The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Written By: Music and Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Book by Heather Hach
Directed By: Director: Carolyn Adams
Musical Director: Ben Stefanoff
Choreographer: Jacinta Vistoli

Based on the novel and hit movie of the same name, Legally Blonde: the Musical chronicles the journey of the famously perky Elle Woods, a fashion-savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when she is dumped by her boyfriend Warner. In an effort to prove to Warner that she is more than just some blonde sorority girl, she follows him to Harvard Law, where she struggles to fit in and do well. Ultimately, she defies expectations by taking herself seriously and rising to the challenge, whilst still managing to stay true to her delightfully pink personality.

Roles Available:
Elle Woods-
(Gb2-G5 Mezzo Soprano with some pop-mix/’belt’)
stage age:22-24
strong dancer
Elle is a bubbly Malibu girl, head of the Delta Nu sorority. She is kind determined, vulnerable, energetic and outgoing! Must be comfortable with dogs.

Emmett Forrest-
(B2-A4 Tenor)
Stage age: around 27.
Emmett is a smart, quirky, sensitive and personable law student. Must be comfortable with dogs. A strong singer/actor with great comedic timing!

Paulette Buonofuonte-
(A3-A5 Mezzo soprano with some pop mix/’belt’) –
Stage age: 30-40
strong mover
Paulette is the quirky owner of 'Hair Affair', a local salon. Unlucky in love she remains a hopeless romantic. Must be comfortable with dogs. A Bostonian accent is a plus, a strong singer with a powerful belt to match the personality!

Pilar –
(Ab3-F5 Soprano)
stage age: 22-24
sassy and sensible sorority sister. Free spirited.

Margot –
(Ab3-F5 Soprano)
stage age: 22-24
seemingly dim-witted, boy-crazy sorority sister.

Serena -(Ab3-F5 Soprano)
stage age: 22-24
energetic cheerleader, from Jewish heritage, sorority sister.

Margot, Serena, & Pilar are Elle's entourage who follow her through the story acting as her “Greek Chorus”. Strong singers and dancers with good comic timing and youthful energy!

Professor Callahan-
(A2-Gb4 Baritone)
Stage age: 40-55
strong mover
Callahan is a pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard. Charismatic but able to turn instantly into a conniving shark at the drop of a hat.

Warner Huntington III-
(Eb3-Ab4 Tenor)
stage age: 22-24
able to move
Warner is attractive, pompous and shallow. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his dream of becoming a senator, including breaking Elle’s heart.

Vivienne Kensington-
(A3-F5 Mezzo Soprano with some pop mix/’belt’)
stage age: 22-24
Vivienne is initially an overachieving, stuck-up, wealthy, smart and savvy law student. As Warner’s new girlfriend, she resents Elle, but eventually proves to be a good egg.
Big belt number in the second act.

Brooke Wyndham-
(A3-G5 Alto or Soprano) –
stage age: 27- 35
strong dancer or aerobics specialist
Brooke is an exercise video star and former Delta Nu sorority girl who was accused of murder. Being physically fit is a must for this role to properly do high level aerobics with enough stamina to continue singing. If you are auditioning for this role, you may be asked to jump rope while singing at your audition!

Enid Hoopes-
(G3-G5 Mezzo soprano)
stage age: mid 20s to 30
Enid is a strong, opinionated, feminist law student (slightly butch) at Harvard. Great comedic timing required.

Sundeep Padamadan-
stage age: mid 20s to 30s
A foreign Harvard law student. Former leader of his country.

Aaron Schultz-
stage age mid 20s to 30s
A smug and arrogant Harvard law student.

Elle's Mom-
(Non singing role but any female range as part of the ensemble.)
stage age: 40s to 50s
mover as part of ensemble
High society socialite from Malibu. Quite likes a drink.

Elle’s Dad-
(Baritone. Must be able to reach C2 comfortably and with projection.)
stage age: 40s to 50s
mover as part of ensemble
High society golfer from Malibu.

Nikos Argitakos-
(Non singing role but any male range as part of the ensemble).
stage age: mid twenties
Brooke Wyndham's pool boy. European accent a plus.

stage age mid twenties
Nikos' "best friend". Solo in court scene.

Grand Master Chad-
strong rapper, will also sing in the ensemble, any male range
stage age: 20s
Featured frat boy.

Non singing role but any male range as part of the ensemble.
stage age: 30-50
mover as part of ensemble
Harvard Law admissions officer.

Non singing role but any male range as part of the ensemble.
stage age: 30-50
mover as part of ensemble
Harvard Law admissions officer.

Non singing role but any male range as part of the ensemble.
stage age: 30-50
mover as part of ensemble
Harvard Law admissions officer.

Whitney –
non singing part but any female range as part of the ensemble
stage age: 22-24
Vivienne’s best friend at Harvard law. Her father is next in line to be the Speaker of the House and Vivienne brags about it.

(Bb3 –Eb5 Alto)
stage age: 22-24
Delta Nu scholastic chair, the bookworm!

(B3 –Eb5 Alto)
stage age: 22-24
Delta Nu sorority sister with vocal solo.

Chutney Wyndham-
(Non singing part but will be required to sing as part of the ensemble)
stage age: 30s
mover as part of ensemble
Brooke Wyndham's jealous step-daughter. Featured in the courtroom as a witness. Strong actor.

Kyle B. O'Boyle-
(Non singing part but will be required to sing as part of the ensemble)
stage age: 30-40
strong mover/dancer
Kyle is a physically fit, smooth-talking UPS deliveryman. We soon find out that he is Paulette's dream guy. Must be comfortable with dogs.

(Non singing part but will be required to sing as part of the ensemble)
stage age: 30-40
mover as part of ensemble
Paulette's rude, mean, dog-stealing, trailer-trash ex-boyfriend. Strong character actor.

Judge-Featured character in the courtroom trial.
Court stenographer -Featured character in the courtroom trial.
Cashier at Hair Affair-Strong Dancer
Colorist at Hair Affair-Strong Dancer
Bookish Client at Hair Affair

ENSEMBLE: UCSD students; Prisoners/Dancers at Boston's Women's Correctional Facility; Harvard Law students; Courtroom spectators and trial personnel: Sales personnel; diners at a restaurant; salon clientele; TV reporter; Marching Band; Cheerteam

Mondays 7:30pm - 10:30pm Maylands Church of Christ
Wednesdays 7:30pm - 10:30pm Wesley Uniting Church Hall
Some Sundays 2-6pm
and two day/night Sundays 2pm-10:30pm
In-theatre rehearsals: 3 / 4 / 5 /6 May

8pm performances: Thursday 7th then: 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and Sat 16th May.
2pm performances: Sat 9th and Sat 16th May

The Arts Theatre, Angas St Adelaide.

Information Night:
Monday 11th November 7:45pm at
Maylands Church of Christ: Cnr Portrush Rd and Nora St Maylands

Sunday 17th November from 2pm - 6pm and 6:30pm - 10pm
Monday 18th November from 7.30pm - 10:00pm

Please note: all auditionees should be 18 years or over.

Auditionees will be required to do 1 x 30 minute Group Dance Audition as well as an individual audition.
There will be 3 Group Dance Audition times at 2pm and 6:30pm on Sunday 17th, and at 7:30pm on Monday 18th.
Individual auditions will be scheduled after these times. Auditionees should book into any one of these group times (up to 20 places per session) as well as booking an individual audition.
Details of audition requirements and materials will be available at and after Information Night.
Booking for auditions will be through TryBooking.

Maylands Church of Christ: Cnr Portrush Rd and Nora St Maylands

More Information:
Contact The MET Committee via email

Trybooking link provided after 11th November

The Stirling Players

Written By: Written By: Simon Stephens
Directed By: Aldo Longobardi

Georgie is an ‘exhausting but captivating’ woman in her forties from New Jersey and living in London. Alex, in his 70s, is a quiet, introverted Irish butcher and eternal bachelor who is unused to and suspicious of romantic attention.

Georgie and Alex are perfect strangers and complete opposites who share one significant thing in common: they are both deeply lonely having lost the people who meant most to them. When Georgie accidentally kisses the back of Alex’s neck in St Pancras Station, mistaking him for someone else, the pair are drawn together into something that is part romance, part friendship, and part experiment in embracing the uncertain. But is Georgie masterminding the situation? Why is the steadfast Alex so willing to be moved by the erratic Georgie? And is Georgie all that she appears to be?

Heisenberg gets its title from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics which states that the position and velocity of an object cannot be measured simultaneously, even theoretically, and that the act of measuring an object’s speed changes its position, and vice versa. Simon Stephen’s Heisenberg is a quirky romantic comedy and character study that observes the uncertainty of the human heart.

Roles Available:
GEORGIE BURNS (female) Early 40s*
Rightly describes herself as ‘exhausting but captivating’. From New Jersey now living in London. Hides her experience of pain and loss behind her brazen personality and frenetic energy. She talks and swears a lot, has little to no regard for personal space, and spins ever-changing and probably made-up stories which begs the question of her trustworthiness. American accent required.

ALEX PRIEST (male) Mid 70s*
Georgie describes him as ‘the shy, brooding, intellectual type.’ Irish. Runs a failing butcher shop. Never married. He experienced a lot of emotional trauma in his early childhood which has seen him find safety and security in a life of order, routine and predictability. Irish accent required.

‘ON STAGE CREW’ (multiple roles available, any gender) 18+
The on stage crew will assist in facilitating costume and set changes between scenes as part of the performance through choreographed physical theatre sequences. While these sequences facilitate smooth and seamless scene changes, they also reflect, enhance, and extend on the ideas presented in the scenes and help move the story forward. These are non-speaking crew roles that require a high degree of creativity and performance through physical and facial expression and stylised movement.

*Georgie and Alex will have some involvement with the on stage crew during scene changes so actors should expect to participate in some simple stylised movement sequences.

A read through and introduction of cast, on stage and off stage crew and production team will be arranged prior to commencement of rehearsals.

Rehearsals will commence mid-June 2020.

Rehearsals will take place:
Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm
Thursdays 7pm to 10pm
Sundays 2pm to 5pm

Fridays and Saturdays 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 September 2020 8pm
Sunday (matinees) 13 and 20 September 2020 4pm

Stirling Community Theatre, Avenue Road, Stirling

Tuesday 26th November from 7pm
Stirling Community Theatre
5 Avenue Road, Stirling

Excerpts from the script for auditions will be emailed when booking an audition. These will include a monologue/s and a section of dialogue between the two characters. It is expected that you will be familiar with these excerpts at your audition. You will be required to present the monologue, but you may also be asked to read the dialogue with another actor.

Thursday 28th November at 7pm
Stirling Community Theatre
5 Avenue Road, Stirling

There is nothing to prepare for on stage crew auditions. The audition will be workshop based where participants will be shown some techniques for devising physical sequences and develop a short piece. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for some movement.

Stirling Community Theatre , Avenue Road, Stirling

More Information:
Contact For more information or to book an audition, please contact Aldo Longobardi on 0433160133 or email

University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Written By: Noel Coward
Directed By: Megan Dansie

This haunting play is one of Noel Coward’s most popular comedies.

Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, wishes to learn about the occult for a novel he is writing, and he arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. At the séance, she inadvertently summons Charles's first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Only Charles can see or hear Elvira. The ghostly Elvira makes continued, and increasingly desperate, efforts to disrupt Charles's current marriage. She finally sabotages his car in the hope of killing him so that he will join her in the spirit world, but it is Ruth rather than Charles who drives off and is killed.

Ruth's ghost immediately comes back for revenge on Elvira, and Charles calls Madame Arcati back to exorcise both of the spirits, but instead of banishing them she unintentionally materialises Ruth. With both his dead wives now fully visible, and neither of them in the best of tempers, Charles, together with Madame Arcati, goes through séance after séance and spell after spell to try to exorcise them. It is not until Madame Arcati works out that the housemaid, Edith, is psychic and had unwittingly been the conduit through which Elvira was summoned that she succeeds in dematerialising both ghosts. Charles is left seemingly in peace, but Madame Arcati, hinting that the ghosts may still be around unseen, warns him that he should go far away as soon as possible.

Roles Available:
Edith – female, stage age 17 to 30s – She is the maid for Charles and Ruth. Always in a hurry, lovely comedic part. Lower-class English accent required – regional or London.

Dr Bradshaw – male - 35 to 55 – the local doctor and friend of the Condomines. He and his wife attend the séances. Upper class English accent required.

Mrs Bradshaw – female 35 to 55. Posh and slightly oblivious. Wife to Dr Bradshaw. Upper class English accent required.

(Please note that the roles of Madame Arcati, Charles Condomine, Ruth Condomine and Elvira have been pre-cast).

All ages given are general stage ages. English accents are required.

From Sunday 21 June 2020, Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 7pm-10pm & Sundays, time to be confirmed.
Some individual sessions and character development to take place with the Director before formal rehearsals start. Rehearsals will take place in various locations on the North Terrace Campus which will be indicated on the rehearsal schedule.

Opening Night: Saturday 15 August 2020, 7.30pm
Matinee: Sunday 16 August 2020, 4pm or Sunday 23 August, depending on Open Day to be confirmed
once the University has set the Open Day date.
Run: Wednesday to Saturday 19-23 & 26-29 August 2020, 7.30pm

Little Theatre, The Cloisters, University of Adelaide

Sunday 1 December 2019 – 10am-5pm

Appointments can be booked by emailing

A 15 minute slot will be allocated per application and we will provide someone to read opposite you.

On requesting an audition slot, please ensure you advise:

• Which role you are auditioning for
• The time slot you would prefer, ie morning or afternoon, and we will do our best to accommodate you
(Please note we will be filling the morning slots first).
• Contact telephone number

You will be required to:
• Be familiar with extracts from the play which will be emailed to you after an audition slot has been booked.
• Be prepared to play around with the piece during your audition.
• Be prepared to read another excerpt from the play which you won’t see until the day. You will have an
opportunity to familiarise yourself with the text before reading it to the Director.
• Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to prepare for your audition and to complete an
audition form.

We recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and bring water.

Please be aware that everyone involved in a Theatre Guild show is required to be a member of the Theatre Guild. Auditions are open to anyone but any roles offered will only be confirmed once you have become a member.

Little Theatre, The Cloisters, University of Adelaide

More Information:
Contact Melanie Hibberd on 08 8313 5999 or email

South Coast Choral and Arts Society (SCCAS)

Written By: Music by Richard Rodgers Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Book by Joshua Logan Adapted by David Ives
Directed By: JJ Geelen (Director), Guy Mansbridge (Musical Director), Dean Constable (Vocal Director)

To celebrate South Coast Choral and Arts Society's 70 Anniversary, we will be performing the concert version of the much loved musical SOUTH PACIFIC.

Set in an island paradise during World War II, two parallel love stories are threatened by the dangers of prejudice and war.

Nellie, a spunky nurse from Arkansas, falls in love with a mature French planter, Emile. Nellie learns that the mother of his children was and island native and, unable to turn her back on the prejudices with which she was raised, refuses Emile's proposal of marriage.

Meanwhile, the strapping Lt. Joe Cable denies himself the fulfillment of a future with an innocent Tokinese girl with whom he's fallen in love out of the same fears that haunt Nellie.

When Emile is recruited to accompany Joe on a dangerous mission that claims Joe's life, Nellie realizes that life is too short not to seize her own chance for happiness, thus confronting and conquering her own prejudices.

This concert adaptation was created by David Ives for the Carnegie Hall benefit concert of SOUTH PACIFIC in 2006.

This production will a concert version with Cast in costumes, Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble (part of orchestra) in formal wear.

Roles Available:
ENSIGN NELLIE FORBUSH: Female to play Caucasian, late twenties. Our heroine, Nellie is a military nurse with a sense of optimism, in spite of the looming peril of war. A product of her Southern upbringing in Little Rock, Arkansas, Nellie struggles with her own racism when she falls in love with Emile DeBeque, an older Frenchman living in the South Pacific who is raising 2 children of mixed race. The actress must have a sincerity that defies her faults and subtle comic timing. Mezzo-soprano to Db5 with good belt mix and good mover.

EMILE DE BECQUE: Male to play Caucasian, mid-forties. Emile is a wealthy, cultured and self-made French plantation owner. In spite of the character’s worldliness and sophistication, the actor must be capable of revealing the darker side of a man who once committed murder in self-defense. Legit bass/baritone [A2 – E4]

LIEUTENANT JOSEPH CABLE: Male to play Caucasian, early twenties. Cable is a young, handsome officer with a bright military future. Having served in active combat, Cable is struggling with the after effects of trauma. In spite of the unspoken rules of his privileged Philadelphia upbringing, Cable falls in love with Liat, a young Tonkinese girl. The actor must have a strong physical presence and be believable as a hot shot Marine. Soaring tenor (E3 to G4).

BLOODY MARY: Female to play Tonkinese (prefer Islander or South East Asian background), 35-55. Mary is a shrewd and abrasive woman who is cunningly capitalizing on the war by selling souvenirs to the American sailors occupying her island. She is fiercely protective of her teen aged daughter Liat and is searching to find her a suitable husband. The actress must have great comedic timing. Mezz-soprano to C5 with good belt mix.

LUTHER BILLIS: Male to play Caucasian, 30-45. Luther is a lovable “wheeler dealer”; a conniving and mediocre entrepreneur. He is a friend to all but is hampered by his lust for the ladies and his fascination with island trinkets. The actor must be a funny everyman who is believable as an army tradesman; Bass/baritone down to G2.

CAPTAIN GEORGE BRACKETT: Male to play Caucasian, 40-60. Brackett is a pompous but competent navy officer who hides a heart of gold. With a roaring bark, he is known as “Old Iron Belly”. Stationed on a remote island in the South Pacific, he navigates his own frustration as he awaits his opportunity to make a contribution towards winning the war. Non singing role

COMMANDER HARBISON :Male to play Caucasian, 35-50. Harbison is an officious Navy man and Brackett's second-in-command. He once had a bright future but has not been able to live up to his early expectations. Through Michener’s short stories, we learn that Harbison had a romantic relationship with Nellie Forbush that ended when he physically assaulted her.

LIAT:Female to play Tonkinese (prefer Islander or South East Asian background), mid to late teens. Liat is a beautiful, young girl who is heartbreakingly delicate and the picture of purity. The actress must move well or have a dance background. Non singing role; all physically suitable submissions encouraged, in spite of acting background.

STEWPOT:Male, 25-35. The brawn of the group, Stewpot is known for his physical strength and loyalty, not his intelligence. This character man must have strong comedic timing and a strong singing voice. He is Luther Billis' cohort and is best friends with the Professor.

PROFESSOR: Male, 25-35. Professor earned his nickname because he is one of the few Seabees to have attended college; a character man of the studious type who jumps to problem solving in order to make up for his lack of physical strength. Luther Billis' cohort and best friends with Stewpot. Strong singer.

NGANA: Female to play Pacific Islander (prefer Islander or South East Asian background), 7-14. DeBeque’s first born who takes full advantage of being the older sibling. Excellent singing voice. Child Alto

JEROME Male to play Pacific Islander (prefer Islander or South East Asian background), 5-11. DeBeque’s youngest child; a precocious and curious young boy. Excellent singing voice. Child Alto

HENRY Male to play Pacific Islander, mid-twenties (prefer Islander or South East Asian background) – 40s. DeBeque’s trusted servant who helps raise Ngana and Jerome. Spoken French lines; featured ensemble.

SAILORS: Males of varied ethnic backgrounds to play featured roles, late teens to mid-thirties; the heart and soul of our story. These young men from across the United States are pulled from their everyday lives to defend their country by putting their lives on the line. They find a sense of community in each other that temporarily replaces family and loved ones. Their fascination with Bloody Mary serves as a distraction to the impending dangers ahead. Strong singers with varied vocal ranges. Dance experience a plus but not mandatory.

NURSES:Females of varied ethnic roles, featured roles in their late twenties to mid-thirties. These women were adventurers of their time; they were well educated and independent and pursued service over the expectations of traditional family values. Must sing well; varied vocal ranges. Dance experience is a plus but not mandatory.

Wednesdays 7.15 pm to 10.00 pm and Fridays 7.15 to 10.00 pm. Starting 15 January 2020 for cast and musicians.

Friday 15 May - 7.30 pm
Saturday 16 May - 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm
Wed 20 May - 7.30 pm
Fri 22 May, - 7.30 pm
Sat 23 May - 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm
Wed 27 May - 7.30 pm
Fri 29 May - 7.30 pm
Sat 30 May - 7.30 pm

Victor Harbor SA 5211

Information Night:
Wednesday 13 November 2019
7.15 pm
Victor Harbor Lutheran Church
21 Adelaide Rd
Victor Harbor . SA . 5211

Saturday 7 December 2019
Times 9.00 am to 5.00 pm for Cast

Note: Some of the orchestra have already been selected. We may hold auditions for musicians for the missing instrumentations.

5 Adare Ave
McCracken SA 5211

More Information:
Contact JJ Geelen on 0407719338 or email


12 actors are required for an hour show for the ADELAIDE FRINGE 2020, featuring a collection of different and individual scenes and characters.
We are looking for:
- Males & Females (stage age 18 - 28)
- Any ethnicities
- Versatility; ability to play dramatic, comedic, gay and/or trans roles comfortably

Roles Available:
Anyone applicable within age range. Roles will be determined after the audition process.

TBC but will be throughout December and January.

Between February 15th and 28th, 2020.


Saturday, December 7th 
Times will be allocated between 10am - 6pm

Fulham Community Centre
19 Fitch Road Fulham

More Information:
Contact Kurt Benton on +61429617787 or email

Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Written By: Lyrics by TIM RICE
Directed By: Director - MATT SMITH
Choreographer - MADELINE EDWARDS
Assistant to the Choreographer - CELESTE BARONE

The biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colours comes to vibrant life in this delightful musical parable. Joseph, his father’s favourite son, is blessed with prophetic dreams. He is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, where he endures a series of adventures that continually challenges his spirit and humanity. He is purchased by the powerful Potiphar, then thrown into prison for refusing the advances of Potiphar's wife. While in prison, news of Joseph's ability to interpret dreams catches the attention of the Pharaoh, and this begins Joseph's rise from slave to second-in-command.

Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock 'n' roll, and featuring high-energy songs and well-known powerful ballads (including “Those Canaan Days”, “Any Dream Will Do”, and “Close Every Door”), it’s no wonder this Old Testament tale has become a fan-favourite musical hit the world over.

Roles Available:
All roles will be open to audition. Some roles may require doubling-up, depending on outcome of auditions.


Male/female (stage age 30-40)
Vocal range: story teller; Male F2 - G#4, Female F3 - G#5
A character not of the time or place. The Narrator needs to be able to tell the story through words and song, guiding the audience gently through the story of Joseph and his brothers. Usually gives meaning to the story with his/her words, so this person will need to have strong storytelling abilities.
Choreography: must be able to walk and sing confidently at the same time. Minimal movement required.

Male (stage age 18-25)
Vocal range: sweet and innocent; A3 - A5
Character description: Eleventh son of Jacob, and his father’s favourite. Joseph shows early on a talent for interpreting dreams and telling the future. This gets him into trouble with his brothers (who are already jealous of Joseph because he is Jacob’s favourite), who fake his death and place him into slavery. However, Joseph’s special abilities saves his life when he correctly predicts the future based on the Pharaoh’s dreams.
Choreography: needs to be fit, this role requires a good mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 50-60)
Vocal range: mid-range; A3 - C4
Character description: The father of twelve sons, with Joseph his obvious favourite. At times, Jacob may appear to be unfair and shallow, but more importantly, he is the prophet who recognises the future and true calling of Joseph. Usually doubles as Potiphar in most productions.
Choreography: no movement required.

Male (stage age 45-45)
Vocal range: stern and warm; D3 - C4
Character description: A powerful and rich Egyptian, Potiphar purchases Joseph and puts him to work in his household, where he soon realises that Joseph is honest, hardworking, and a great addition to his pool of help. He grows suspicious of Mrs Potiphar and Joseph, and eventually throws Joseph into prison after catching Mrs Potiphar making unwanted advances towards him. Usually doubles as Jacob in most productions.
Choreography: minimal movement.

Female (stage age 25-35, dependent on the age of Potiphar)
Vocal range: D3 - C4
Character description: Beautiful, self-indulgent and scheming, Mrs Potiphar tries to seduce Joseph but is unsuccessful. However, she manages to stage a compromising scene with an unwilling Joseph that Potiphar sees and misconstrues, leading him to condemn Joseph to prison. Mrs Potiphar is usually played by one of the wives in most productions.
Choreography: this role requires a strong mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 35-50)
Vocal range: rock ‘n’ roll (in the style of Elvis Presley); B3 - A4
Character description: The most powerful man in Egypt, the Pharaoh is considered a god on earth. When Joseph interprets his dreams correctly, the Pharaoh promotes him to one of the highest positions in his government. In this production, the Pharaoh will be portrayed as an Elvis Presley style figure.
Choreography: must be able to move well and must be a performer with obvious stage presence.


Male (stage age 25-30)
Vocal range: B3 - A4
Character description: Eldest son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph. The character of Reuben usually takes the lead in “One More in Heaven”.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 25-30)
Vocal range: C3 - Ab5
Character description: Second son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph. The character of Simeon usually takes the lead in “Those Canaan Days”.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 25-30)
Vocal range: various
Character description: The third son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 20-25)
Vocal range: F3 - F4
Character description: The fourth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph. The character of Judah usually takes the lead in “Benjamin Calypso”.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 20-25)
Vocal range: various
Character description: The fifth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 20-25)
Vocal range: various
Character description: The sixth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 20-25)
Vocal range: various
Character description: The seventh son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 18-20)
Vocal range: various.
Character description: The eighth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 18-20)
Vocal range: various.
Character description: The ninth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 18-20)
Vocal range: various.
Character description: The tenth son of Jacob. He and his brothers are jealous of their father’s obvious affection for Joseph.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.

Male (stage age 16-18)
Vocal range: various.
Character description: The twelfth son of Jacob. He is the youngest and most innocent of the brothers.
Choreography: this role requires a mover/dancer.


Male (no defined stage age)
Vocal range: warm/storyteller; D#3 - G4
Character description: One of the Pharaoh’s servants, the Baker is in prison at the same time as Joseph. Joseph interprets his dream, correctly predicting that the Baker will be put to death. This role can be played by one of the brothers.
Choreography: no movement required.

Male (no defined stage age)
Vocal range: warm/storyteller; B3 - F4
Character description: Another one of the Pharaoh’s servants, the Butler is also in prison with Joseph. From his dreams, Joseph correctly interprets that the Butler will be released and taken back into the Pharaoh’s household. It is the Butler who tells the Pharaoh about Joseph and his uncanny dreams. This role can be played by one of the brothers.
Choreography: no movement required.

Female (stage age 21-40)
Vocal range: various
Character description: The wives of Jacob (10-15 wives required). Wives will also double-up as Egyptians and the servants of Potiphar.
Choreography: these roles require movers/dancers.

Male/female (no defined stage age)
Vocal range: B4 - B5 snake, E#3 - C4 camel
Character description: Men of the desert, the Ishmaelites buy Joseph as a slave, and then take him to Egypt to sell to Potiphar. Minimum of two Ishmaelites required.
Choreography: no movement required.

Boys and girls (7-16 years of age)
Vocal range: various, but harmony work will be required
Character description: The children’s chorus (also not of this time, like the Narrator) will be used throughout the show to tell the story. They will be involved in both the singing and dance numbers (more so than in most other productions). Two sets of children chorus will be required (each consisting of 12 children maximum).
Choreography: the children’s chorus must be able to move and dance.

Sundays - 11am-3pm (children’s chorus)*
Mondays and Thursdays, 7pm-10pm (adult cast)
*whole cast rehearsals will be required on the Sundays leading up to Production Week (which starts with bump-in on Sunday, 12 July 2020).

Rehearsals are expected to start in the first week of April 2020. A full rehearsal schedule will be available soon after first-read through (date to be confirmed).

Rehearsal venue to be advised, but will be within (or adjacent to) the Tea Tree Gully council area.

Friday-Saturday, 17-18 July 2020 - 8pm
Wednesday-Saturday, 22-25 July 2020 - 8pm

Saturday, 18 and 25 July 2020 - 2pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide SA

Information Night:
Sunday, 24 November 2019 - 3pm
Information session to be held at St Martin’s Anglican Church, 3 Gorge Road, Campbelltown SA

Audition bookings will open after the Information Session on Sunday, 24 November 2019. Sign-ups will be accepted at the Information Session, and a TryBooking link to book auditions will be available afterwards. Link will be posted on Facebook and on the Marie Clark Musical Theatre website.

11.30am-1.30pm - children’s chorus group audition #1
2pm-4pm - children’s chorus group audition #2
6.30pm-7pm - adults dance call
7.30pm onwards - individual adult auditions (10-minute slots)

7pm onwards - individual adult auditions (10-minute slots)

7pm onwards - individual adult auditions (10-minute slots)

7pm-8pm - group audition for brothers
8.30pm onwards - call backs

Please note:
1. The children’s chorus group audition will involve a session with the show’s choreographer and also with the show’s musical director.
2. Auditionees must attend the adults dance call on Sunday, 8 December 2019 (6.30pm-7pm), if they are interested in playing a brother or one of the wives.
3. Individual adult auditions are 10-minute slots. Auditionees will be required to prepare a song of their choosing (to showcase both their ability and suitability for the role), and must bring their own backing track. Auditionees may also be asked to perform an excerpt from the show.
4. For call backs, auditionees will be asked to perform a song by their character, and dressed in a way that is representative of their character. There will be an accompanist at call backs.

Martin’s Space at St Martin’s Anglican Church Campbelltown
3 Gorge Road, Paradise SA

More Information:
Contact Matt Smith (Director) via email

Now Productions

Written By: Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg & Herbert Kretzmer
Directed By: Joe Russell & Bianca Woods

Winner of over 100 international awards and seen by over 65 million people worldwide, Les Misérables is an epic and uplifting story about the survival of the human spirit. This true modern classic is based on Victor Hugo's novel and features one of the most memorable scores of all time.

In nineteenth century France, Jean Valjean is released from 19 years of unjust imprisonment, but finds nothing in store for him but mistrust and mistreatment. He breaks his parole in hopes of starting a new life, initiating a lifelong struggle for redemption as he is relentlessly pursued by police inspector Javert, who refuses to believe that Valjean can change his ways. Finally, during the Paris student uprising of 1832, Javert must confront his ideals after Valjean spares his life and saves that of the student revolutionary who has captured the heart of Valjean's adopted daughter. His world view shattered, Javert commits suicide, and Valjean finally attains the peace that he has sought for so long.

Epic, grand and uplifting, Les Misérables packs an emotional wallop that has thrilled audiences all over the world. The sung-through pop opera is ideal for a cast of exceptional singers and overflows with melodies that are already standards. A spectacle on Broadway and in London, Les Misérables is equally effective with a minimal set; it is its powerful affirmation of the human spirit that has made Les Misérables a popular masterpiece.

Roles Available:
Casting performers aged 12 to adult for all principal and ensemble roles

Casting performers aged 9-11 for Young Cosette, Young Eponine & Gavroche

Saturdays and Sundays from 7th March to 4th July - main rehearsals (Saturday afternoons and all day Sundays) - NOW Studios in Gawler

2x weekday evenings in June - sitzprobe orchestra rehearsals (dates to be confirmed) - Playford Band Hall in Elizabeth Vale

Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th July - compulsory dress rehearsals & performances (times to be confirmed) - Barossa Arts & Convention Centre in Tanunda

3rd July at 7pm
4th July at 2pm and 7pm

Barossa Arts & Convention Centre

Sunday 15th December - please visit our website to apply for an audition time:

NOW Studios in Gawler

More Information:
Contact Joe Russell on email via

Therry Dramatic Society

Written By: John Steinbeck
Directed By: Geoff Brittain

1930s American mid-west - tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in California in search of new job opportunities during the Great Depression in the United States.

Roles Available:
George Milton (stage age 30-40)
Small in stature, yet kind, intelligent, and hard-working, George's potential is unlimited, but his circumstances are not. He is displaced, uneducated, and unfulfilled. He dreams of a better life, he dreams of self-reliance, and of living up to his potential.

Lennie Small (stage age 30-40)
Lennie Small is a large, gentle-hearted migrant worker who has a mental disability. He relies on George Milton, his lifelong friend and fellow migrant worker, for guidance and safety. He is a classic gentle giant, never seeking to cause harm, but his physical power unintentionally leads to destruction.

Curley (stage age 25-30)
He is the foreman of the ranch and he's also the ranch owner's son. He struts around authoritatively and is rumoured to be a former Golden Gloves boxer. He's a small man with a huge chip on his shoulder, embodying the classic Napoleon complex, in which a person of small stature tries to prove his toughness through attitude and aggression. He is, very jealous and protective of his wife, and he frequently fears she is flirting with the other workers.

Curley's wife (stage age 20-25)
She is never given a name and is instead seen as a symbol of the random dangers that lurk around every corner. She is beautiful but lonely, and her husband is cruel and indifferent toward her. She once aspired to the glamorous life of a star, but now finds herself stranded on a dusty farm in the middle of nowhere.

Candy (stage age 55-65)
Candy is an aging ranch handyman who lost his hand years ago in an accident. As a result of both his disability and his age, Candy worries about his future on the farm.

Crooks (stage age 35-60 African American)
Crooks, who got his nickname because of his misshapen back, is a stable hand and the sole African American worker on the ranch. Because of his race, Crooks is bitter and cynical, but nevertheless gets along well with Lennie, who doesn't share the other workers' racism.

Slim (stage age 40-50)
Slim is the consummate Western man: masterful, strong, fair-minded, practical, non-talkative, and exceptionally good at what he does. He is a god among men, and his word on any subject is law.

Carlson (stage age 40-60)
After years of working on a ranch and only looking out for himself, Carlson has become mean. He's a bitter, coarse, ugly man who only thinks about himself.

The Boss (stage age 50-60)
Is a stocky, well-dressed man in charge of the ranch, and Curley's father. He seems to be a fair-minded man.

Whit (stage age 20-30)
A young ranch-hand.

Sundays (mornings or afternoons)
Monday evenings
Either Wednesday or Thursday evening

Preview Wednesday 12 August at 8 pm
Thursday, 13 to Saturday, 15 August at 8 pm
Wednesday, 19 to Saturday, 22 August at 8 pm
Matinees both Saturdays at 2 pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Late January/early February - to be advised

Therry Clubrooms, 1 Regina Court, Beverley.

More Information:
Contact Jill Bartlett on 0413935128 or email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Mike Yeaman
Directed By: Damon Hill

Nana is losing control – of her mind and her life. Forced to live
with her daughter Janice and her feckless family, Nana is
frustrated with how they live. When her winning numbers come
up on the Lotto, the family are ecstatic – until it becomes clear
that Nana won’t disclose the ticket’s whereabouts – that's if she
even knows herself, or actually bought it in the first place.
Whilst the audience know the ticket’s whereabouts, the
characters are oblivious as it accidentally changes hands several
times. Hopes of claiming the prize are dashed in a series of twists
and when Nana suddenly takes seriously ill, the mood changes.

Roles Available:
Character/Stage Age/Character Description/Cues

Nana.- 70-80 - Wily and crafty, but suffering onset of dementia, 276
Janice Patterson - 45-55 - Her daughter,a frustrated housewife, 92
Ronnie Patterson - 45-55 - Her son-in-law, a lazy couch potato, 89
Lisa Patterson -18-20 - Her Grand-daughter, a grumpy and forgetful emo, 143
Steven Patterson - 19-25 - Her grandson,a junk food guzzling gamer, 104
Mick - 40-50 - Friend of Ronnie. Having a fling with Janice. Cocky, 114
Shane - 18-25 - Lisa's mo-hawk-wearing boyfriend, 71

Monday and Wednesday evenings, some Sundays may be included - to be negotiated.

Lucky Numbers, will be performed from 8pm, Wednesday the 20th
of May, 2020 until Saturday the 23rd of May, and then from 8pm,
Tuesday the 26th of May, until Saturday the 30th of May.
Matinee performances will be held from 2:30pm on each Saturday.

Tea Tree Players Theatre
Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park
(Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads)
Surrey Downs

Readings will be held at the theatre from 7:30pm, on Monday the 17th of FEB and Wednesday the 19th of FEB, 2020

Tea Tree Players Theatre
Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park
(Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads)
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Contact Damon Hill on 0415460212 or email

Verendus Theatrical

Written By: David Hare
Directed By: Tim Williams

This will be the South Australian premiere of “Skylight” – written by David Hare in 1995 and first produced by The National Theatre where it won an Olivier Award for Best Play. Revived in 2015 it won 2015 Tony® Award for Best Revival of a Play.
On a chilly night in East London, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit from Tom Sergeant, Kyra’s one-time boss and long-time lover. After the painful (and unresolved) dissolution of Tom and Kyra’s relationship, the pair have pulled away from each other physically, emotionally, and ideologically, as Tom continues to focus on his business ventures and Kyra donates her time to teaching the underprivileged. Tom and Kyra grapple with each other, moving between tender passion and vicious political polemics, as the night darkens and the lines between past and present begin to blur.

Skylight is a complex, thought-provoking, and remarkably timeless drama about power, politics and passion.

Roles Available:
EDWARD - Age 18

The son of Tom, the role bookends the main action between Tom and Kyra. It is still a significant role - a dialogue with Kyra - totalling about 25 minutes on stage.

Sunday afternoons
Probably Monday and Thursday evenings - mid to late January and March
No rehearsals in February

Thursday March 26th - Saturday April 4th (eight performances)

Holden Street Theatres



More Information:
Contact Tim Williams on 0413239601 or email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Alan Ayckbourn
Directed By: Robert Andrews

Justin and Julie-Ann, hopelessly mismatched in love, are about to introduce their respective parents to each other over dinner - Justin's upper-crust alcoholic mother from Surrey and Julie-Ann's bigoted Yorkshire father and prim mother. Into this doomed scenario drops, literally, via the balcony upstairs and the river, Paige Petite, a former lap-dancer with suicidal tendencies and her thick, gun-toting minder who is employed by her violent boyfriend...

Roles Available:
Character/Gender/Stage Age/Description/Cues

Justin Lazenby - M - 25-35 - Upper class, yuppy, software designer (378 cues)
Julie-Ann Jobson - F - 20-30 - Justin’s mismatched fiancée, highly strung (215 Cues)
Paige Petite - F - 25-35 - Ex-exotic dancer, feisty - 243 (cues)
Micky Rale - M - 40-50 - Ex-boxer and Paige’s gun-toting minder, not too bright (101 Cues)
Derek Jobson - M - 50’s - Julie-Ann’s father, bigoted right-wing northern stereotype, Yorkshire accent (149 cues)
Dee Jobson - F - 50’s - Julie-Ann’s mother, dim, intolerably cheery (108 cues)
Arabella Lazenby - F - 50’s - Justin’s mother, stylishly alcoholic toy-boy chasing lush (107 Cues)

Monday and Wednesday evenings with some Sundays to be negotiated

Roleplay, will be performed from 8pm, Wednesday the 19th of
August, 2020 until Saturday the 22nd of August, and then from
8pm, Tuesday the 25th of August, until Saturday the 29th of August.
Matinee performances will be held from 2:30pm on each Saturday.

Tea Tree Players Theatre,
(Gate One Tilley recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

7:30pm, Monday April the 20th and Wednesday April the 22nd, 2020

Tea Tree Players Theatre,
(Gate One Tilley recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Contact Robert Andrews on 0412060989 or email

Murray Bridge Players & Singers

Written By: Lionel Bart
Directed By: Janene Overton

Consider yourself at home with Lionel Bart's classic musical based on Charles Dickens' novel, Oliver Twist. The Tony and Olivier Award-winning show is one of the few musicals to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and is widely hailed as a true theatrical masterpiece by actors and audience members alike.

The streets of Victorian England come to life as Oliver, a malnourished orphan in a workhouse, becomes the neglected apprentice of an undertaker. Oliver escapes to London and finds acceptance amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly Fagin. When Oliver is captured for a theft that he did not commit, the benevolent victim, Mr. Brownlow takes him in. Fearing the safety of his hideout, Fagin employs the sinister Bill Sikes and the sympathetic Nancy to kidnap him back, threatening Oliver’s chances of discovering the true love of a family.

Oliver! is a musical theatre masterpiece, perfectly showcasing the talents of a large ensemble cast as they bring these classic characters and score to life.

Roles Available:
Oliver Twist - A workhouse boy about 11 years of age (8-14)
Fagin - An elderly receiver - runs training academy for young pickpockets (50-70)
The Artful Dodger - Fagin's brightest pupil - an undersized 16 (14-18)
Bill Sikes - A villain in his prime (30-45)
Nancy - a graduate of Fagin's academy, and Bill's doxy (20-30)
Bet - A large and pompous Beadle of the workhouse (35+)
Mrs. Corney - A sharp-tongued, domineering widow - the Workhouse Mistress (40+)
Mr. Brownlow - An old gentlemen of wealth and breeding (55+)
Mr. Sowerberry - The undertaker (45+)
Mrs. Sowerberry - Mr. Sowerberry's wife and his overseer (45+)
Charlotte - The Sowerberry's sluttish young daughter (18-25)
Noah Claypole - Mr. Sowerberry's pimply apprentice (18-25)
Mr. Grimwig - A Doctor (30+)
Mrs. Bedwin - The Brownlow's Housekeeper (45+)
Old Sally - A Pauper (50+)
Charley Bates - A boy in Fagin's establishment (8-18)

Ensemble: Workhouse boys, workhouse assistants, bow street runners, street vendors, crowd, Fagin's boys

LEADS - Tuesday nights from 7pm
CHILDREN - Friday nights from 6:30pm
ENSEMBLE - Sunday nights from 7pm

Friday 4th September - 7pm
Saturday 5th September - 2pm, 7pm
Sunday 6th September - 2pm
Friday 11th September - 7pm
Saturday 12th September - 2pm, 7pm

Murray Bridge Town Hall
Bridge Street
Murray Bridge SA 5253

Information Night:
31st May 2020 7pm
9 Short Street, Murray Bridge
- All wishing to audition must attend the Information Session, or email the Secretary with their interest

Children - Friday 5th June (Times announced at Info Session)
Adults - Saturday 6th June (Times announced at Info Session)

Announced at Info Session

More Information:
Contact Andrew Broadbent on 0481 959 289 or email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Robert Scott
Directed By: Lachlan Blackwell

Recent divorcee Carter Sutton wakes up after a night he will
never remember to an unexplained stash of cash and a
mysterious naked woman is the last person he wants his
mother to find in his flat during her unwanted visit.
Along with the local policeman, the mail-woman and anyone
else who feels like dropping by. It’s a fine tangle to be mixed up in! And the following 24 hours
are sure to be filled with mystery, confusion and mayhem.

Roles Available:
Character/Character Description/Stage Age/Cues

Carter - cynical, sarcastic, easily stressed 28-35 (207 cues)
Roger - bachelor, sleazy, thick 28-35 (189 cues)
Kitty Kat - sexy, deceptive, cunning 24-28 (197 cues)
Emma - innocent, oblivious 24-28 (136 cues)
Logan - people pleaser, two faced 26-30 (85 cues)
Harriett - insincere, flirtatious, means well 55-65 (144 cues)
Ashley - honest, physical comedy, dim m or f 20+ (97 cues)
Maxine/Martine - twins, foreign, bewildered 20-30 (72 cues)

Monday and Wednesday Evenings with some Sundays to be negotiated.

According to Rumour, will be performed from 8pm, Wednesday the 17th
of October, 2020 until Saturday the 20th of October, and then from 8pm,
Tuesday the 23rd of October, until Saturday the 27th of October.
Matinee performances will be held from 2:30pm on each Saturday.

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate One Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

From 7:30pm, Monday the 15th of June and Wednesday the 17th of June, 2020

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate One Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Contact Lachlan Blackwell on 0401047943 or email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Ben Crocker
Directed By: Michaela Arnold and Penny Phillips.

A traditional pantime, packed with humour and new invention.
The dame appears briefly in drag – as a man! The audience will
fall in love with a fast talking French poodle and of course, the
ever compelling relationship between Beauty and her Beast.
To be directed by Michalea Arnold and Penny Phillips.

Roles Available:
(Please note - the role of 'MA' - the Panto Dame has been pre cast and the majority of the available Chorus roles will be offered to our pre existing membership)

Felix - A French poodle. He speaks with a French accent and is a very human poodle. Strong character role with lots of audience interaction.(M)
Jacques - Beauty’s Brother. Lots of audience interaction. (Male)
Capucine - Town blacksmith. Strong. In love with Jacques (F)
Malabelle - A wicked witch, falls in love with the prince. - (F)
Ma - The Dame. Beauty and Jacques’ mother. - (M)
Beauty - Also known as Rose. Traditional principal girl.(F)
Prince - Traditional principal boy. (F)
Beast - Big, strong and brooding, with a soft side. Please note the roles of the beast and prince are separate.(M)
Talking Clock - Castle servant (M)
Aimee - Castle servant, part of a portrait that comes to life. (F)
Remy - Castle servant, part of a portrait that comes to life. (M)
2 Royal Pages - Small Speaking Roles (M/F)
Including villagers, wolves, bears, castle servants, ghosts, furniture etc. (M/F)

Tuesday and Thursday evenings with some Sundays to be Negotiated.

Beauty and the Beast, will be performed from 7:30pm, Friday the 20th,
Saturday the 21st, Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th, of November,
and then from 7:30pm, Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of December,
2020. Matinee performances will be held from 2:30pm on each Saturday.

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate One Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

From 7:00pm Sharp, Tuesday the 21st of July and Thursday the 23rd of July, 2020

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Gate One Tilley Recreational Park)
Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads,
Surrey Downs

More Information:
Contact Penny Phillips on 0402 028 520 or email