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Terry Crowe : Co-Director and Co-Manager tcrowe@sa.chariot.net.au ....Ph. (08) 83222 045

Janet Jauncey : Co-director and Co-manager jsjauncet@bigpond.com

Black Crowe productions is a Theatre and Entertainment Company whose aim is to provide a range of high quality entertainment in various styles and mediums that the public will love and want to see.

We think outside the square in terms of our performances and this is reflected in the unique style of "Live Radio Theatre" as in the good old that we specialise in.

Nowhere else in Australia in an ongoing live entertainment capacity is this style of show performed... so we are unique!

The aim of the company is to tour its shows be it in theatre or as one of our live radio theatre shows.We aim to create opportunities for employment by showcasing the talents of our actors and crew and becoming a professional theatre company

Black Crowe productions can provide a range of entertainment that allows them to travel our shows to groups,clubs and different venues who may want to book us.