Now Productions

Written By: Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Directed By: Joe Russell & Bianca Woods

The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable.

Joseph, his father's favorite son, is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. He is purchased by Potiphar where thwarting advances from Potiphar's wife lands him in jail. When news of Joseph's gift to interpret dreams reaches the Pharaoh (wryly and riotously depicted as Elvis), Joseph is well on his way to becoming second in command. Eventually his brothers, having suffered greatly, unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed but no longer recognize. After testing their integrity, Joseph reveals himself leading to a heartfelt reconciliation of the sons of Israel.

Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock 'n' roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless.

Roles Available:
Auditioning young performers aged 7-21 for Principal and Ensemble roles:


Saturdays & Sundays: 22nd July to 24th September (mainly afternoons but some mornings will also be required) - NOW Studios in Gawler

Tuesday 26th September (Compulsory Dress Rehearsal) & Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October (Performances) - Barossa Arts & Convention Centre in Tanunda

We will be performing at the Barossa Arts & Convention Centre between 29th September to 1st October 2017. There will be four performances.

Barossa Arts & Convention Centre (Tanunda)

Sunday 2nd July - please apply online for an audition slot:

Now Studios (Gawler) - by appointment only

More Information:
Mandy via

Northern Light Theatre Company

Book by Thomas Meehan, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin
Directed By: Fran Edwards
MD: Katie Packer
Choreographer: Laura Brook

Based on the popular Harold Gray comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" and with music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin and book by Thomas Meehan, the original Broadway production opened in 1977 and ran for nearly six years.

The show is full of fantastic character roles for men and women of all ages and of course Annie herself and the team of orphans, so keep your eye on our website or like our Facebook page to be kept up to date on Info Night and Auditions!

Roles Available:
(Note that a stage age of 5-14 is required for all of the girls in the show)

Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks - Billionaire businessman who opens his home – and finally opens his heart – to Annie.

Annie - The title character. The spunky and optimistic 11 year old orphan who's looking for her birth parents. She ends up getting adopted by Oliver Warbucks.

Grace Farrell - Oliver Warbucks' faithful secretary, who loves Annie from the start.

Daniel "Rooster" Hannigan - Miss Hannigan's younger brother, a convict who escaped jail so he can rob his sister and plot to kidnap Annie.

Miss Agatha Hannigan - The orphanage matron, disillusioned, she hates children, but is fond of alcoholic beverages.

Lily St. Regis - Rooster's girlfriend, a gold digger. She and Rooster pose as Annie's "parents" so they can fool Warbucks and get their hands on the $50,000 reward.

Franklin D. Roosevelt - President of the United States, he aids Daddy Warbucks in the search for Annie's parents. Upon meeting Annie, he is inspired to make a new deal and restore America's economy.

Molly - The youngest orphan (6) who is also Annie's best friend.

Pepper -The bossiest orphan (12) who likes to take control and is not very good friends with Annie.

Duffy - The oldest orphan (13) who often hangs around with Pepper but is friends with everyone.

July -The quietest orphan (13) who doesn't talk much but is mother-like to all the kids.

Tessie - The crybaby orphan (10) who is known for line "Oh my goodness".

Kate - The shyest orphan (7) who never really speaks but is friends with everyone.

Louis Brandeis - Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, he is called upon to assist in Annie's adoption.

Bert Healy - Radio announcer who agrees to broadcast Annie's search for her parents.

The Boylan Sisters- Singers on the Bert Healy Show who hope to be famous someday.

Drake - The butler at the Warbucks Mansion; a good friend to Annie and Daddy Warbucks.

Lt. Ward - A policeman sent after Annie, he finds her at the local homeless town (Hooverville).

Sandy - An abandoned mixed–breed dog that, once Annie rescues him, becomes her faithful companion.

Harold Ickes - Cabinet Member who sings "Tomorrow" with Annie and Warbucks.

Mrs Greer: A funny, domestic and fabulous servant of Oliver Warbucks. Speaks very little but is in a lot of scenes when Grace is there.

Tuesdays at 7.30pm
Thursday at 7.30pm
Sunday at 10am

Friday 13th October 8pm
Saturday 14th October 8pm
Friday 20th October 8pm
Saturday 21st October 2pm
Saturday 21st October 8pm
Friday 27th October 8pm
Saturday 28th October 2pm
Saturday 28Th October 8pm

Shedley Theatre
Playford Civic Centre

Information Night:
Monday 26th June 7.30pm
Kings Baptist Grammar School (to be confirmed)
3 Keithcot Farm Drive
Wynn Vale 5127

Sunday 2nd July
Girls Group Audition
to be followed by individual auditions as offered

Adults Group Audition 2pm
to be followed by individual auditions as offered

Kings Baptist Grammar School
3 Keithcot Farm Drive
Wynn Vale 5127

More Information:
Contact Fran Edwards on 0419846058 or email

Therry Dramatic Society

Written By: Peter Quilter
Directed By: Geoff Brittain

Hilarious comedy about the worst singer in the world. In 1940s New York, the performer who everyone wanted to see live was Florence Foster Jenkins, an enthusiastic soprano whose pitch was far from perfect. Known as 'the first lady of the sliding scale', she warbled and screeched her way through each performance to an audience who mostly fell about with laughter. This joyously happy (but delusional) woman paid little attention to her critics; instead she was surrounded by a circle of devoted friends who were almost as eccentric as she was.
Based on a true story, the play spins from Florence's charity recitals and extravagant balls, through to her bizarre recording sessions and an ultimate triumph at Carnegie Hall in this hilarious and heart-warming comedy.

Roles Available:
FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS - an eccentric American lady, 60s/70s, star role. Florence is a soprano, range from D4 to D6. A mezzo soprano with musical training could comfortably fake higher notes
COSME McMOON - a pianist, attractive, slightly effeminate young man, early 30s
ST. CLAIR - Florence's English boyfriend, frazzled, theatrical, English, 60s
DOROTHY - Florence's devoted friend, 60s
MARIA - Florence and St Clair's Mexican cook and housemaid (must be able to speak, or convincingly fake, Spanish)
MRS. VERRINDER-GEDGE - a bullish and feisty American socialite, late middle age

Sunday afternoons, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Preview Wednesday, 7 February 2018 at 8 pm
Season: Thursday, 8 to Saturday 10 February at 8 pm
Wednesday, 14 to Saturday 17 February at 8 pm
Matinees both Saturdays at 2 pm

The Arts Theatre
53 Angas Street
Adelaide 5000

Saturday 8 July 2017 by appointment only please

Therry Clubrooms
1 Regina Court
Beverley 5007

More Information:
Julia (phone) 0419 842 975 - Jill (email)

The Stirling Players

Written By: Tom Stoppard
Directed By: Hayley Horton

Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is an absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy that expands upon the escapades of two supporting characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Taking place “behind the scenes” of Shakespeare's play, Stoppard’s characters interact briefly with Hamlet’s major characters who enact fragments of the original's scenes.

Between these moments, both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern discuss their bewilderment at the progress of events of which—occurring onstage without them—they have no direct knowledge. Utilising language as a confounding system fraught with ambiguity, the pair are a Shakespearean comedy duo, given the chance to take the lead role in a realm that resonates with “Waiting for Godot”, and reality and misconceptions are intertwined with sharp wit and absurd humour.

Roles Available:
Various - notes on request

Tuesday and Thursday evenings approx. 7 - 10pm
Sunday afternoons approx. 2 - 5pm

Friday 23rd February, 2nd and 9th March - 8pm
Saturday 24th February, 3rd and 10th March 8pm
Sunday 25th February and Sunday 4th March matinees 4pm
Total 10 performances

Stirling Theatre
Avenue Road

Sunday 9th July 2- 6pm

Kindergarten adjacent to the theatre on Avenue Road

More Information:
Contact Debbie Tester on 0450 906 522 or email

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Written By: Music and Lyrics by WILLIAM FINN
Additional Material by JAY REISS
Originally produced on Broadway by David Stone, James L. Nederlander, Barbara Whitman, Patrick Catullo
Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia).
All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.

Directed By: Kristin Telfer
Musically Directed by Sarah Whiteley
Choreographed by Rachel Dow and Rebekah Stonelaitken

Six young people in the throes of puberty, overseen by grown-ups who barely managed to escape childhood themselves, learn that winning isn’t everything and that losing doesn’t necessarily make you a loser.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is an hilarious tale of overachievers’ angst chronicling the experience of six adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime. The show’s Tony Award winning creative team has created the unlikeliest of hit musicals about the unlikeliest of heroes: a quirky yet charming cast of outsiders for whom a spelling bee is the one place where they can stand out and fit in at the same time.

Roles Available:
Please note: auditionees must be 18 by production week. Whilst the show has "children" roles, the show is a parody and these roles are to be played by adults.


An only child of frequently absent parents, Olive is quiet and shy and more than a little lonely, but has a rich inner life. Her favourite book is the dictionary. Her mom is currently away in India in an ashram, and her dad isn’t at the bee yet because he’s working late, again.
Vocal Range: Soprano (B3 – F#5)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

The youngest speller at this year’s bee but determined to show she’s up to the challenge. Logainne has two dads, and is a fledgling social justice warrior, driven and earnest. She has been training for the spelling bee daily.
Additional character notes: The actress must be able to speak and sing with a lisp.
Vocal Range: Soprano (C4 – D5)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

In Marcy’s family, excellence is compulsory and achieved without joy or fuss. Although this is her first spelling bee since her family moved to Putnam County, she won last year’s regionals for her old state, and came ninth at nationals. Marcy is good at sports, can speak six languages, gets three hours of sleep a night and is not allowed to cry.
Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano (B3 – E5)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover


Chip won the Putnam County Spelling Bee and made it to nationals last year. He’s a Boy Scout, popular and extroverted, and has the cheerful disposition of one for whom life has been fairly easy thus far. Puberty is starting to derail this.
Additional character notes: The actor also doubles as Jesus Christ.
Vocal Range: Tenor (C3 – B4)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

Leaf is home-schooled by his hippie parents and only here because the winner and runner-up from his district both had other commitments. He is less interested in winning than he is in getting to meet other kids, show off his home-made outfit, see what it’s like inside a real school building, etc. Leaf could have undiagnosed ADHD or he could just be a scatterbrained and easily-distracted kid. It’s a toss-up. His mom made him bring his safety helmet today.
Additional character notes: The actor also doubles as Logainne’s Carl Dad.
Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor (A2 – G4)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

William is socially awkward and struggles with a multitude of minor health problems. He covers his insecurities by being as unlikable as possible in order to keep other kids away. He is renowned on the spelling bee circuit for his technique of spelling out words on the floor with his foot. William was a Putnam County finalist last year, but had to withdraw due to an allergic reaction to the snacks provided. He is still very bitter about this.
Vocal Range: Tenor (Eb3 – Bb4)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover


A former Spelling Bee champion herself, and the number one realtor in Putnam County. Although she knows better than to admit it, the annual spelling bee is the highlight of Rona’s year, and she takes her role as moderator as seriously as if she were in charge of a major national event.
Additional character notes: The actress doubles as Olive’s Mom.
Vocal Range: Soprano (C#4 – Ab5)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

Returning as pronouncer after a five-year hiatus due to an incident at the Twentieth Spelling Bee, and determined to show the world that he’s all better now. Vice Principal Panch doesn’t particularly like children, or spelling bees. He is infatuated with Rona Lisa Peretti. The feeling is not mutual.
Additional music note: Whilst the role is not a featured singing role, the audtionee must be able to sing/hold pitch and hold harmony parts.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

Mitch has been assigned the role of Spelling Bee Comfort Counsellor as part of his community service. His job is to give each child a hug and a juice box after they are eliminated from the competition.
Additional character notes: The actor also doubles as Logainne’s Dave Dad and Olive’s Dad.
Vocal Range: Tenor (E3 – A4)
Additional music requirement: The audtionee must be a confident singer and be solid with harmony singing. This may be tested as part of the audition process.
Dance Requirement: Must be a good, strong solid mover

Monday and Thursday evenings: 7.15pm - 10.15pm
Some Sunday afternoons will be required: 1pm - 4pm
A full rehearsal schedule will be provided once the show is cast.

Hawthorn Church of Christ
42 Angas Road, Hawthorn

October 27 – 28, Nov 1 – 4 at 8pm
Oct 28 & Nov 4 at 2pm

The Goodwood Institute, Goodwood

Information Night:
Wednesday June 14 at 7.30pm
Hawthorn Church of Christ
42 Angas Road, Hawthorn

Saturday July 8 & Sunday July 9 - by appointment only.
Bookings will be first taken at information night, then open to general bookings from Thursday June 15

Hawthorn Church of Christ
42 Angas Road, Hawthorn

More Information:
Contact Kristin Telfer - Director via

Noarlunga Theatre Company

Written By: Ben Crocker
Directed By: Sue Cherry

A pantomime version of the classic story!

Roles Available:
The number, ages and genders of cast are flexible.

Abanazar - Aladdin's Uncle - The Bad Guy
Aladdin - The Hero
Sergeant Ping and PC Pong - Bumbling Policemen on scooters (one with a siren on his head)
Noddy - A Panda
Widow Twanky - Aladdin's Mother
Wishy Washy - Aladdin's Brother
The Emperor
Princess Jasmine
Genie of The Lamp
Genie of The Ring
Chorus / Townsfolk

Rehearsals at Base 10, 10 Main South Road, Reynella

Wednesday nights - 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Sunday afternoons - 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Opening Night Friday 3rd November 2017 - 8pm
Saturday 4th November 2017 (2 shows) - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 10th November 2017 - 8pm
Saturday 11th November 2017 (2 shows) - 2pm & 8pm

The Arts Centre, 22 Gawler St Port Noarlunga

Information Night:
Information Night on Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 7.30pm
Base 10
10 Main South Road, Reynella

Sunday 23rd July 2017 from 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Base 10
10 Main South Road, Reynella

More Information:
Sue Cherry on 0448 727 088 or via

Zest Theatre Group

Written By: Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Book by Winnie Holzman
Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire
Orchestrations by William David Brohn
Music Arrangements by Alex Lacamoire & Stephen Oremus
Directed By: Directed by Peta Bowey
Choreography by Sally Grooby
Musical Director Georgia Broadbent

Wicked tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two girls who first meet as sorcery students at Shiz University: the blonde and very popular Galinda and a misunderstood green girl named Elphaba.

Following an encounter with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, their friendship reaches a crossroads and their lives take very different paths. Galinda's unflinching desire for popularity sees her seduced by power while Elphaba's determination to remain true to herself, and to those around her, will have unexpected and shocking consequences for her future.

Their extraordinary adventures in Oz will ultimately see them fulfil their destinies as Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Roles Available:
Madame Morrible
The Wizard
Citizens of Oz
Doctor Dillamond

Tuesday nights as required
Wednesday nights 6.30pm - 9.30pm
The following Sundays - 17th Sept, 8th Oct, 29th Oct, 12th Nov, 26th Nov, 17th Dec, 14th Jan, 21st Jan, 28th Jan

7.30pm 2nd Feb, 3rd Feb, 9th Feb, 10th Feb
2pm 4th Feb, 11th Feb

Victor Harbor Town Hall, Victor Harbor

Information Night:
ALL Information about the production and auditions will be given at
7pm 19th July at Investigator College Performing Arts and Sports Centre, Bacchus Road, Victor Harbor

Auditions to be held 2nd August (all details will be provided at Information Night)

Investigator College Performing Arts and Sports Centre, Bacchus Road, Victor Harbor

More Information:
Contact Terry Mountstephen on 0412482350 or email

Hannah Catherine Productions

Presented by Hannah Catherine Productions
Directed By: Hannah Smith

These three plays show that a laundrette is not just a meeting place for washing clothes. It’s a meeting place. There’s shy Sandra. Bruce with his crazy sense of humour, and his sensible sister Janet. Then, of course, there’s Jimmy from the country, and cheeky Willie with his mum to keep him out of trouble. That’s Mrs Bridges over there, complaining as usual, and the lonely old man is poor Mr White. Yes, there’s more to a laundrette than getting your clothes clean.

Roles Available:
Anyone aged 13-25

Janet Flipp- A pleasant, sensible girl, slightly embarrassed by her brother, Bruce.
Bruce Flipp - A boy who is frightened of nothing, with a crazy sense of humour
Sandra Baressi- A shy, slightly worried girl.
Jimmy Fenton- A country boy, who likes Sandra very much
Willie Sale - A mischievous little boy who idolizes Bruce
Mrs Sales- Willie’s mother; a pleasant woman
Mrs Bridges- A complaining, unpleasant woman
Mr White- A rather shy, Lonely old man

9th October 10am-3pm
10th October 10am-3pm
11th October 10am-3pm
12th October 10am-3pm
13th October 10am-3pm

13th October 7pm SHOW
14th October 2pm SHOW
14th October 7pm SHOW

3-5 Railway Terrace Murray Bridge (The Station)

19th August (Saturday) 11am-2pm
This will be a workshop/improvisation audition.

3-5 Railway Terrace Murray Bridge (The Station)

More Information:
Hannah Smith - 0467871359 -

Hannah Catherine Productions

Written By: Craig Sodaro
Directed By: Hannah Smith

Soar away to Neverland in this magical adaptation drawn from the beloved novel with fresh, original music!  The Darling children love to hear of Peter Pan’s adventures during his visits through the open window of the nursery.  Then one night after Nana has taken his shadow and Wendy has sewn it back on, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell whisk the children off to Neverland to be part of the adventures.  All your favourite characters are there, including Captain Hook and his pirate crew, Princess Tiger Lily and her tribe, and of course, the Lost Boys and Girls!  A rousing and lovely musical score by the award-winning team of Rockwell and Bogart includes “The Boy Who Never Grew Up,” “Fly Me to Neverland,” “Follow the Leader,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Roles Available:
This show is completely created by youth aged from 12-25
ANYONE 12-25 can audition!

Character Singing Range # Lines
Wendy Darling Mezzo 119
John Darling Soprano 54
Michael Darling Soprano 50
Mrs Daring Soprano 36
Nana & Crocodile Non- Singing N/A
Liza Non- Singing 23
Peter Pan Mezzo 86
Tootles Mezzo 32
Nibs Mezzo 27
Pots Mezzo 20
Pans Mezzo 18
Slightly Mezzo 18
Curly Mezzo 23
Captain Hook Alto-tenor 76
Smee Mezzo 36
Starkey Mezzo 33
Cookie Mezzo 16
Skylight Mezzo 17
Noodles Mezzo 15
Great Big Mezzo 10
Little Panther Mezzo 10
Tiger Lily Mezzo 10
Chattering Chipmunk Mezzo 6
Two Moons Mezzo 7
Raging Waters Mezzo 6

Date Time
8th January 10am-3pm
9th January 10am-3pm
10th January 10am-3pm
11th January 10am-3pm
12th January 10am-3pm
Weekend break
15th January 10am-3pm
16th January 10am-3pm
17th January 10am-3pm
18th January 10am-3pm
19th January 10am

19th January 2pm Preview SHOW
19th January 7:00pm SHOW
20th January 2:00pm SHOW
20th January 7:00pm SHOW

The Station Murray Bridge (3-5 Railway terrace)

Auditions will be held on the 30th of September 2017 at 11am at The Station Murray Bridge. If you are unable to attend this audition you can send a YouTube audition.

Please email for full information and sign up sheet.

The Station Murray Bridge (3-5 Railway terrace)

Make sure you find Hannah Catherine Productions on Facebook for more information!

More Information:
Hannah Smith on 0467871359 or