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Full-Skirted Productions is a not-for-profit theatre group affiliated with the University of Melbourne Student Union. This is a company for the actor, director and writer who are committed to devising new work and performing the classics.

Our motto "the play is the thing" reflects the company's attitude that the text speaks for itself. We desire to return to a form of theatre where the text stimulates ideas and is paramount to the creative process of theatre making.

Full-Skirted Productions strives for excellence and professionalism in theatre by endeavoring to deliver work with rich characters, a great story and engaging performances.

The company name draws parallels between high fashion and theatre. Like a full skirt with numerous undergarments, these productions are multi-layered and are as frilly as they are well fitting! Full-Skirted Productions aims to throw off the shackles of post-modernism and return to good old-fashioned entertainment.