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In August 1980 Spotlight Theatre Company's first production "See How They Run" was staged in the Old Drama Centre at Enfield High School. Nearly thirty years on and the company has seen some major changes.

Spotlight was founded by, among others, Sam & Jacqui Franks, Trevor & Fran Elliott and was initially known as Collage. The name change to Spotlight happened in 1987. In 1991 the company needed to find a new venue and moved to Salter Hall in the grounds of Hillcrest Hospital. Spotlight was on the move again in 1995 but this time only a short distance away to the Covernton Hall in the Strathmont Centre. During 2000 to 2003 Spotlight did split seasons of its productions, successfully using the Promethean Theatre in Adelaide.

From 1980 to 2004 Spotlight staged around three to four plays per year amounting to approximately 100 plays across most genres. Comedy and farce were always favourites with the audience but so too were the dramas and thrillers, one act plays, medleys and pantomimes. Spotlight was also one of the first theatre companies to stage new plays by local playwrights forming a liaison with the South Australian Writers Theatre (SAWT). In 2005 the future was very uncertain. Covernton Hall and the whole Strathmont complex were scheduled to be re-developed and we had to leave the premises. The lack of a "home" has meant that Spotlight has had to change.

The direction of the company has shifted to producing mostly new plays, at the moment two each year. We usually have a production in the Fringe and aim to produce another play later in the year, usually at Holden Street Theatres. We are still looking for a new home or base of operations. In common with other theatre groups, rehearsal and storage space can be hard to find...and keep!!