independent and do things they never thought possible!

DeafSA provide services for adults in the community who are deaf or hearing impaired.

DeafSA also provides support and interpreting services to help breakdown communication barriers as well as assisting with access to general community services.

All proceeds from the 24 Hour Show will be donated to this great South Australian charity.

Full details about the CanDo Group can be found at www.candogroup.com.au.