Barossa Players

Written By: Maureen Duffy
Directed By: Jo Hough

The play takes place in a woman’s public restroom and has an all female cast. The characters are representative working class women of London,including the restroom manager and attendant, three office workers, and two widows in their sixties. The action and dialogue of the play reveal the anger and resentment the women feel toward men in their romantic and sexual relationships, and at work.
Rites was written at a time when the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s was gathering strength. Like the women’s movement, the play exposes the stifling effects on women of gender stereotypes at many levels of society.

Roles Available:
12 female roles ages 18-80 years

Monday’s and Thursday’s 7.00pm - 10pm starting Monday April 23rd

Thursday 19th July 8.00pm
Friday 20th July 8.00pm
Saturday 21st July 2.00pm
Saturday 21st July 8.00pm

Barossa Arts and Convention Centre in the Eckermann Theatre

Information Night:
February 6th 7.30pm at Barossa Arts and Convention Centre

Monday February 19th from 6.00pm-10.00pm
Thursday February 22nd from 6.00pm-10.00pm

Barossa Arts and Convention Centre
130 Magnolia Road Tanunda SA 5352

More Information:
Jo Hough via 0400269109 or via underwoodhill@bigpond.com

University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Written By: Edward Albee
Directed By: Matt Houston

It’s Martin’s 50th birthday. He is a world-renowned Architect, and has been commissioned to design a multi-billion dollar city. He has a loving wife, Stevie, and son, Billy. His best friend, Ross, is a TV journalist, and arrives to conduct an interview about Martin’s exciting professional prospects. But then Martin lets slip a dark secret; one that is revealed to his family, and subsequently tears them apart. The Goat is a darkly funny, polarising play that challenges how we view love, taboo and prejudice

Roles Available:
Martin: Male, 50 years old.
A world-renown architect, husband to Stevie and father to Billy. Loving to his wife, but distant to his son. Forgetful, distracted, ill at ease and nervous. A large tragicomic role for an experienced actor.

Ross: Male, 50 years old.
Martin’s best friend and arguably the play’s antagonist. A journalist, so has the charm and wit of a TV personality. An excellent comedic role.

Billy: Male, 17 years old.
Martin and Stevie’s son. Billy is gay; he is clever, sarcastic and emotional. Requires the ability to play for comedy and drama interchangeably and swiftly. An enviable, challenging role for a young male.

Please note that the role of Stevie has been pre-cast.
All ages given are stage ages.
The play is set in upstate New York so please prepare a suitable American accent.

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, 7pm-10pm & Sunday afternoons, 12 noon to 5pm from Sunday 27 May.
Some individual sessions with the Director to be arranged before formal rehearsals start.
Some longer Sunday rehearsals may be required.
Rehearsals will take place in various locations on the North Terrace Campus which will be indicated on the rehearsal schedule.

Opening Night: Saturday 4 August 2018, 7.30pm
Matinee: Sunday 5 August 2018, 4pm
Wednesday to Saturday 8-11 and 15-18 August 2018, 7.30pm

Little Theatre, The Cloisters, (Gate 10 off Victoria Drive) University of Adelaide
The Cloisters is the name given to the courtyard in front of the Union Building (Union House) facing Victoria Drive and the river. The entrance to the theatre is in the south west corner of the courtyard.



Appointments can be booked by emailing melanie.hibberd@adelaide.edu.au or by calling the office during business hours Monday to Friday on 8313 5999.

A 15 minute slot will be allocated per application and we will provide someone to read opposite you.

On requesting an audition slot, please ensure you advise:

a) Which role you are auditioning for
b) The time slot you would prefer, ie morning or afternoon, and we will do our best to accommodate you
(Please note we will be filling the afternoon slots first)
c) A contact telephone number

You will be required to:

a) Memorise an excerpt from the play which will be emailed to you after an audition slot has been booked.
Please feel free to interpret this excerpt in any way you wish.
b) Be prepared to play around with the piece during your audition.
c) Be prepared to read another excerpt from the play which you won’t see until the day. You will have an
opportunity to familiarise yourself with the text before reading it to the Director.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to prepare for your audition and to complete an audition form.

We recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and bring water.

Please be aware that everyone involved in a Theatre Guild show is required to be a member of the Theatre Guild. Auditions are open to anyone but any roles offered will only be confirmed once you have become a member. Online memberships can be purchased at www.trybooking.com/SYMW

Little Theatre, The Cloisters, (Gate 10 off Victoria Drive) University of Adelaide
The Cloisters is the name given to the courtyard in front of the Union Building (Union House) facing Victoria Drive and the river. The entrance to the theatre is in the south west corner of the courtyard.

More Information:
Melanie Hibberd on 08 8313 5999 or via melanie.hibberd@adelaide.edu.au

The Stirling Players

Written By: Adapted by Clive Francis
Directed By: Dave Simms

Jim Wormold, a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman, is struggling to pay for his teenage daughter's extravagant lifestyle in 1950s Cuba. So when the British Secret Service asks him to become their “man in Havana” he can't afford to say no. There's just one problem: he doesn't know anything! His answer? Make it up. The more he invents the deeper he gets sucked into the dirty world of espionage and double agents.

This adaptation of Graham Greene’s classic spy satire is a murderously funny, fast-moving romp told by seven

Roles Available:
Cast required: In the style of The 39 Steps, our hero is surrounded by narrators, characters, scenery and props created by seven other actors.

1M 30s/40s: There's a terrific lead part for Mr Wormold. He is the centre of the action. Lots of lines and business.

4M/2F: The narrators and every other character. You must be able to play any age, any accent, any gender and have excellent comic timing. Everything from a Cuban servant to the head of MI6, from The Queen to a stripper (played by the guys)!



Stirling Theatre

Please contact Debbie Tester for further information or audition time on 0450 906 822
February 27, 2018. 7pm - 10pm.

Stirling Theatre, Avenue Road, Stirling

More Information:
Debbie Tester on 0450 906 522

Melpomene Theatre Group

Written & Directed By: George Djukic

Set after World War 2 in a migrant camp in Australia, "Bitter Springs Creek" examines the collision of the Old World cultures of European refugees and that of a post-war Australia still in the grip of the White Australia Policy, and ambivalent both about its British heritage and its new links to America.

A group of southern European migrants, some political refugees, others economic, wait on tenterhooks in a migrant camp, as they wait to be placed in employment during the winter of 1952. It is set against the background of a riot by the Italian migrants in which they burnt buildings down, triggering the army to send in tanks with machineguns. This is based on an actual episode in Australia's postwar migration history.

Disempowered and trapped in a no-man's-land, the migrants wage a struggle on many fronts: against the past; the authorities; the new country; each other; and themselves, a struggle in turns sad, funny, painful and angry. By the end of the play, each character has a clearer idea of the road ahead. For some, it will be a dark journey. For example:

Sava is an ex-forced labourer who was transported from Yugoslavia to Germany. He chooses not to return after the war, as the communists have taken over. In Australia he befriends young Bosko, 20 years old, who idolises him. Their friendship is strained however when Bosko falls for a woman who prefers Sava. Sava decides not to marry his fiancée when he gets assigned work in tbe canefields, and Bosko is left behind, at the mercy of the ruthless and self-seeking Punisa, who finds him work with an exploitative Australian farmer. Bosko escapes only to be shot in an accident, becoming an invalid.

Gennaro is a young Italian farmer who comes with his family on a work contract but is suddenly trapped in the camp in the middle of the bush because of a sudden recession. His daughter becomes ill and dies and he seeks revenge on the incompetent doctor.

Rade is tormented by his experiences in concentration camps; paranoidally jealous of his young German wife, he kills her in a fit of anger and is sentenced to prison; his case is based on an actual event

"Bitter Springs Creek" captures an important historical time and place, and affords insights into the experience of being an immigrant and an outsider in Australia from the perspective of a son of New Australians, now no more. It is thus a tribute to their memory and a testimony to their suffering. More generally, in highlighting the need for compassion for and understanding of refugees, present and past, and in offering a perspective corrective of the myths and fears encouraged by mainstream media and politicians, it assumes special relevance to contemporary Australian society.

Roles Available:
Sava: (361 cues) Serbian DP (displaced person), late twenties to early thirties, formerly a peasant and forced labourer in Germany, anti-communist; optimistic, damaged by war

Boško (152 cues) : twenty, peasant, Serbian DP, abandoned by his brother; insecure, naïve, lonely

Rade: (68 cues) Serbian DP, forties, formerly a Royal bodyguard and guerrilla, anti-communist; tormented from experiences in concentration camps; kills young wife from jealousy

Puniša: (171 cues) Serbian DP, forties, formerly a peasant, Royalist guerrilla, anti-communist; self-seeking opportunist, womaniser

Nebojša: (114 cues) Serbian DP, twenties, formerly a university student and political prisoner; mentally ill and destroyed by his experiences of the war, he cannot adapt and decides to leave Australia

Gennaro: (87 cues) Italian immigrant, twenties, formerly a peasant, non-political; seeks revenge on the doctor he holds responsible for his baby's death

Dimitri: (51 cues) Greek political refugee, mid-twenties to mid-thirties, formerly a Communist guerrilla; escaped after the communists for whom he fought lost against the nationalist forces in the Greek civil war. He is socially conscious, idealistic, a womaniser.

Danica: (80 cues) twenties, Serbian gypsy, DP and Sava's girlfriend; is abandoned by Sava before he goes off to the cane fields; she curses him in a dramatic confrontation; other women are jealous of her effect on men in the camp

Commandant Smallwood: (34 cues - one long monologue) fifties to sixties, General Manager of Migrant Centre; militaristic, insensitive, consummate bureaucrat

Collins: (36 cues) mid-thirties to fifties, CES officer; opportunist; corrupt

Miss Fairweather: (23 cues) twenties, social worker at migrant centre; idealistic and naïve, no match for the insensitive camp director

Predrag: (25 cues) twenties to thirties, Serbian migrant from provincial town; has political argument with Sava that almost ends in bloodshed

Stojka: (21 cues) Serbian DP, late thirties to forties, migrant mother, a feisty peasant

Snežana: (30 cues) Serbian DP, twenties, mother whose husband is away on work

Ljubica: (44 cues) Serbian DP, twenties to thirties, mother, jealous of Danica

Ingeborg: (18) German wife of Rade, twenties; a tragic figure, she is mentally damaged by her escape from the Russians in the war; is not happy with Rade, who kills her.


March 2019

Holden St Theatre, Hindmarsh

Contact the Director (details below)


More Information:
George Djukic on 0407710601 or via gdjukic@bigpond.com

SA Light Opera Society (SALOS)

Written By: Gilbert and Sullivan
Directed By: Director – Alex Bond
Musical Director – Danielle Ruggiero-Prior
Enquiries and bookings – Company Director Pam Tucker

PATIENCE satirizes the "aesthetic craze" of the 1870's and '80s.
All the well-born young ladies in the village, rapturously caught up in aestheticism, are in love with two contrasting aesthetic poets — a "fleshy" poet and an "idyllic" poet. But the poets are both in love with Patience, the simple village milkmaid, who cares nothing for poetry. Patience learns that true love must be completely unselfish--it must wither and sting and burn! The girls' military suitors don't see the point to aesthetics, but they decide to give it a try to win the women's hearts. It is touch and go for a while, but everyone ends up with a “suitable partner”, even if it is only a tulip or lily.
All the musical fun and silliness you know and love from Gilbert and Sullivan.

Roles Available:
Patience (a Dairy Maid)
Reginald Bunthorne (a Fleshly Poet)
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor
Archibald Grosvenor (an Idyllic Poet)
Colonel Calverley, Major Murgatroyd, Lieut. The Duke of Dunstable (Officers of Dragoon Guards)
The Lady Jane (a Rapturous Maiden)
The Lady Saphir (A Rapturous Maiden)
The Lady Angela (A Rapturous Maiden)
The Lady Ella (A Rapturous Maiden)

More details of requirements at Info night.

Wednesday and Friday evenings 7.30pm to 10pm
Others may be required by directors.
The week before opening, Sunday afternoon, and all evenings should be kept free.

Proposed dates 9 - 19 August, a mix of evening and matinee performances.

Tower Arts Centre,
@ Pasadena High School, off Daws Rd, Pasadena

Information Night:
Monday 5th March, 7.30pm, at St Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Oaklands Park

Monday 12th March and Monday 19th March by appointment
Contact Pam - 8294 6582 for times.

St Elizabeth Church, Oaklands Park

More Information:
Pam Tucker on 82946582 or via geoffpamme1@bigpond.com

Segue Productions

Written By: Book and Lyrics by Brian Yorkey
Music by Tom Kitt
Directed By: Vanessa Redmond, Musically Directed by Ben Stefanoff, Choreographed by Rebekah Stonelaitken

With unforgettable songs and a deeply moving story by the Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning creators of Next to Normal, IF/THEN is a fascinating, ambitious and original new musical. IF/THEN simultaneously follows one woman's two possible life paths, painting a deeply moving portrait of the lives that we lead, as well as the lives that we might have led.

Elizabeth, a city planner, moves back to New York to restart her life in the city of infinite possibilities. When her carefully designed plans collide with the whims of fate, Elizabeth's life splits into two parallel paths. IF/THEN follows both stories simultaneously, as this modern woman faces the intersection of choice and chance.

IF/THEN is a contemporary Broadway musical about living in New York today and all of the possibilities of tomorrow. With a powerhouse role for a leading lady and rich and complex supporting roles, this show celebrates dynamite talent and the power of great storytelling.

Roles Available:
Newly single and newly returned to New York City, where she was a grad student years ago. She is eager to start her life over and determined to get it right this time. She is currently in recovery from a long, bad marriage, and she’s capable but not always confident, ambitious but often anxious; smart, straightforward, deliberate, hungry for joy but afraid it may never come.

Vocal Quality and Range: low G-flat with a belt to a high E-flat; along with big belt, must have ability to float and mix higher notes.
Age: 35 - 39
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

A native New Yorker, incurable romantic, and tough-as-sparkly-nails kindergarten teacher, she manages to be a fancy lady, a fierce friend, an unapologetic feminist, and a pal to all. Kate tends to see the best in everyone and to strike up conversations with strangers. *Must be comfortable with same-sex kissing for this role.*

Vocal Quality and Range: big belt to an E with a nice mix.
Age: 30 - 49
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

Kate’s girlfriend, and then wife, and in many ways her perfect counterpart; logical, frank, calm, unflappable, with a more grounded energy, and a more practical nature, but a heart just as big as her lover’s. Anne is quite at home in her body and in touch with her sexuality.
*Must be comfortable with same-sex kissing for this role.*

Vocal Quality and Range: belt to a D with a nice mix.
Age: 30 - 49
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

Ambitious, enthusiastic, fresh-faced but familiar with the ups and downs of life. Elena is fresh from receiving her MA in urban studies, and becomes Elizabeth’s protégé.

Vocal Quality and Range: big belt to an E with a nice mix.
Age: 25 – 29
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

Raised in the midwest, trained in medicine, tempered by two tours as an Army doctor. Josh is confident in his work, but less so in his love life; he feels a little out of step in New York City. Steady, pragmatic, plainspoken, but with a calm, gentle humour.

Vocal Quality and Range: tenor; belt to an A/B-flat
Age 35 - 44
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

An activist, blogger, urban farmer, homesteader, barista, and citizen of the world. Lucas is intelligent and ideological, well-read and well-spoken, dedicated to fighting injustice and dismissive of normative values, be they political or personal, and sexually flexible.
*Must be comfortable with same-sex kissing for this role.*

Vocal Quality and Range: baritone; belt to an A-flat.
Age: 35 - 39
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

A charismatic, confident mover and shaker in city government. Stephen is passionate about the issues but wise to political reality. He’s smart and somewhat glib, idealistic but also slick; an operator, attractive, and he knows how to use it.

Vocal Quality and Range: high baritone/low tenor; belt to A-flat or A.
Age: 35 - 44
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

Lucas’ boyfriend; charming but not glib, handsome but not unattainable, smart but without the need to show it. David is a successful surgeon who’s ready to meet the right man, settle down, and start a family. He has fairly traditional values — but doesn’t require them in a mate.
*Must be comfortable with same-sex kissing for this role.*

Vocal Quality and Range: belt to A-flat/A.
Age: 30 - 39
Choreography note: Strong dancer/mover

The ensemble for If/Then plays a very integral part of the show. The ensemble member play many different characters that weave through Elizabeth’s life. All of the smaller named roles will come
from the ensemble.

Vocal Range: All vocal ranges required, however must be strong singers
Stage Age: varies
Choreography notes: Strong dancers/movers

Rehearsals will be every Monday and Wednesday nights from 7.15pm until 10.15pm throughout June, and then Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (mid to late afternoons), and will be held at Hawthorn Church of Christ, Angas Rd, Hawthorn.
The first rehearsal date will most likely be Monday 11th June 2018.
A full rehearsal schedule will be available in the weeks leading up to the first rehearsal

Production Week: September 9 - 12
Preview Night: September 13 (8pm)
Shows: September 14 (8pm), 15 (2pm & 8pm), 19 (8om), 20 (8pm), 21 (8pm) and 22 (2pm & 8pm)

Star Theatres - Theatre One
145 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton South Australia 5033

Sunday March 25:
- 2.30 – 3.45pm (the compulsory group choreography will start at 2.30pm, followed by individual slots)
- 4.00 – 5.15pm (the compulsory group choreography will start at 4pm, followed by individual slots)
- 6.15 – 7.30pm (the compulsory group choreography will start at 6.15pm, followed by individual slots)

Tuesday March 27
- 7.30 – 8.45pm (the compulsory group choreography will start at 7.30pm, followed by individual slots)

Only one session time needs to be attended.

Hawthorn Church of Christ, Angas Rd, Hawthorn.

Please visit www.segueproductionssa.com/auditions to see the full audition requirements, information pack and to book auditions.

More Information:
Segue Productions via info@segueproductionssa.com

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Joan Greening
Directed By: Lachlan Blackwell and Mike Phillips

Farce aims to entertain through situations that are highly unlikely and extravagant and thus improbable, and this play has all those ingredients and more. Mike’s pleasant evening with his girlfriend is shattered by the arrival of his brother, whose wife has thrown him out. To make matters worse the unexpected arrival of another girlfriend, followed closely by his own mother, and then the antics of the next door neighbour completely undermines what he had planned for the evening, and in a situation of mistaken identities and double takes, everyone involved tries to remove themselves from the firing line, with very little success.

Roles Available:
M - Michael Feather - 35 - handsome, confident - 413 Cues
M - Richard Feather - 33 - ladies man, devious - 184 Cues
F - Gloria Grant - 22 - attractive, intelligent - 108 Cues
F - Marion Feather - 30 - friendly, business like - 97 Cues
F - Elizabeth Feather - 55 - Mike’s mother, domineering - 299 Cues
F - Priscilla Plankton - 39 - spinsterish woman, serious - 157 Cues
M - Humbert Carton - 45 - rather eccentric, dour, landlord - 198 Cues
F - Julia Jones - 22 - beautiful, friendly, dim-wit - 91 Cues
F - Angela Leyton - 22 - sexy, beautiful, confident - 72 Cues
M - Henry Feather - 55 - hen-pecked, likes a drink - 98 Cues

To be Confirmed, But expected to be Monday and Wednesday Evenings from 7/7:30pm

8pm WEDNESDAY 23th to SATURDAY 26th MAY and

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate one, Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads
Surrey Downs

Information Night:
Monday the 26th and Wednesday the 28th of MARCH, 2018

Monday the 26th and Wednesday the 28th of MARCH, 2018

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate one, Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Lachlan Blackwell on 0401 047 943 or phillips42@internode.on.net

Barossa Players

Written By: Dale Wassermann
Directed By: Paul Paulenas

When Randle Patrick McMurphy gets transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution, he assumes it will be a less restrictive environment. But the authoritarian Nurse Ratched runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy. The battle of wills between the rebellious McMurphy and the inflexible Ratched soon affects all the ward's patients.
The movie won a fistful of Oscars in 1976, including Best Film, Best Director (Miloš Forman), Best Actor (Jack Nicholson), Best Actress (Louise Fletcher)

Roles Available:
All roles are open for all-comers, including the 'to die for' parts of McMurphy and Big Nurse. Requirements of a minimum of 13 males and four females, with a splendid mix of core and supporting players.

The major characters are:

Randle P. McMurphy
Alpha male – larrikin – a life force - fighter, drinker, gambler, insubordinate – sexual; “like to fight and fuck”

Big Nurse Ratched
Is the control mechanism on the ward – outwardly pleasant – passive aggressive
For patients, she is a cross between a school ma’am and a disappointed mother
To the staff, she is more of a dragon – more abrupt and business-like

Dale Harding
A goody two-shoes who has a need to stick rigidly by the rules – seeks approval from the mother figure - correct process and order are vitally important to him – has a young wife – feels intimidated by her – not comfortable about her "womanly" behaviour – his effeminate use of hands gives him away as being uncomfortable with his masculinity

Billy Bibbitt
Stuttering, anxious - terrified of his mother and her opinion of him – a man-child, made worse by fact that his mother and Big Nurse are personal friends

Chief Bromden
Is locked away in his own head – doesn’t want to know a lot of what is going on around him - an elective mute - represents the indigenous man battered by intolerance of white society - has had electro-shock therapy - for much of the play we share his thoughts through voice-overs, however he is involved in more spoken action than in the movie

Short, stout, truculent, argumentative - childish - however, easily diffused

An anarchist – plotter – indignant, teaser, walks with a stalk - cannot fit in because behaviour knows no rules, regulations, boundaries

Italian – eager and enthusiastic – bright-eyed - but sees what’s not there and often does not see what is there

Dr Spivey
Psychiatrist – nice enough guy, but accommodating - harassed, fumbling - ulcer – doesn’t want to make waves

Nurse Flinn
Insipid, colourless, apprehensive, apologetic, scurries around – a mouse?

Candy Starr & Sandra
A couple of ‘good-time girls’ – well-adjusted, caring, sexy - stand as a marked contrast to Big Nurse – represent everything she is not (i.e. woman as whore cf woman as mother)

Aide Warren
Physically small – hence, small man syndrome – disrespectful bully with respect to Chief and other patients - embraces any opportunity to control, however, is easily controlled by Big Nurse

Aide Williams
A follower and echo of Warren – not nearly as nasty, but feels that he has to go along with Warren in order to prevent backlash

Aide Turkel
Night porter – drinker - doesn’t want hassles, so not stringent on the rules

Added to this is an assortment of patients with minimal or no lines

Rehearsals will be conducted on Sunday afternoons between 1.00 - 6.00 pm.
Evening rehearsals in Tanunda will take place as the production's performance season approaches
Cast attend as required by the script (this will be spelled out in detailed rehearsal schedule)
Rehearsal venue will be in Gawler

Thursday 11th October at 8.00 pm
Friday 12th October at 8.00 pm
Saturday 13th October at 2.00 pm & 8.00 pm

*** The option is being left open for Sunday 14th October at 2.00 pm and/or 8.00 pm

The Brian Eckermann Theatre, Barossa Arts & Convention Centre, Tanunda

Information Night:
NB Information Session and Auditions are being held early, as Director will be overseas mid-year

Information Session: Sunday, 1st April @
SA Performing Arts Studio, 11 Calton Rd, Gawler East SA 5118
(It should be noted that the studio is not well sign-posted and difficult to see from the road, but it is definitely and no.11!!)

Potential cast members will be able to book in audition times at this meeting

Gawler Auditions
Sunday, 8th April (1.00 pm til whenever) - specific audition times booked

Tanunda Auditions
Tuesday, 10th April (7.00 pm til whenever) - specific audition times booked

Gawler: SA Performing Arts Studio, 11 Calton Rd, Gawler East SA 5118
Tanunda: Barossa Arts & Convention Centre, Trinity College Grounds, Magnolia Street, Tanunda

More Information:
Paul Paulenas on 0401 336 684 or via paulenas@optusnet.com.au

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Fred Carmichael
Directed By: Lilly Dolman

Peter has come to a lovely old house to finish a play, a murder story in a place where another author had been murdered years before. A weird electrical storm causes a confused and chaotic state and his characters come to life. There is the lovely ingénue, the trusty butler, a feisty character woman, a dauntless hero, a fascinating ’other woman’ and a wily lawyer waiting for midnight to read the will. Peter loses control of his characters and after an attempted murder with him as the intended victim, other murders occur and events follow a typical thriller to a hair raising climax, until all is solved ingeniously with romance, suspense and cosmic wit.

Roles Available:
M Peter Knight 35-49 author, confident, harried 528 Cues
F Minna 40-45 farm worker, hefty, intense 104 Cues
F Lydia 40’s well groomed, sophisticated 261 Cues
M Cogburn 50’s butler, proper, quiet 129 Cues
F Kay Kelsey 20-25 ingénue, sweet, trusting 277 Cues
F Fiona 50-60 character lady, severe 220 Cues
F Addie 20’s pert, vulnerable, emotional 49 Cues
M Dick Stanton 20’s juvenile, eager, overly nice 89 Cues
M Jordan 60’s lawyer, well dressed, staid 44 Cues

7/7:30pm Monday and Friday evenings and possibly some Weekend/Sunday rehearsals.

8pm WEDNESDAY 22nd to SATURDAY 25th AUGUST 2018 and

Tea Tree Players Theatre
Gate one, Tilley Recreational Park
(Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads)
Surrey Downs

7:30pm Monday the 14th of May, 2018 and Wednesday the 16th of May, 2018

Tea Tree Players Theatre
Gate one, Tilley Recreational Park
(Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads)
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Theresa "Lilly" Dolman on 0411 091 597 or via kurtysmum@hotmail.com