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Carclew Youth Arts Centre is a unique youth arts organisation, which aims to develop and provide statewide programs of excellence in all art forms for young people.

To provide access to and participation in the arts for young people by:
  • offering a variety of affordable programs across the state in all art forms to cater for a range of skill levels and taking into account issues of equity
  • making all programs and program outcomes visible to the broader community.
  • in consultation with young people, developing new models of operation and new programs which pilot methods of increasing access and participation.
To provide resources, venues and information which support young people's creative development by:
  • developing and maintaining information systems, which inform program development and provide accessible and up-to-date information for young people and other arts providers
  • locating and developing a network of resources and appropriate venues statewide which make programs accessible
  • attracting funds and resources to service programs.
To involve young people in all aspects of personal and professional development in arts practices by:
  • bringing young people together to work with professionals to initiate, develop and manage strategic programs
  • providing structured and informal training opportunities for young people in Carclew's programs, as appropriate
  • providing introduction and on-going exposure to all art forms through participation and presentation opportunities.
To link strategically with other organisations and form partnerships to deliver youth arts programs by:
  • liaison with community development, community health and youth service organisations to encourage and support them to become partners in youth arts activity
  • establishing and developing partnerships which will foster entrepreneurial activity
  • working with the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) to share resources and opportunities to increase young people's exposure to and involvement in the arts
  • working with local government and regional arts organisations to ensure a statewide reach.
To showcase and provide advocacy for young people's involvement in the arts by:
  • creating opportunities for young people's artistic product to be seen by the wider community in a range of forums and venues
  • lobbying for the support of youth arts from all levels of Government, other funding agencies, the private sector and key community members
  • encouraging arts organisations to embrace the needs of, and employ the skills of young people within their planning and programming.