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Felicity 0437 325 902

Company Directors: Paula Licis

Assistant Director: Felicity Le



Their first show, "Broadway Babies", made its debut in Adelaide's Feast Festival. It uses Broadway musicals to follow the path of a group of aspiring entertainers, as they grow to be "stars"....

First, the desire to be an entertainer is born, the dream and the vision, oh so closely followed by the reality kick... the dreaded audition... and the fight to be a star.

Once the star emerges with a twinkle, all seems to be going your way, and you can pick some fun stuff to play with; some pieces to explore and awaken your inner self in your attempt to evolve into the well rounded performer.

OK, so now you've had your fun, and its time to use your fame (or notoriety) to educate the world on all of the political issues that you hold important in your heart... well, you thought so anyway.... blah blah blah...

But, in the end you work it out... entertainment is entertainment... the suspension of disbelief... an avenue to walk into a different world for a while, and get lost from reality for just a few moments... the true entertainer is born... and your songs flow from the heart and soul...

Some of the featured songs are from Cabaret, Chicago, A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity, Gypsy, Jesus Christ Super Star, Godspell, just to name a few. In this journey there are 30 songs to sing along with, and a stage show to enjoy.

The next show that Flick 2'd Lou Productions produced is VERY VERY different. It featured in the 2008 Adelaide Fringe, and will also be performed in the Melbourne Fringe later this year.

Conceptualised by Lou & Flick, and then creatively scripted by Lou, it is yet more proof of the talent that Adelaide truly has to offer. Along with a well-crafted cast they have created a truly mind bending tale.

Imagine a fairy tale on acid... lol...

"Broadway Babies in Caos" uses all the favourite cult musicals to take you on a Whirlwind tour down that long and winding brick road with Dorothy, The Wicked Witch & Toto, leading straight into the office of Dr Frank Tornado.

We can't tell you too much more... we want you to experience first hand the fun and mystery that this chaotic little tale takes you on.

The featured musicals are Rocky Horror Picture Show (of course), Little Shop of Horrors, Sound of Music, Grease 2, Wizard of Oz, Spamalot & Mamma Mia, and the list goes on! Once again, over 30 songs to enjoy, and a guaranteed sing along through to the end.