Preachrs Productions

Written By: Jonathan Larson
Directed By: Producers: Matt Ralph & Benjamin Maio Mackay

Associate Producer Calixta Cheers

Creative Team

Director: Benjamin Maio Mackay

Musical Director: Jesse Budel

Choreographer: Nina Richards

Technical Director: Matt Ralph

Roles Available:
Please prepare a song in the style of RENT with a duration of no longer than 3 minutes. Have a backing track with you. Prepare a 30 second dramatic monologue using an American accent. You will be emailed a video of a short movement piece and be expected to learn/perform that for the panel

Rehearsals: From August 1 for 6 weeks. All rehearsals will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sundays. Not all actors will be needed at every rehearsal. All material is expected to be learnt prior to August 1 to assist with speedy rehearsals.

An informal but mandatory read/sing through will be held on June 22.

Tech and Performances: October 3-15 (for 8 performances)


May 28 and 29 - 15 minute slots from 9-5 each day, bookings here:

3 George St, Hindmarsh, SA

More Information:
Contact Benjamin Maio Mackay on +61415187827 or email

Galleon Theatre Group

Directed By: KYM CLAYTON

The action unfolds in nine briskly-paced out-of-sequence scenes that begin inside an elevator, where we hear the fuzzy details of an elevator accident the night before – an incident that will eventually link the scenes. Each scene functions as a self-contained vignette but is also a single piece of a big puzzle with the play’s characters interacting on one level, with no idea that their lives intersect on another. Their lives intersect in surprising ways that are both comical and tragic – through love, sex, poetry, dentistry, phobias, in offices, homes, and in hotel rooms. Jill longs for Steve, who’s engaged to Barb, who hooks up with Peter, who’s already having an affair with Nan, who’s married to Marty. Meanwhile, Douglas, who teaches creative writing to Jill and Steve, meets Tanya who’s hoping to get pregnant with Hal. By the time Hollinger is done with his inventive, non-sequential funny play, he’s provided a narrative arc that the audience delight in piecing together themselves.

“…..brilliantly structured and hilariously written…” – Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“A satisfying, crowd-pleasing puzzle play, with nine scenes in two acts, but not in chronological order.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Some of the scenes are laugh-out-loud funny; others are tenderly poignant.” – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
“There’s a thrill in chasing this plot – it’s always tantalizingly ahead of you – and finally nailing it. The thrill extends to witnessing five actors, some in dual roles, as they lay out this story that happens in the past, or sometimes in the future, yet also in the present.” – WHYY Philadelphia
“[It’s] Michael Hollinger at his best: witty banter, well-turned phrases, and genuine characters make us laugh; then something unexpectedly wonderful and mysterious lifts us to a new level. Gravity tugs us downward but hope allows us to soar, as HOPE AND GRAVITY shows.” –

Roles Available:
There are five in the cast (3 male, 2 female) and between them they will play nine roles. Four of the cast will play dual characters, and the actors playing these roles will have the capability to realistically portray quite different characters. American accents are required for all roles. All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. All roles are being auditioned.
• Marty/ Douglas: Male. Dual role. Stage age 40-50s, 327 cues. Marty is a warm and garrulous elevator repairman, and married to Nan. He is interested in people, and is forgiving. Family nis important to him. Douglas is a bachelor, a celebrated poet, and a teacher. He’s lost his creative mojo and is trying to get it back after a life-altering accident. He is kind and friendly towards others who are younger and less experienced person.
• Peter/ Hal: Male. Dual role. Stage age late 30s-early 40s, 306 cues. Peter is a dentist, and is having an affair with Nan. He is stylish, confident, a pathological liar (for which he seeks therapy), and is a philanderer. Actor will need to have good comic timing and physical humour capability. Hal is a school administrator/ Assistant Principal, and has a borderline psychological illness that manifests as hypochondria. He is nervy! He is married to Tanya, and they are trying for a baby but are having difficulty and he needs to get a ‘sample’ tested! (Actor needs to be bare chested during one scene.)
• Tanya/ Nan: Female. Dual role. Stage age 40s, 347 cues. Tanya is and Actuary and is married to Hal. She is a no-nonsense type of person and likely ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship. She is trying to get pregnant with Hal, but it’s likely there is ‘a problem’ with him. She is phobic about elevators. Actor needs to passionately kiss during one scene. Nan is a married to Marty, and works at the same school as Hal and Barb as a nurse. She is having an affair with Peter but has a conscience and finishes it. At heart she is a caring person. Actor will need to participate in a comical seduction scene!
• Steve: Male. Single character role. Stage age 20s, 317 cues. Steve is a creative-writing graduate student, and is initially engaged to Barb but subconsciously attracted to Jill with whom he shares house. He is a romantic at heart, and wears his heart on his sleeve.
• Jill/ Barb: Female. Dual role. Stage age 30-35, 385 cues. Jill is also a creative-writing graduate student, and is Steve’s roommate with whom she is secretly in love despite that he is engaged to Barb. In private with Steve, Jill is openly hostile about Barb. Barb is engaged to Steve and ‘knows’ that Jill is in love with him. She comes across as ‘cool’ when Steve tries to be romantic. She has an irrational fear of dentists and seeks treatment for her phobia, but this doesn’t prevent her from eventually ‘falling’ for dentist Peter.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30-10.00pm, Sundays 1.30-5.30pm, although there may be some variation to days and times.
First rehearsal Sunday 5 March 2023, or thereabouts. (Please note this will be during the Fringe Festival/ Festival of Arts.)

Thurs 25, Fri 26, Sat 27 May 2023 @ 7.30pm
Matinee: Sun 28 May 2023 @ 2pm
Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 3 June 2023 @ 7.30pm

Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Road, OAKLANDS PARK SA 5046

A group audition will be held on Sunday 5 June 2021, commencing at 1.30pm sharp. All auditionees are required at that time. Prior registration is required.

Please email Director Kym Clayton to register for the audition. At the audition you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination against COVID19. The audition will include reading/moving excerpts from the play, with relevant pages emailed to you once you have registered.

Park Holme Community Hall, 638 Marion Road, PARK HOLME (corner Wallala Avenue & Marion Road)

More Information:
Contact Kym Clayton on 0407704349 or email

St Jude's Players

Written By: Larry Waller
Directed By: Larry Waller

Based on the original story of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and not on the musical of the same name, this reimagining of Dickens' classic tale of poverty, crime and child exploitation will be transported into a South Australian context.

A skilled ensemble of actors of all ages will throw the stereotypes of the Oliver Twist musical into the air in a fast-paced, modern production that looks for the hope that at times lays hidden in a fractured society.

This very different version of the classic tale is set to wow audiences. Be part of it.

Roles Available:
Young Cast: We seek interest from young actors aged 8-18 to work in ensemble with an adult cast.
20 young company actors will be cast.

Adult Cast: We seek interest from adult actors to work alongside our junior company.
10 adult actors will be cast.
Classic roles for adults include
*Devious Fagin
*Evil Bill Sykes
*Mr and Mrs Bumble
*Mr Brownlow

NOTE We also require:

*An Assistant Director

*4 musicians to play live for the shows

Rehearsals from:

- June 2022 for Young Actors
- July for Adult Actors

Rehearsal days and times TBC, but likely Tues, Thurs evenings, Sunday afternoons

November 10-12 and 17-19, 2022

St Jude's Hall, Brighton

Audition workshops June 4 and 11, 2022, 2pm-4.30 pm.
More information following audition requests to contacts listed.

St Jude's Hall, 444 Brighton Road, Brighton

More Information:
Contact Larry Waller on 0401 530 628 or email

Gilbert & Sullivan Society of SA

Written By: Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Directed By: Gordon Combes

Act 1
The first act of Into the Woods focuses on the ‘Happily Ever After’ we often expect in fairy tales.

Four well-known fairy tale characters are introduced and go on their predictable quests. Cinderella goes to the ball to meet her Prince Charming, Jack climbs the Beanstalk to discover a land of giants, Red Ridinghood encounters a Wolf disguised as her grandma, and Rapunzel escapes from the tower with the aid of a Prince and her long golden hair.

Two additional, yet central characters, the Baker and his Wife have a simple quest – to have a family. The Baker and his Wife discover that the Witch has placed a curse on their house and the only way to lift the curse and to bear a child is to journey ‘into the woods’ and mess up everybody else’s fairy story. Their quest is to obtain: ‘a cape as red as blood’ from ‘Little Red Ridinghood; a ‘slipper as pure as gold’ from Cinderella; ‘a cow as white as milk’ which is exchanged for magic beans by Jack; and ‘hair as yellow as corn’ from Rapunzel ‘in order to get what they want they had to cheat a little, or lie a little, or huckster a little’.

At the end of the act one, they retrieve the items and all appear to ‘live happily ever after.

Act 2
The second act is darker. The characters, having had their wishes come true, have to take responsibility and deal with the consequences. Does a marriage to a prince result in a happy life? What does one do with a slain giant in ones backyard? Are characters purely good or purely evil?

They learn to work together as a community rather than resorting to a culture of blaming others. Through adversity, they undergo a transformation and attempt to solve the problems to create their own version of a ‘happily ever after’.

Into the Woods is a cautionary tale that states; be careful what you wish for.

Roles Available:
An intellectual and pleasant storyteller. He helps to orchestrate the show and illustrate lessons to the audience. This actor will also play the MYSTERIOUS MAN: A mischievous vagrant and nosy meddler. He is a good-natured protector and observer.
Vocal range: G2 - E4

A young, earnest maiden who is constantly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.
Vocal range: G3 - G5

The feckless Giant killer who is “almost a man”. He is adventurous, naive, energetic, and bright-eyed. Vocal range: B2 - G4

Browbeating and weary, Jack's protective mother is independent, bold, and strong-willed.
Vocal range: Bb3 - Gb5

A harried and insecure man who is simple and loving, yet protective of his family. He wants his wife to be happy and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness but refuses to let others fight his battles.
Vocal range: Ab2 - G4

Determined and bright woman who wishes to be a mother. She leads a simple, yet satisfying life and is very low-maintenance yet proactive in her endeavours.
Vocal range: F3 - G5

The beautiful, but mean-spirited, demanding stepmother of Cinderella.
Vocal range: A3 - F#5

Cinderella's stepsisters who are lovely, yet vain and black of heart. They join their mother in belittling Cinderella.
Vocal range: C4 - Ab5

Holds the title of head of the household only because he pays the bills. He is completely dominated by his second wife and her daughters. Ensemble singing with some solos.

LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD: A spoiled young girl who is strong-willed, quick-witted, fearless, yet youthful and naive.
Vocal range: Bb3 - F5

Sarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous, straightforward and aggressive. She is the obsessive protector of Rapunzel. Vocal range: F3 - G5

Deceased with her soul guarding and aiding her daughter from a tree. This actor will also play the GRANNY: Red Riding hood’s spunky grandmother, who lives alone in the woods. Ensemble singing with some solos.
Vocal range: E4 - F4

A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is sheltered by the Witch and terribly lonely. She yearns to experience the world.
Vocal range: B3 - A5

CINDERELLA'S PRINCE: Vain and gorgeous, he is a disloyal lover who is currently searching for the next new, exciting thing. Vocal range: B2 - F4 (This character will play the Wolf too)- THE WOLF: Hungry and insatiable hunter who takes advantage of the weak by misleading and captivating his prey.
Vocal range: Bb2 - Gb4

Just as vain and gorgeous as his Prince brother, he is always chasing the newest, most exciting endeavour.
Vocal range: C#3 - E4

Servant to Cinderella's Father and Stepmother. Runs the household in a practical and efficient manner. Ensemble singing with some solos.

Voiceover. The Giant's wife is an angry and vengeful “monster”. She is seeking retribution for her loss. Speaking Role

Walk-on roles in the show's finale. Ensemble singing.

Contact for dialoge and music audition material.

To book your audition please email the production manager at the email above stating your:

Full name:
If you are under 18:
Contact phone:
Contact email:
Role(s) you are auditioning for:
Preferred audition time:

Monday and Thursday: 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Sunday: 11am to 2:00pm.
Rehearsals start Sunday the 3rd of July

Thursday 22nd of Sept 7:30pm
Friday 23rd of Sept 7:30pm
Saturday 24th of Sept 1:30pm
Saturday 24th of Sept 7:30pm
Sunday 25th of Sept 3:30pm
Wednesday 28th of Sept 7:30pm
Thursday 29th of Sept 7:30pm
Friday 30th of Sept 7:30pm
Saturday 1st of Oct 1:30pm
Saturday 1st of Oct 7:30pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street

Information Night:

Saturday the 18th of June and Sunday the 19th of June
Saturday - Individual Auditions from 9:30am onwards.
Sunday - Individual Auditions from 9:30am onwards.

G&S Shed, 3 George Street, Hindmarsh.

More Information:
Contact Alicia McCluskey (Production Manager) on or email

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Written By: A Musical Fable of Broadway
Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon.
Book by: Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
Music and Lyrics by: Frank Loesser

Directed By: Director: Rebecca Kemp
Musical Director: Jacqui Maynard
Choreographer: Carmel Vistoli
Assistant Choreographer: Barbara Nutchey

Set in the bustling Manhattan of Damon Runyon's short stories, Guys and Dolls is a Depression era romantic comedy featuring crap games, horse races, gamblers, show girls and the evangelist members of a downtown Mission.
Con-man Nathan Detroit is seeking a new location for his notorious 'floating' crap game, but he doesn't have the dough he needs for a down payment. Enter Sky Masterson, a high-rolling gambler willing to take on any honest bet with a high enough reward attached. Nathan bets Sky that he can’t take the “doll”, of Nathan’s choosing, on a date to Havana, Cuba. When Sky agrees to the bet, Nathan chooses uptight Evangelist Sergeant Sarah Brown, head of Broadway’s Save-a-Soul Mission. Sky thinks he’s been duped, but he’s in for even more of a surprise when his efforts to woo Sarah are so successful that he falls in love with her himself! Meanwhile Nathan is under pressure from his long time 'fiancee' and night club dancer, Miss Adelaide, to settle down and get married. What are the odds?

Roles Available:
Sky Masterson: (Stage-age 30 to 45)
A charming and self-assured gambler who is able to adapt to any situation but ready to reel off prepared anecdotes regarding his view of the world. Despite his failings, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style.
The role requires: a confident actor with good comic timing. A strong baritone singer with the ability to move well.

Nathan Detroit (Stage-age 30 to 50)
A feckless and humorous manipulator, Nathan is the facilitator of illegal gambling in town. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties; he pacifies his fiancé Adelaide with vague promises of a marriage. Comic timing is a must. Baritone.

Nicely-Nicely Johnson (Stage-age 30 to 50)
A cheerful and eccentric gambler and one of Nathan’s closest associates who helps him set up the crap games. Sings one of the most well known songs in the show 'Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat'. Comic timing is a must. Strong tenor singer. Good mover.

Benny Southstreet (Stage-age 20 to 50)
He is a gambler and one of Nathan’s primary associates. Strong Baritone singer

Arvide Abernathy (Stage-age 50+)
He is the older, wiser leader of the Salvation Army in
Times Square. He is a reasoned old man with a warm heart that harbours only the kindest intentions, even if he tends to be a little gullible. Family to Sarah Brown. Baritone.

Lt. Brannigan (Stage-age 35+)
He is a tough, by-the-book policeman, engaged in what he perceives to be a battle of wits with Nathan to stop the crap game. Comic timing and acting ability are essential. Ensemble singing.

Gamblers (Stage-age 20 to 60) A variety of men.
Rusty Charlie has solo singing (in a trio “Fugue for Tinhorns).
Big Jule is an intimidating hustler from Chicago, temperamental and a sore loser.
Harry the Horse, Angie the Ox, and others. Lots of ensemble singing. The ability to dance/move is a big plus but not essential.

Mission Band members (Stage-age 20 to 60) Ensemble singing only.

Sarah Brown: (Stage-age 25 to 35)
An idealistic but sheltered missionary, Sarah is kind-hearted but too categorical in her view of the world. She learns she has an adventurous side and goes through character changes over the course of the show. Very strong soprano voice.

Adelaide (Stage-age 30 to 40)
A strongly comic and classic show girl. A featured club singer and Nathan’s long-suffering fiancée who longs for quiet family life away from New York. Comic timing a must, good dancing ability is a plus. Bronx accent desirable. Strong alto with capable vocal belt.

General Cartwright (Stage-age 40 to 60)
The regional director of the Save-a-Soul mission, she is authoritative through necessity but motivated by charity. Strong mezzo-soprano.


Hot Box Dancers (Stage age 18 to 35) Good dancers required

Mission Band members (Stage-age 20 to 60) Ensemble singing only.

Monday and Wednesday nights 7.30-10.30pm
Some Sundays 2-6pm including two day/night Sundays 2pm -10.30pm
Commencing: Monday, 25th July

Bump In: Sunday 16th October (Arts Theatre, Angas St)
Rehearsals: Sunday 16th – Wednesday 19th October (Arts Theatre, Angas St)

Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd October 7:30pm

Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 October 7:30pm

Matinees Sat 22nd and 29th October 2pm

The Arts Theatre: Angas Street Adelaide

Information Night:
Monday, 7.45pm 30th May
Maylands Church of Christ Hall,
157 Portrush Rd, Maylands

(Audition slots will be made available from the end of the Information night.)

(Auditions will be 15min individual segments)
Sunday 19 June from 2.30-10pm

Monday 20th June from 7-10pm

Maylands Church of Christ Hall,
157 Portrush Rd, Maylands

More Information:
Contact The Met Committee on or email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: A stage play by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter adapted from the original TV series by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayher-Archer
With kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions
Directed By: Robert Andrews

When the new vicar arrives at the sleepy English village of Dibley, the last thing the locals are expecting is a woman. But the irrepressibly cheerful Reverend Geraldine Granger soon wins over the hearts and minds of her flock.

Based on the much-loved BBC sitcom, this stage adaptation brings a selection of the best episodes of this multi-award-winning show to our theatre.

All of your favourites are here: Alice and Hugo, the star-crossed lovers whose combined IQ would struggle to reach treble figures; the colonically-challenged farmer Owen; and Mr Horton, the pompous chairman forever trying to make sense of his bizarre parish council.

Roles Available:
David is one of those people who enjoys being in charge and assumes he is: he might even be described as being a bit power-trippy. He’s a pompous, Cambridge educated, upper-class, millionaire and although divorced, an upholder of stern traditional family values especially his own. He longs for tradition, law and order and the status quo.

Poor Hugo is the veritable puppet of his controlling father. He was brought up only by David for the majority of his childhood, and it becomes quickly apparent that that upbringing was emotionally abusive. He aims to avoid conflict, and always aims to please, and does not know how to express his feelings towards Alice.

Alice is a few sandwiches (and cakes, and pork pies, and sausage rolls…) short of a picnic. She has a heart of gold but doesn’t understand many of the common issues of life, nor Geraldine’s jokes. She’s very sensitive and easily upset – but too thick and vague to be easily offended! More amusing and key to the plot of the show is the way she’s also easily confused, and has a vivid imagination surrounding what’s normal (such as Teletubbie bridesmaids and pageboys.

Owen is the local farmer. He regularly suffers with gastric health complaints and describes these in disgustingly graphic detail. He’s a bachelor with broad tastes… he often hints at both desiring after and having had previous relationships with animals, as well as women. Like many of the other male residents of the village, he lusts after Geraldine

Letitia is a very caring lady who longs to provide nourishing refreshment and sustenance to her close friends and neighbours, and ensures the church is full of attractive flower arrangements during Sunday worship.
The problem is her creativity could be described as rather eccentric: her mourning flower arrangement included pineapple! Her palette is a bit odd too, as she’s created countless dishes which require, shall we say, an acquired taste? Parsnip brownies are at the more tame end of her repertoire! The villagers fear her cooking but eat it out of courtesy;
unfortunately this only spurs her on to further “gourmet” creations.

Must be able to knit.

Start 27/6/22
Monday, Wednesday 7,00pm to 10pm
Sunday TBA

Wednesday 12 October 2022 to Saturday 15 October 2022 at 8.00pm
Tuesday 18 October 2022 to Saturday 22 October 2022 at 8.00pm
Matinee each Saturday at 2.30pm
Additional matinee Sunday 16 October at 2.30pm

Tea Tree Players Theatre (Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads
Surrey Downs 5126

Monday 20th June 2022 at 7:30pm
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 7:30pm

Tea Tree Players Theatre (Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads
Surrey Downs 5126

More Information:
Contact Robert Andrews on 0412060989 or email