Fifth Business Theatre Company

Written By: Book by Willis Hall.
Music by George Stiles.
Lyrics by Anthony Drewe.

There's something in the air tonight... and it's calling you to Neverland!

Fifth Business Theatre Company is proud to present Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure. We are looking for young people in school grades 4 to 12 to join us on this exciting journey. We will go outside of the box to turn this well known story into an unforgettable theatrical experience.

J.M. Barrie's legend of Peter Pan has been delighting children for over 100 years and this faithful new version is a magical adventure. Featuring music and lyrics by the award-winning duo George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, we join the Darling children as they are whisked away to Neverland by Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. Here they meet colourful characters including the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and, of course, the dastardly Captain Hook and his pirate crew. This will be a swashbuckling adventure you don't want to miss out on. So come be a part of creating the magic of Neverland this summer!

If you are interested in a vibrant, inclusive and encouraging theatre experience contact Fifth Business Theatre Company for more details via email You can also visit the website or find us on Facebook.

Roles Available:

















Term 3 Saturday mornings 10:00am-12:30pm
Enrolments are welcomed throughout Term 3 as the team create concepts and learns vital performance skills in readiness to bring Neverland to life.

Saturday 30th September 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 21st October 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 28th October 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 4th November 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 11th November 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 18th November 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 25th November 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 2nd December 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 9th December 10:00am-12:30pm
Saturday 16th December 10:00am-12:30pm

Monday 15th - Friday 20th January 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January

Saturday 20th January 2018
Sunday 21st January 2018

(Times of performances TBC)

Tyndale Christian School Auditorium
50 Fern Grove Boulevard Salisbury East

Saturday 23rd September 2017
10:00am till 12:30pm with call backs in the afternoon

Please email to sign up and receive audition material.

Tyndale Christian School Auditorium
50 Fern Grove Boulevard Salisbury East

More Information:
Dani Potter via

Hannah Catherine Productions

Written By: Craig Sodaro
Directed By: Hannah Smith

Soar away to Neverland in this magical adaptation drawn from the beloved novel with fresh, original music!  The Darling children love to hear of Peter Pan’s adventures during his visits through the open window of the nursery.  Then one night after Nana has taken his shadow and Wendy has sewn it back on, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell whisk the children off to Neverland to be part of the adventures.  All your favourite characters are there, including Captain Hook and his pirate crew, Princess Tiger Lily and her tribe, and of course, the Lost Boys and Girls!  A rousing and lovely musical score by the award-winning team of Rockwell and Bogart includes “The Boy Who Never Grew Up,” “Fly Me to Neverland,” “Follow the Leader,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Roles Available:
This show is completely created by youth aged from 12-25
ANYONE 12-25 can audition!

Character Singing Range # Lines
Wendy Darling Mezzo 119
John Darling Soprano 54
Michael Darling Soprano 50
Mrs Daring Soprano 36
Nana & Crocodile Non- Singing N/A
Liza Non- Singing 23
Peter Pan Mezzo 86
Tootles Mezzo 32
Nibs Mezzo 27
Pots Mezzo 20
Pans Mezzo 18
Slightly Mezzo 18
Curly Mezzo 23
Captain Hook Alto-tenor 76
Smee Mezzo 36
Starkey Mezzo 33
Cookie Mezzo 16
Skylight Mezzo 17
Noodles Mezzo 15
Great Big Mezzo 10
Little Panther Mezzo 10
Tiger Lily Mezzo 10
Chattering Chipmunk Mezzo 6
Two Moons Mezzo 7
Raging Waters Mezzo 6

Date Time
8th January 10am-3pm
9th January 10am-3pm
10th January 10am-3pm
11th January 10am-3pm
12th January 10am-3pm
Weekend break
15th January 10am-3pm
16th January 10am-3pm
17th January 10am-3pm
18th January 10am-3pm
19th January 10am

19th January 2pm Preview SHOW
19th January 7:00pm SHOW
20th January 2:00pm SHOW
20th January 7:00pm SHOW

The Station Murray Bridge (3-5 Railway terrace)

Auditions will be held on the 30th of September 2017 at 11am at The Station Murray Bridge. If you are unable to attend this audition you can send a YouTube audition.

Please email for full information and sign up sheet.

The Station Murray Bridge (3-5 Railway terrace)

Make sure you find Hannah Catherine Productions on Facebook for more information!

More Information:
Hannah Smith on 0467871359 or

Independent Theatre

Adapted by Roger Parsley from the novel by Evelyn Waugh
Directed By: Rob Croser

Towards the end of World War II, Charles Ryder finds himself billeted in the grounds of a stately English home. Recognising it, his memory immediately takes him back to the 1920s and the doomed Catholic aristocrats that lived there.

Roles Available:
2 x males (stage age 30s) to play a variety of roles.

Monday Wednesday Friday evenings and alternate Sunday afternoons.
Actors not required every rehearsal.

November 17-25
9 performances at various times.

Goodwood Theatre

Audition by appointment


More Information:
Rob Croser on 0437 222 590 or via

Hills Musical Company Inc

Book and Lyrics by Bill Russell
Music by Henry Krieger
Directed By: Director: Amanda Rowe
Choreographer: Kerry Hauber
Musical Director: Mark DeLaine

The Hills Musical Company is proud to present the South Australian premiere of ‘Side Show’.

Based on the true story of conjoined twins and famed entertainers Violet and Daisy Hilton, ‘Side Show’ is a remarkable musical about acceptance, love, and embracing one’s uniqueness. As the starring act of a sideshow, helmed by an abusive ringmaster, Violet and Daisy Hilton are eager to accept an offer of fame, fortune, and potential romance proffered by Terry, a talent scout, and Buddy, a budding musician. As stars on the Orpheum Circuit, it seems that Violet and Daisy have everything they ever wanted. The one thing they lack, however, is the fulfilment of their hearts’ desires. Different as they are, when it comes to matters of the heart, Daisy and Violet have the same burning questions: “Who could proudly stand beside me? Who will love me as I am?” Nearly entirely sung-through, ‘Side Show’ features soulful music, stunningly beautiful lyrics, and powerhouse show-stoppers, particularly the famous duets “Who Will Love Me as I Am” and “I Will Never Leave You.” – all from the writers of the smash hit ‘Dreamgirls’. A stunning reminder of the importance of accepting and celebrating what makes us unique, ‘Side Show’ is a true story that will touch audience’s hearts.

Auditions will be held in 1-hour blocks, with up to 5 people in each group. A set piece of choreography will be taught to the group and all auditionees will perform this together for the panel. The group will then be asked to exit the audition room and return individually to perform their chosen song and a piece of selected dialogue from the script.

The dialogue chosen by the panel will not be available to the auditionees until the day of audition.

Auditionees should choose a contemporary Broadway song, which best highlights their voice and is no more than 2 minutes in length and prepare the set piece from the show.

We are looking for a cast of mix aged performers. This is especially true of our ensemble due to the variety of different characters they will need to play. The more diversity in the cast the better so don’t be afraid to show us any special tricks / skills you might have during your audition.

No roles have been precast and all roles are available. Some of the roles in the attached will be cast from the ensemble although the audition panel reserves the right to change their minds on this point.

The Hills Musical Company is an amateur community theatre group based in Stirling, SA. More info including audition requirements can be found at

Roles Available:
Total cast is 22 - 6 leads & approx 16 ensemble (see below info for breakdown)

DAISY HILTON* (able to play 20-35)
Vocal range: Alto/Mezzo with belt; big range, up to a sustained high G
Description: The dominant and more outspoken of the twins, her dream is to become a famous actress/performer/celebrity. Must be comfortable with contemporary rhythms and styles. Needs expressive acting ability, and a good bit of dance ability.
SONG: I Will Never Leave You

VIOLET HILTON* (able to play 20-35)
Vocal range: Mezzo/Soprano with belt; big range, up to a sustained high B
Description: The shy and more composed of the twins, her dream is to marry and raise a family at home. Must be comfortable with contemporary rhythms and styles. Needs expressive acting ability, and a good bit of dance ability.
Song: I Will Never Leave You
* NOTE: Since the Hilton sisters were conjoined twins attached at the lower spine/hip, actors interested in these roles MUST be comfortable acting, moving, and dancing in tandem with another, and may be paired at the audition or callback with other candidates for scenes and dances. Theatrical convention will be what makes these two sisters identical; the most important factors are acting, range, ability, and compatibility.

TERRY CONNOR (able to play 30-40)
Vocal range: Baritone with strong upper range; Low G to a sustained high F#, and running high G
Description: A talent scout/agent for the Vaudeville circuit. Handsome, smooth/suave, leading man type. Daisy’s love interest.
Song: Private Conversation

BUDDY FOSTER (able to play 20-35)
Vocal range: Tenor; big range, up to a sustained high A
Description: Usher turned Entertainer. Bright and energetic, but a bit naïve and hiding a secret. A song and dance man. Violet’s love interest.
Song: A Private Exclusive Show

JAKE** (able to play 25+)
Vocal range: Tenor/baritone with strong top range
Description: Sideshow Foreman. Very strong physical presence even when silent. Secretly in love with Violet. Strong singer who can move well. Athletic build. Jake is also the Cannibal King, and will likely appear bare-chested in his King costume.
Song: You Should Be Loved

** NOTE: This role is typically played by an African American however other ethnicities will be considered

SIR (able to play 35+)
Vocal range: Strong Tenor voice
Description: Formidable presence, mean owner/MC of the Side Show. He takes over ‘ownership’ of the Twins when their prime carer dies.
Song: Come Look At the Freaks

Vocal range: all voice types needed! Lots of ensemble work and great numbers to sing!
Description: All members of the Ensemble have a featured role in the ‘Freak Show’ and we are looking for a variety of ages for these roles. Ensemble singers and dancers assorted ages – 18 and older. Some individuals will do extensive dance, but not all.
Song: Come Look At the Freaks
Female Ensemble Roles include:
AUNTIE FEMALE COSSACK (must be under 150cm tall)

Male Ensemble Roles include:
DOG BOY MALE COSSACK (must be under 150cm tall)

Monday: 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Wednesday: 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Sunday: 10.00am to 1.00pm
There may be some additional times for dance rehearsals. These will be communicated to the cast in advance.
First rehearsal: Sunday 21st January 2018, Stirling Community Theatre, 10.00am

20, 21, 27, 28 April and 4, 5 May at 8.00pm plus 29 April and 5 May at 2pm 2018

Stirling Community Theatre, Avenue Road, Stirling

Information Night:
Sunday 15th October 2017, Stirling Community Theatre, 7.00pm

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017

Stirling Community Theatre, Avenue Road, Stirling

More Information:
Ray Cullen via

Now Productions

Written & Directed By: Nigel Major-Henderson

The stay at home parent, the student, the worker, the politician, the actor, the doctor - when we think of all these words, do we see men and women in certain roles? Are all people treated equally? Should they be? Why aren't they? Does gender define who a person is?

In 1902, women were allowed to vote in Australia. So why does sexism still exist? Through dance and through the dancers own personal journeys, we look at sexism in the news and sexism in the every day lives of people ... and ask the question: Why does gender still define you? Even if you want to break out of the stereotype, why is it placed on you at birth?

Roles Available:
Dancers aged 8-18

Singers aged 8-18

Acting skills beneficial

School Holidays: 7th-12th January, 14th January, 21st January, 28th January (full day rehearsals) - NOW Studios in Gawler

Saturdays & Sundays: throughout February (dates to be confirmed) - NOW Studios in Gawler

16th, 17th & 18th February: Compulsory Dress Rehearsals & Performances - Barossa Arts & Convention Centre, Tanunda

We will be performing at the Barossa Arts & Convention Centre (Eckermann Theatre) between 17th-18th February. There will be two performances.

Eckermann Theatre, Barossa Arts & Convention Centre

Sunday 22nd October 2017 - visit our website to book an audition

NOW Studios, Gawler

More Information:
Mandy via

Adelaide Repertory Theatre

Written By: Sam Holcroft
Directed By: Megan Dansie

Sam Holcroft's Rules for Living is a theatrically playful black comedy that explores the coping strategies we adopt in life. It was first performed in the Dorfman auditorium at the National Theatre, London, on 13 March 2015. This will be the SA premiere.

The play's action is set in an open-plan kitchen/living room or kitchen-conservatory where Edith and her family are gathering for lunch on Christmas Day. Edith plans everything with military precision, but her plans are destined to be thrown into disarray. Her son Matthew arrives partnered by a nervously jocular actor, Carrie, but secretly nurses a passion for his sister-in-law, Sheena. And Sheena, a compulsive drinker, is unable to contain her anger at her cynical, underachieving husband, Adam, or her concern for their psychologically damaged daughter, Emma. After the short opening scene, each subsequent scene is introduced with a 'rule' (eg 'Matthew must sit to tell a lie', 'Edith must clean to keep calm'), which is displayed to the audience for the duration of the scene. The characters adhere to these rules, even as they accumulate alarmingly (each rule, once it appears, applies throughout the rest of the play). In the play's second act, the rules are modified by a conditional element, so that each rule is activated until a specific condition is met: 'Matthew must sit and eat to tell a lie… until he gets a compliment'. Eventually, as the family gathering descends into chaos, all the rules are obscured by a title card stating that ‘ANARCHY RULES’.

Roles Available:
Matthew- Thirties, boyfriend of Carrie.

Carrie- Thirties, girlfriend of Matthew.

Sheena- Forties, married to Adam.

Adam- Forties, married to Sheena.

Edith- Sixties, married to Francis, mother of Adam and Matthew.

Francis- Seventies, married to Edith, father of Adam and Matthew, almost mute and wheelchair bound.

Emma- Fourteen, daughter of Adam and Sheena, has depression and anxiety.

Rehearsals start late June 2018.
Time and Day TBA

Thursday 31st August 2018 @ 8pm
Friday 1st September 2018 @ 8pm
Saturday 2nd September 2018 @8pm
Wednesday 5th September 2018 8pm
Thursday 6th September 2018 8pm
Friday 7th September 2018 8pm
Saturday 8th September 2018 2pm MATINEE
Saturday 8th September 2018 8pm

ARTS Theatre
53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Saturday 28th October 2017
Contact Megan for an appointment

ARTS Theatre
53 Angas Street, Adelaide

More Information:
Megan Dansie on 0413 800 221 or via

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Written By: Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Arthur Kopit
Additional Lyrics by Susan Birkenhead
Directed By: Barry Hill

We meet Tracy Lord’s harried mother (throwing a wedding for five hundred will do that to you), Tracy’s grumpily precious younger sister, Dinah (she’s grumpy because Tracy is marrying George Kittredge, the dullest man on earth), and, finally, the ecstatic bride-to-be, society’s darling, Tracy Lord herself –Ridin’ High. But at breakfast, moments after Tracy reminds absent-minded Uncle Willie (whose house borders their estate) that You’re Throwing a Ball Tonight, her good mood ends: Dexter, her despised first husband (and Dinah’s favorite person in the world), has come back! What’s more he’s sailed back in the “True Love” — a boat that holds only painful memories for Tracy, and anchored it right off shore, by his house (Dexter is also their neighbor).

Now Dexter tells Tracy and her family something that really stuns them. A pair of reporters for a scandal magazine called Spy, Mike Connor and Liz Imbrie, will be attending Tracy’s wedding, masquerading as guests; in fact, they should be arriving any moment. Dexter invited them; it was the only way he could stop Spy from publishing an expose of Tracy’s father’s (Seth’s) affair with dancer Tina Mara. When Dexter asks where Seth is, Tracy tells him Mother kicked him out. And he’s not invited to the wedding either. Incensed by the indignity of having reporters in her house, Tracy rushes off to plot mischief, her mother races after her, worried, leaving Dinah with Dexter, whom she assumes has really come to steal Tracy away from George. But Dexter insists he hasn’t and she rushes off distraught. So he rushes after her, hoping to make amends –Little One.
Mike Connor and Liz Imbrie arrive –Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Tracy and Dinah greet them with grotesque affectation, then sing a peculiar version of I Love Paris, after which Dinah leaves and Tracy interrogates them witheringly (a famous Barry scene). Afterwards, in the pavilion for cocktails, Tracy, fearing the reporters may guess the true reason her father isn’t there, introduces Uncle Willie as if he were her father. Then, when her actual father arrives, Tracy introduces him as Uncle Willie. Later, with George and Dexter joining the mayhem, Uncle Willie (as Seth) sings She’s Got That Thing in response to Mike’s totally innocent question about the secret of Tina Mara’s allure. After which they all go to lunch.

Later, Tracy’s world unravels even more. It happens by the pool. Dexter is the culprit, mercilessly stripping away her illusions of perfection. By act’s end she is alone and confused- about George (suddenly he seems so pompous), about Mike (he suddenly seems so sweet), about her father (how can Mother even think of forgiving him?) Staring out at “the True Love,” she remembers her blissful honeymoon cruise with Dexter on that very yacht, conjures up that Dexter of old, and, along with him, sings True Love. When Mike enters to remind her about Uncle Willie’s party (guests are already arriving) the memory fades. Mike leaves. Tracy picks up a bottle of champagne – a drink she’s sworn off, since (according to Dexter) she tends to do wildly uncharacteristic things when she drinks it – and starts gulping it down.

When ACT TWO opens we’re at Uncle Willie’s house, it’s 4 a.m. and the last guest has gone home. Tracy won’t stand for it! Guzzling champagne as if there were no tomorrow, she insists – despite George’s protests – that the party must go on, which at this point means dancing with the staff –Let’s Misbehave. George storms out, mortified. Dinah, thrilled, races off to find Dexter. Tracy, quickly wearing out the staff, dances off with Mike, leaving Liz to handle lecherous Uncle Willie, whom she still believes is Seth -I’m Getting Myself Ready for You.
At Dexter’s house, Dexter, packing to leave, sings It Was Just One of Those Things. Dinah rushes in, sees what he’s planning and calls him a coward. When he says there’s nothing he can do, so why stay on, three magic words change his mind: “She’s drinking champagne.”

Back at Uncle Willie’s, the staff is in the kitchen when Tracy runs in, hears George and hides. –Well, Did You Evah? Enter George. The staff covers. Exit George. Enter Liz, who hides with Tracy. Enter Uncle Willie. Again, the staff covers. Exit Willie. Tracy and Liz emerge. Thinking Uncle Willie is returning, Liz flees. But it’s George who comes back. Reluctantly, Tracy leaves with him. Neither of them notices Mike, clutching a champagne bottle, following George.

Outside, George reminds Tracy they’ve a rather big day tomorrow, or has she forgotten? She looks puzzled. Mike arrives. “Well, I certainly haven’t forgotten.” George tells her he’s going to assume this behavior won’t happen again, and stalks off. Mike tells Tracy she can’t marry that guy; he’s not good enough for her. Outraged, she calls him a snob. In response, he sings You’re Sensational, then kisses her. “Golly,” she says. (In the distance, revelers sing Let’s Misbehave.) She asks if he’d like to go for a swim. He says he doesn’t have a suit. She says, “You won’t need one; Dexter and I always swam after parties.” And with that, she dashes off, Mike, champagne bottle in hand, racing after her.

Dexter and Dinah arrive to see Mike chasing Tracy through the woods, Tracy’s father chasing his wife, and Uncle Willie chasing Liz. Along the way, Dexter and Uncle Willie have a heart-to-heart –Say It with Gin. Finally, Mike catches up to Tracy at the pool –It’s All Right with Me.

Dexter, sitting on a patio near the pool, sees Liz wander by. Yes, he does know where Mike is. A sudden splashing is heard. Liz handles it well –He’s a Right Guy. Feeling for Liz, he explains about the Seth/Uncle Willie charade and the blackmail threat against the real Seth that underlies it all. Liz, incensed, says she’ll handle it and leaves. Then George shows up looking for Tracy. A moment later, Mike enters carrying Tracy, who’s feeling no pain and wearing only a robe. George is stunned. Mike says, “Seems the moment she hit the water, the champagne hit her.” Dexter stops George from punching Mike, gets Mike to take Tracy to her room, then reassures George in a way that only increases George’s worst suspicions.

The next morning, Tracy has a vague memory of being in a pool last night with someone other than George, as George can’t swim. When Mike enters, she realizes who it was, decides she obviously made love to him and therefore all is over. But of course it isn’t, and by the end George is gone, Tracy’s mother and father have mended things, the blackmail threat is removed, Mike’s realized Liz means more to him than he’d ever imagined, and Tracy, that it’s Dexter she loves and has always loved. With a wedding set but no bridegroom in sight, Dexter volunteers. Is he sure? Samantha shows he is and a reprise of True Love that this time it’s going to last. Dinah seems especially pleased. Like Puck, she’s had a hand in it all.

Roles Available:
Tracy Samantha Lord: young, attractive, very rich bride-to-be, second time down the aisle, smart, witty, outgoing, strong-willed, energetic, tells it like it is, classy, athletic, funny, charming, sexy, when she wants to be, lives life to fullest, versatile, Playing age: 25 - 35yrs
Range: F to E sop/mezzo

Uncle Willie: loving, easy-going, harmless lush, extremely wealthy, loves the ladies, sweet, charming, witty, a bit forgetful, imbibe, keeps it together, lovable, comic relief, excellent comedic skills. Playing age: 50 – 60yrs
Range: B to G baritone/tenor

Margaret Lord: mature, classically lovely matriarch to the Lord family, epitome of high society matron, cheerful, mannered, sophisticated, poised, sense of humour. Playing age: 45 – 65yrs
Range: A to E mezzo/alto

C.K. Dexter Haven: young, handsome, jaunty, athletic, Tracy's former husband, Yale graduate, former drinker, adventurous sailor, boat designer, still in love with Tracy, sneaky. Playing age: 30 - 40yrs
Range: B to G baritone/tenor

Mike Conner: reporter, author, Liz's pal, talks big, tough, writes poetry, earthy, honest, witty, hopeless romantic, falls in love with Tracy. Playing age: 25 - 40yrs
Range: G to F baritone/tenor

Liz Imbrie: journalistic photographer, "gal Friday", inquisitive, very honest, strong, straight-ahead demeanour, loves Mike, sharp tongue, sharp mind. Playing age: 25 - 40yrs
Range: F to E sop/mezzo

George Kittredge: Tracy's fiancée, athletic, dashingly handsome, not known for mental prowess, honest, strong, gullible. Playing age: 35 - 45yrs
Range: G# to F# baritone/tenor

Seth Lord: mature, patriarch of Lord family, warm, friendly. Range A to G

Dinah Lord Tracy’s younger sister, innocent but knows what is really going on. Playing age: 16 - 21yrs
Range: B to E sop/mezzo

Polly: downstairs maid; Peg: upstairs maid; Arthur: butler; Chester: house man; Edmund: major domo; Patsy: cook; Sunny: scullery maid; Kelly: junior cook; Grace: junior maid; Stanley: houseboy.

Starts Monday 5 February 2018
Mondays and Wednesdays - 7.30pm start
Some Sundays - 2pm - 6pm

10 - 12 & 15 - 19 May 2018
Evenings at 8pm
Matinee Saturdays - 12 & 19 May - 2pm

The Arts Theatre

Information Night:
Information Night
Monday 13 November 2017 - 7.45pm
Maylands Church of Christ Hall - corner Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

Sunday 19 November - 2pm to 10pm
Monday 20 November - 7pm to 10pm

Maylands Church of Christ Hall - corner Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

More Information:
Email The Met at

South Coast Choral and Arts Society (SCCAS)

Composer: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Lyricist: Herbert Kretzmer
Book By Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schönberg
Directed By: JJ Geelen (Director)
Derek Walter (Musical Director)

One of the world’s most iconic and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering. As Valjean’s quest for a new life carries him into Paris and to the barricades of the Student Revolution, he is hunted by Inspector Javert and the ghosts of his past. Amidst a battle for the soul of Paris, he discovers the true meaning of love and salvation. Performed in over 40 countries and 22 languages, and with a lush, swelling score that features such famed songs as “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” and “Bring Him Home,” Les Mis brings Victor Hugo’s revolutionary novel blazingly to life.

Read more

Roles Available:
JEAN VALJEAN is the hero of the show. It is his life journey that we follow. Jean Valjean is supposed to be stronger than other men, and so physically should appear robust. He should reasonably carry himself as mature and paternal. Valjean's ability to change is his greatest asset. the key to his character is his great humanity and compassion. Jean Valjean is a vocally demanding role.
Vocal Range: Low A to High A

JAVERT is the inspector who serves as antagonist to Jean Valjean. Javert is unswerving in his belief that men cannot change for the good. "Once a thief, always a thief" is his mantra. At first glance Javert might appear to be the villain of the story, but on closer examination it is clear that he is not an evil man. He is aware that in society some people achieve control through evil and others through power of the law. He is a dedicated policeman, with a profound sense of duty. Unlike Valjean he cannot change. His attitudes are rigid and unmovable. He is stern, forbidding and lacking in
compassion. Javert should be an actor who can convincingly stand up to Jean Valjean.
Vocal Range: Low F to High F sharp

FANTINE is the beautiful young girl who, abandoned by her lover, is left to fend for herself and her daughter Cosette. She is rejected by society and forced through circumstances to become a prostitute. She is a brave woman defeated by life, sustained by her love for her daughter and clinging to her dignity. Sick with consumption, we witness her descent through poverty, hunger, cold, loneliness and destitution to death. She is a noble character, whose life becomes is a series of terrible events that rob her of her pride, character, and ultimately her life.
Vocal Range: G flat (below middle C) to D

EPONINE is the daughter of the Thenardiers. She is a young girl who is streetwise and tough, but also sensitive and lonely. She is in love with Marius, knowing that he will never love her. She bravely follows Marius to the Barricades in the hope that they will die there together. Once grown up, Eponine moves with her family to Paris where they fall on hard times. Now poor, living hand to mouth, she survives by helping her father break the law. Eponine is a tragic character, hopelessly in love with Marius. She sings one of the most famous numbers in the show, "On My Own," and should therefore be an excellent singer with a contemporary edge to her voice and an excellent actress.
Vocal Range: F sharp (below middle C) to E

MARIUS is the handsome romantic hero of the story. He is impulsive, passionate, willful and headstrong. His moods change according to his circumstances. He is sweet and tender but also capable of great courage and compassion. In Act 1 Marius plays Romeo to Cosette's Juliet. Marius matures after the Cafe Song as a result of his experiences on the barricade. Marius should have a lovely, lyrical voice with a contemporary edge. Vocal Range: Low A to High A flat

COSETTE is the beautiful daughter of Fantine. She is strong willed and loving. She is an intelligent, inquiring, personable girl. She is not in any sense a "soppy" romantic heroine. Once adopted by Jean Valjean, Cosette lives a comfortable, if secluded life. She is challenging to Valjean, behaving always with imagination and dignity. She falls instantly in love with Marius, changing her world and her priorities.
Vocal Range: B flat (below middle C) to High C (2 octaves above middle C)

ENJOLRAS is the student leader. He is handsome,brave and daring, although youthful. He combines his revolutionary ideals with a strong charismatic leadership. He is described by Victor Hugo as "a thinker, and a man of action". On the barricade he physically and vocally should dominate everyone else. He should ooze with charisma, be a natural leader, be good looking, and have a very strong high baritone or a tenor voice. Remember, Enjolras must lead the students to fight and ultimately die. His death at the barricade is one of the dramatic highlights of the show.
Vocal Range: A to G (above middle C)

MADAME THÉNARDIER is the wife of Thenardier, Madame Thenardier is as "one" with Thenardier. Together they con the world as partners in crime. They were made for each other, although she complains about him, she loves him deeply. She is coarse and vulgar, unhappy in her existence without knowing why. She is romantic, greedy, stupid, evil and larger than life. She is mean and nasty to Young Cosette and able to improvise in nearly any situation.
Vocal Range: G sharp (below middle C) to D

THÉNARDIER is the true villain of Les Miserables. He is embodiment of evil. That said, he should also possess a wicked sense of humor. He delights in cheating, robbing, fraud and blackmail, relishing every aspect of them with glee. He is tough, greedy, brutal, stupid and creafty and yet irresistable. He hates society and blames it and everyone else for all his misfortune. thenardier is also the opportunist and realist of the show. He is a thief, a liar, a cheat, steals valuables from the dead with no remorse. He is also the comic relief of the production. However, his comedy is based in reality and shouldn't be too exaggerated. He is married to Madame Thenardier and father to Eponine and Gavroche
(although he has abandoned Gavroche to the streets of Paris.)
Vocal Range: C (below middle C) to G sharp (above middle C)

BISHOP OF DIGNE is a good man who saves Valjean with his compassion. Don't overlook the importance of this role. The Bishop of Digne's compassion carefully establishes the premise of the show by literally buying Jean Valjean's soul for God.
Vocal Range: Low A to High E

GAVROCHE is Thenardier's son. He is left to fend for himself and lives by his wits in the streets of Paris. His "arch enemy" is Javert the Policeman. He is brave and witty. Think a young Artful Dodger. Gavroche has a very dramatic death at the barricade.
Vocal Range: B (below middle C) to G

YOUNG COSETTE is the child of Fantine. She is the ward of the Thenardiers forced into child labor and sings "Castle On A Cloud." She is a trembling little creature, underfed, beaten by Madame Thenardier and bullied by Eponine. Mak sure Cosette is small and looks properly pathetic and yet warms the audience's heart who should be sympathetic to her plight.
Vocal Range: A (below middle C) to C

YOUNG EPONINE is the pampered daughter of the Thenardiers. She does little except enter the stage and taunt Little Cosette. The role requires no singing or speaking. She should be a smaller version of grown Eponine and resemble Eponine in appearance and features.

THE ENSEMBLE plays a key role in Les Miserables. There are many featured roles/solos throughout the whole show and all are key to driving the piece forward. Characters include: The Students, The Chain Gang, farmers, workers, prostitutes, gentlemen, robbers, and many others.

Starting late January - Wednesday and Friday nights 7.15 to 10.15pm. Further rehearsals will be held Sunday afternoons 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm several weekends before opening night.

Friday 11th May 2018 - 7.30 pm
Saturday 12th May 2018 - 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm
Wednesday 16th May 2018 - 7.30 pm
Friday 18th May 2018 - 7.30 pm
Saturday 19th May 2018 - 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - 7.30 pm
Friday 25th May 2018 - 7.30 pm
Saturday 26th May 2018 - 7.30 pm

Victor Harbor Town Hall, 10-12 Coral St, Victor Harbor SA 5211

Information Night:
Wednesday 8th November 2017, 7.30 to 9.00 pm at the Victor Harbor Lutheran Church, 21 Adelaide Rd, Victor Harbor SA 5211

Saturday 9th December 2017, starting at 9.30 am starting with Ensemble auditions followed by Principal roles. Call back auditions will be conducted after a short lunch break. We plan to finish audition around 4.30 pm.

Note: we may consider earlier audition days/times for people wishing to audition and are unable to make it on audition day due to special circumstances.

Adare Uniting Church, 5 Adare Avenue, McCracken SA, 5211

More Information:
JJ Geelen on 0407719338 or via