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David Underwood


Barossa Players was formed in July 2012 with its first performance, Educating Rita, at the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre (dedicated professional theatre venue) in October 2012.

Barossa players is using the four performances of Educating Rita as an advertisement to attract performers (musicians, dancers, singers and actors) as well as the whole range of people needed for successfully putting on performing arts shows. Once we assess the skills of the people wanting to be part of Barossa Players, we will tailor our choice of shows according to the strengths of those interested. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are indeed fortunate to have the backing of the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre’s management to perform at Barossa’s outstanding theatre complex (www.barossaconvention.org). In particular, note that the centre is proud of its “International Standards with Rural Hospitality”. The theatre complex has two theatres, The Brenton Langbein Theatre, a world class professionally equipped auditorium with seating for 1000 and the Eckermann Theatre which is much smaller but has great flexibility for drama.

It is our intention to have a minimum of three shows in 2013.