Promise Adelaide

Presented by Promise Adelaide
Directed By: Ben Francis

For the past two years, Promise Adelaide has presented SOLD OUT seasons of 'Musical Moments' at the Adelaide Fringe. MM is an opportunity for emerging music theatre artists to perform in a supportive environment with like minded people of similar ages. Our shows feature hits from popular musicals, such as Matilda and Sound of Music, and lesser known material from new Broadway shows and films.

Roles Available:
With a rotating cast line up, there are opportunities for around 28 performers aged 15 or under at the time of performance. Each performer will sing a solo, duet and feature in 2 or 3 group numbers.

It is essential that you are available on the days below:
Saturday 3rd February or Sunday 4th February*
Saturday 10th February or Sunday 11th February*
​Saturday 24th February 8:30am - 1pm (SHOW 1 ONLY)
Sunday 25th February 8:30am - 1pm (SHOW 2 ONLY)
*On these days, you will be called for a one-hour session for your solo and duet, and a three-hour session for group numbers*

Wednesday 28th February @ 7:30pm
Friday 1st March @ 7:30pm

The Moet and Chandon Pavillion
South Australian Jockey Club - Morphettville Racecourse
79 Morphett Road, Morphettville, SA, 5043

Information Night:
All information and registrations through

Auditions will be held on Friday 15th December and Saturday 16th December from 10am - 8pm. Each audition will be closed and individual. You will be expected to sing a chosen musical theatre song, and have your vocal range and harmonies tested. It is recommended that you perform one of the songs you suggest on the registration form below. It is expected that you sing appropriate material. You are asked to bring MP3 backing tracks for each of your suggested songs. Please note that the audition booking and the application below must be completed for you to be considered for Musical Moments.

Scotch College, Carruth Road, Torrens Park

More Information:
Trish Francis on 0447677615 or via

Promise Adelaide

When it comes to vocalists, everyone loves a Diva! In this new series of cabaret style Fringe Shows, Promise Adelaide celebrates some of the finest vocalists of all time. With three performances over the course of the Fringe, each show will pay homage to a different era of Divas: the Golden Era 40s – 60s, featuring songs from Shirley Bassey, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross in a trip down memory lane; pop divas 70s-90s featuring songs from Tina Turner, Madonna and Whitney Houston in a toe tapping and emotional extravaganza; and modern-day divas of the 00's to now featuring songs from Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse and all your current favourites.

This is an opportunity for performers – MALE and FEMALE, to perform in a cabaret style show. We welcome performers who wish to self-accompany, sing to backing tracks or bring their own accompanist. This is an opportunity to perform a mini cabaret within a show, gaining performance experience in a supportive environment with likeminded people of a similar age. Our venue is the spectacular Moet and Chandon Pavilion with the Morphettville Racecourse as the stunning backdrop.

Roles Available:
We are looking for up to 42 performers to take part. All performers must be between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. Each artist will have the opportunity to sing at least one solo song and a duet, as well as feature in group numbers. Exact style of performance is open for negotiation.

Performers will be split into 14 performers per show across three shows.
Bring out your inner Streisand, belt out that Whitney classic or mesmerise with that haunting Winehouse!!!

The Diva Series will involve minimal rehearsals, and for this reason, full attendance is expected. We will schedule the rehearsals to ensure artists are called for the minimal time possible. It is essential that you are available on the days below:
Saturday 3rd February or Sunday 4th February*
Saturday 10th February or Sunday 11th February*
Sunday 25th February 1:30pm - 6pm (SHOW 1 ONLY)
Sunday 4th March 8:30am - 1pm (SHOW 2 ONLY)
Sunday 4th March 1:30pm - 6pm (SHOW 3 ONLY)
*On these days, you will be called for a one-hour session for your solo and duet, and a three-hour session for group numbers*

Thursday 1st March @ 7:30pm
Wednesday 7th March @ 7:30pm
Friday 9th March @ 7:30pm

The Moet and Chandon Pavilion
South Australian Jockey Club - Morphettville Racecourse
79 Morphett Road, Morphettville, SA, 5043

Information Night:
All info

Friday 15th December and Saturday 16th December from 10am - 8pm by appointment

Scotch College, Carruth Road, Adelaide

More Information:
Contact Trish Francis on 0447677615 or email

Therry Dramatic Society

Written By: Libretto by Gordon Greenberg and Chad Hodge
Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
Directed By: Jude Hines
Musical Directors Joanna Patrick and Mark DeLaine
Choreographer Thomas Phillips

Based on the 1942 film of the same name, this musical opened on Broadway in 2016. Jim leaves the bright lights of show business behind to settle down on his farmhouse in Connecticut ... but life just isn't the same without a bit of song and dance. Jim's luck takes a spectacular turn when he meets Linda, a spirited schoolteacher with talent to spare. Together they turn the farmhouse into a fabulous inn with dazzling performances to celebrate each holiday, from Thanksgiving to the Fourth of July. But when Jim's best friend Ted tries to lure Linda away to be his new dance partner in Hollywood, will Jim be able to salvage his latest chance at love?

Roles Available:
• Jim Hardy, 30s – a performer and singer/songwriter eager to leave showbiz behind for a simpler life on a farm (lyric baritone)
• Ted Hanover: 30s – Jim’s best friend and performing partner; a charming ladies’ man looking for his big break (lyric baritone - strong dancer)
• Lila Dixon, 30s – a determined performer and Jim’s mismatched fiancé (high belt)
• Danny, 30s-50s – Jim, Ted and Lila’s agent (some singing/dancing skills an advantage but far from essential – we’re looking for the right character).
• Linda Mason, 30s – a school teacher with the hidden talents of a singer and dancer (belt/mix)
• Louise, 30s-50s – the local ‘fix-it’ woman, tough, no nonsense, extremely perceptive (belt)
Dance chorus has lots of stage time - and lots of tap!
Large ensemble of minor principals and characters of various ages
• Mid-western American accent is the aim
• Apart from dance chorus, varying levels of dance proficiency required
• Please wear appropriate shoes and comfortable clothing for dance audition (ie, no thongs, sneakers)
• Please bring tap shoes if you have them

Sundays from 10 am (four hour calls)
Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 pm (three hour calls)
Not all cast will be required for all rehearsals
Not all cast called for a rehearsal will be required for the full three or four hours
Rehearsals will commence mid-March (possible 11 March, depending on cast availability)

Wednesday (preview) to Saturday, 6th-9th June
Wednesday to Saturday, 13th-15th June
Nightly at 8 pm, matinees both Saturdays at 2 pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Information Night:
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 at 7.30 pm
at the Therry Clubrooms, 1 Regina Court, Beverley.
Come along and meet the production team and learn all about their plans for this show.

Saturday, 9 December and
Saturday, 16 December by appointment only
Singing and acting auditions both days
Dance auditions will be held only on 16 December

Therry Clubrooms, 1 Regina Court, Beverley.
Auditions by appointment only
Appointments available at the Information Night and, thereafter, by email:

More Information:
Julia Whitte (by phone on 0419 842 975). Jill Bartlett (by email

Now Productions

Written By: Rodgers & Hammerstein
Directed By: Joe Russell & Bianca Woods

Set in Austria on the eve of the Anschluss in 1938, the musical tells the story of Maria, who takes a job as governess to a large family while she decides whether to become a nun. She falls in love with the children, and eventually their widowed father, Captain von Trapp. He is ordered to accept a commission in the German navy, but he opposes the Nazis. He and Maria decide on a plan to flee Austria with the children. Many songs from the musical have become standards, such as "Edelweiss", "My Favorite Things", "Climb Ev'ry Mountain", "Do-Re-Mi", and the title song "The Sound of Music".

Roles Available:
Maria Rainer, a postulant at Nonnberg Abbey

Captain Georg von Trapp

Max Detweiler, Captain von Trapp's friend, a music agent and producer

The Mother Abbess, the head of Nonnberg Abbey

Baroness Elsa Schräder "wealthy and sophisticated" and Captain von Trapp's would-be fiancée

Rolf Gruber, the 17-year-old Nazi delivery boy who is in love with Liesl

Sister Bertha, the Mistress of Novices

Sister Margareta, the Mistress of Postulants

Sister Sophia, a sister at the Abbey

Herr Zeller, the Gauleiter

Franz, Captain von Trapp's butler

Frau Schmidt, Captain von Trapp's housekeeper

The Children:
Liesl von Trapp, age 16
Friedrich von Trapp, age 14
Louisa von Trapp, age 13
Kurt von Trapp, age 11
Brigitta von Trapp, age 10
Marta von Trapp, age 7
Gretl von Trapp, age 5

Ensemble includes nuns, high-society neighbors of Captain von Trapp who attend the ball thrown in Elsa's honor, Nazi soldiers and contestants in the festival concert

(Please note - this is a Youth Production - the adult characters will be played by young people aged 12+ and the children will be played by young people under 12 - though height will be considered before age)

Saturdays & Sundays: 27th January to 8th April (mainly afternoons but some mornings will also be required) - NOW Studios in Gawler

9th-15th April - You should be available for all dates on this week until the Production Week schedule is confirmed. Dress Rehearsals & Performances will be at the Barossa Arts & Convention Centre in Tanunda

To be confirmed - 4 performances during the week of 9th-15th April

The Barossa Arts & Convention Centre

Monday 18th December - please complete the application form for an audition time:

NOW Studios in Gawler East

More Information:
Mandy via

Glassroom Theatre Company

Written By: Jack Cummins
Directed By: Jack Cummins and Grace Boyle

All the teenagers from Clanstow are ready to celebrate Jason Davidson's party - a night of unsupervised fun with drinking, drugs and drama. But the event has its consequences when a girl is murdered near the bathroom. As everyone becomes a suspect, the intelligent and manipulative Nick Waters tries to frame someone else for the girl's murder. When his classmate Claire Warren notices this, she learns of Nick's past and realises he is a psychopath. She sets out to expose his devious ways and Nick turns to lies, coercion and murder to get rid of her, setting the stage for a disastrous showdown.

An original story written by Jack Cummins. The winner of State Theatre Company's Young Playwright Award and the debut production of Glassroom Theatre Company. Will be performed in the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.

Roles Available:
CLAIRE WARREN: 17, best friend of Amelia. She starts off as a quiet and introverted girl but when she becomes enemies with Nick, she realises she needs to become stronger in order to stop him from framing Adrian.
AMELIA SIMPSON: 17, Claire’s best friend and Adrian’s girlfriend. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to be bold but after finding Olivia’s body, she becomes more withdrawn and easily manipulated by Nick.
LYNN JAMES: 44, we are looking for an actor between the ages of 17-21 who can successfully pass off as an older character. Kyle’s Mum and Michael’s fiancée. She is kind on the exterior but it’s clear to see that her relationship with her son needs mending, following her husband’s death.

KYLE JAMES: 17, Lynn’s son, Nick’s best friend and Ellie’s boyfriend. Pure at heart and extremely likeable, he is a complete contrast to Nick, meaning he is very naïve to his best friend’s devious ways.
JASON DAVIDSON: 18, Olivia’s ex-boyfriend and Ellie’s brother. It’s at his party that Olivia is murdered. He wrestles with a guilt that relates to her death and he starts to become Nick’s puppet as he is desperate to stay out of jail. He is intense and can often get quite angry.
MICHAEL SIMPSON: In his 40s, we are looking for an actor between the ages of 17-21 who can successfully pass off as an older character. Lynn’s fiancée and Amelia’s strict father. His strict attitude is enforced on Amelia, who starts to drift away from him more and more as the situation with Olivia worsens. He must be played as a domineering parent.
An additional two roles are available that you may be asked to read for at the audition.

Location for rehearsals is yet to be confirmed but will be somewhere in the city.
Auditions: Sunday November 26th
Saturday 9th December – Read Through and Script Analysis (12pm to 3pm)
Wednesday 13th December – Blocking (6pm to 9pm)
Saturday 16th December – Photoshoot (3pm to 6pm, Time TBC)
Monday 18th Dec – Blocking (12pm to 3pm)
Monday 8th January – Blocking (6pm to 9pm)
Wednesday 10th January – Blocking (6pm to 9pm)
Monday 15th January – Blocking (2pm to 5pm)
Saturday 20th January – Run Through (11am to 4pm)
Monday 22nd January – Blocking (6pm to 9pm)
Monday 29th January – Blocking (6pm to 9pm)
Saturday 3rd February – Video Shoot (11am to 4:30pm)
Monday 5th February – Run Through (6pm to 9pm)
Monday February 12th – Costume Rehearsal (6pm to 9pm)
Wednesday February 14th – Full Run (6pm to 9pm)
Saturday February 17th – Full Run (11am to 4:30pm)
Monday 19th February – Full Run (6pm to 9pm)
Saturday 24th February – Full Run (11am to 4:30pm)
Monday 26th February – Full Run (4:30pm to 8:30pm)
Wed 28th Feb – Full Run (5pm to 9pm)
Friday 2nd March – Full Run (10am to 2pm)
Tuesday March 6th – Full Run (5pm to 9pm)
Thursday March 8th – Full Run (5pm to 9pm)

Saturday 3rd March – Performance at 1:30pm
Sunday 4th March - Performance at 1:30pm
Saturday 10th March – Performance at 1:30pm
Sunday 11th March – Performance at 1:30pm
Monday 12th March – Performance at 1:30pm

Noel Lothian Hall - Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Hackney Road, Goodman Gates Entrance (Next to Wine Centre Cark Park), Adelaide SA, 5000

Sunday December 26th. Any time between 12:15pm to 5pm. The location of the audition and your rehearsal time will be given to you when you book the audition.

To book an audition, email, telling us your preferred time slot. We will send you an audition booklet and confirm your time within a few days.

More Information:
Jack Cummins on 0439331160 or via

Deadset Theatre Company

Written By: Based on the novel by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, adapted by Zoe Muller
Co- directed by Zoe Muller and Jean Collins

After the successful sell out season in October, the critically acclaimed stage show of Puberty Blues will be back in March 2018 and we are looking for two male actors to join our cast. 

‘Puberty Blues’ is an Australian classic, coming of age story following the lives of two teenage girls, Debbie and Sue, in the 70’s surfing scene. Their lives revolve around male surfers, panel vans, straight-leg Levi’s, skipping school, getting wasted and fitting in. Puberty Blues is a raw, disturbing and honest portrayal of adolescence in 1979.

Roles Available:
Danny (18) - Lead. Tough and headstrong. Extremely narcissistic, bogan and carries the show. 

Darren (17) - Supporting. One of the boys. A narcissistic and mean character. Understudies the roles of Straccy and Johnno.

Rehearsals will take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm -9pm from January the 15th at the Arkaba Hotel.

Performances will be Tuesday 13th at 8pm, Thursday 15th at 5pm and Saturday 17th March at 5pm.

Puberty Blues will be performed at the Stirling Community Theatre for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018.

Auditions will be a one hour workshop on December 29th 2017, from 7pm - 8pm.

The auditions will be held at the Arkaba Hotel, 150 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton SA 5063. Please email Deadset Theatre Company to book your audition and receive the booklet containing all information on the auditions and the script excerpts needed for the group workshop.

More Information:
Zoe Muller on 0490513334 or via

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Alan Ayckbourn
Directed By: Samuel Creighton

A non-descript hotel room in 2014.* Poopay Dayseer, a professional dominatrix, arrives to service the dying Reece. He has actually hired her in a desperate bid to witness a confession to having both his wives murdered by his assistant, Julian. Poopay signs and attempts to leave with the confession, but Julian spots it and tries to kill her. She escapes through a communicating door, without the confession.

Poopay steps back into the room and into the year 1994. She is startled by Ruella, Reece’s second wife, who is about to be murdered. Ruella reveals she is planning to divorce Reece because of his illegal business activities. She also believes Julian killed his own mother. Ruella does not believe Poopay’s warning about her impending death and only listens when Poopay reveals how Reece’s first wife, Jessica, died in 1981.

Ruella tries the communicating door and finds herself in the same room but in 1974 where Reece is on honeymoon with Jessica. Ruella escapes back to 1994 to discover time has already been altered. Ruella persuades Poopay to go back to 2014 for the confession. Having accomplished this, Ruella returns to 1974 and gives the confession to Jessica. Back in 1994, Julian from 2014 appears through the communicating door.

In 1974, Ruella, held by hotel security, is released by Jessica who does not believe what she has read or Ruella’s story. Ruella leaves, but writes Jessica a note to be opened nine months on. Ruella returns to 1994 and finds Poopay has been attacked by Julian, but a mishap has led to him being killed. The women conspire to get rid of the body, but while Poopay is away, the 1994 Julian arrives to kill Ruella by throwing her off the balcony. Poopay returns but is overcome by Julian who attempts to kill her. At this, a veiled woman appears pertaining to be Julian’s mother to avenge her murder. In fright, Julian steps back and falls over the balcony. The figure is revealed to be an older, but still living Jessica. She and Poopay then rescue the trussed-up Ruella who is hanging over the balcony.

Ruella’s note given in 1974 contained details of Jessica’s first child and Jessica has waited 20 years to help Ruella. Jessica leaves and Poopay reveals what life is like in the future for her. The pair promise to meet again in 2014. Poopay goes back to the future.

All has changed. Reece is a respected and healthy man, who misses Ruella who died the year before. But the biggest surprise is Poopay; she is now Pheoebe, adopted as a child years earlier by Ruella and Reece, happily married and with a full life. The women’s actions have changed everything.

Roles Available:
Reece (A businessman, aged 30 & 70)
○ Jessica (His first wife, aged 25 & 45)
○ Ruella (His second wife, aged 45)
○ Julian (His business associate, aged 45 & 65)
○ Poopay (Phoebe) (A prostitute, aged 33)
○ Harold (A house detective, aged 35 & 55)

Mon and Wed evenings and sunday afternoons. (possibility of Tues and Thurs evenings throughout January however dependant on cast availability)

8pm Wed - Sat 4th to the 7th of April, 2018
8pm Tues - Sat 10th to the 14th of April, 2018
Matinee Performance commencing 2:30pm each Saturday

Tea Tree Players Theatre
(Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads) Surrey Downs

7:30pm Tuesday the 2nd of January and Wednesday the 3rd of January, 2018 (if interested, but unavailable on these dates, please feel free to arrange an alternate time)

Tea Tree Players Theatre

More Information:
Samuel Creighton on 0467 395 135 or via

Adelaide Repertory Theatre

Written By: Agatha Christie
Directed By: Adrian Barnes

A group of people are lured into coming to an island under different pretexts, e.g., offers of employment, to enjoy a late summer holiday, or to meet old friends. All have been complicit in the deaths of other human beings, but either escaped justice or committed an act that was not subject to legal sanction. The guests and two servants who are present are "charged" with their respective "crimes" by a gramophone recording after dinner the first night, and informed that they have been brought to the island to pay for their actions. They are the only people on the island, and cannot escape due to the distance from the mainland and the inclement weather, and gradually all ten are killed in turn, each in a manner that seems to parallel the deaths in the nursery rhyme. Nobody else seems to be left alive on the island by the time of the apparent last death.

Roles Available:
Judge Lawrence Wargrave - 60’s A recently retired judge. Wargrave is a highly intelligent old man with a commanding personality. As the characters begin to realize that a murderer is hunting them, Wargrave’s experience and air of authority make him a natural leader for the group. He lays out evidence, organizes searches, and ensures that weapons are locked away safely. Wargrave’s strong sense of justice combined with a sadistic delight in sentencing criminals to death are key attributes to his character.

Vera Claythorne - 25 A former governess who comes to Indian Island purportedly to serve as a secretary to Mrs. Owen. Vera wants to escape a past in which she killed a small boy in her care, Cyril Hamilton, so that the man she loved would inherit Cyril’s estate. Although the coroner cleared her of blame, Vera’s lover abandoned her. Vera is one of the most intelligent and capable characters, but she also suffers from attacks of hysteria, feels guilty about her crime, and reacts nervously to the uncanny events on the island. The “Ten Little Indians” poem has a powerful effect on her.

Philip Lombard - 35 A mysterious, confident, and resourceful man who seems to have been a mercenary soldier in Africa. Lombard is far bolder and more cunning than most of the other characters, traits that allow him to survive. His weakness is his chivalrous attitude toward women, particularly Vera, with whom he has a number of private conversations. He cannot think of her as a potential killer, and he underestimates her resourcefulness, which proves a fatal mistake.

Dr. Edward George Armstrong - 45’ish A gullible, slightly timid doctor. Armstrong often draws the suspicion of the other guests because of his medical knowledge. He is a recovering alcoholic who once accidentally killed a patient by operating on her while drunk. Armstrong, while professionally successful, has a weak personality, making him the perfect tool for the murderer. He has spent his whole life pursuing respectability and public success, and is unable to see beneath people’s exteriors.

William Henry Blore - 40’s A former police inspector. Blore’s experience often inspires others to look to him for advice. As a policeman, he was corrupt and framed a man named Landor at the behest of a criminal gang. On the island, he acts boldly and frequently takes initiative, but he also makes frequent blunders. He constantly suspects the wrong person, and his boldness often verges on foolhardiness.

Emily Brent - 45 – 50 A spinster, with a disagreeable, suspicious face, a ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day. The recording accuses Emily Brent of killing Beatrice Taylor, a servant whom she fired upon learning that Beatrice was pregnant out of wedlock. Beatrice subsequently killed herself. Unlike the other characters, Emily Brent feels convinced of her own righteousness and does not express the slightest remorse for her actions.

Thomas Rogers - 40 – 50 A competent middle aged manservant , not a butler, but a house parlour man. Quick and deft. Just a trifle suspicious and shifty. Rogers continues to be a proper servant even after his wife is found dead and the bodies begin piling up. The recording accuses Rogers and his wife of letting their former employer die because they stood to inherit money from her.

Ethel Rogers - 50’s Rogers’s wife. Ethel is a frail woman, and the death of Tony Marston makes her faint. Wargrave believes her husband dominates her and that he masterminded their crime.

General MacKenzie - 60’s The oldest guest. MacKenzie is accused of sending a lieutenant, Arthur Richmond, to his death during World War I because Richmond was his wife’s lover. Once the first murders take place, Macarthur, already guilt-ridden about his crime, becomes resigned to his death and sits by the sea waiting for it to come to him.

Anthony Marston – 25 A rich, athletic, handsome youth. Tony Marston likes to drive recklessly and seems to lack a conscience. He killed two small children in a car accident caused by his speeding, but shows no remorse.

Fred Narracott, the boatman who delivered the guests to the island. After doing so he does not appear again in the story. (Although in the book Inspector Maine notes that it was Narracott who found the bodies).

Rehearsals commence early September 2018 at the ARTS Theatre

Nov 15,16,17,21,22,23,24 at 8pm plus one matinee at 2pm on 24th 2018

ARTS Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th January between 5 - 8pm

ARTS Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

More Information:
Ray Trowbridge on 0415 756 536 or via

Aussie Kelpie Arts

Written by Lewis Carroll
Book by Josh Heaysman
Directed By: Natalie Hockley

Aussie Kelpie Arts retells Lewis Carroll's timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland, like you have never heard before. Featuring parodies of songs by popular artists, such as: The Who, Wiz Khalifa, Guns N' Roses and many more, it's a musical that puts a fresh new twist on a beloved tale.

With a mix of contemporary humour for all audiences and Carroll's quirky characters that everybody grew up with, it's Alice in Wonderland...but not as you know it.

Roles Available:
Alice (f): A young, naïve girl. Endearing and curious
White Rabbit: Always in a rush and in a constant state of anxiety-induced panic.
Door / Dormouse: Puppets.* The Door is sassy and has a keen knowledge of things going on around him/her (4th wall breaks). The Dormouse is more often asleep than awake.
Mad Hatter: Irish accent. Fast talking and absolutely mad.
March Hare: Mad Hatter’s Partner-in-crime. Fast talking and absolutely mad.
Cheshire Cat (m): Straight, to the point and full of confidence. Is always right, even when wrong. Quite clearly a man in a cat costume (i.e. Wilfred)
Caterpillar: A stoner. Chilled out with a deep philosophy about the universe.
Flower 1 (m): Overtly masculine despite being a literal pansy. Is as harsh as granite.
Flower 2 (f): Kind hearted and comforting. Direct opposite of Flower 1
Queen of Hearts (f): Aggressive and self-centred. Loves to win and is cruel to any opposition.
King of Hearts (m): Timid and good hearted. Direct opposite of the Queen.
Gryphon: An old soul. Too engrossed in his/her own tale to take notice of surroundings and always willing to give advice whether it is needed or not.
Mock Turtle: Kind but with a meek constitution. Will burst into tears over the slightest inconvenience. No self-esteem.
Jabberwocky: Thick Southern US accent. A powerful presence with a light sense of humour and old fashion values.
Father (m): Critical of Alice. Demanding and his word is the law in his household. Played by Jabberwocky
Mother (f): Plays the victim in order to manipulate Alice. Played by March Hare
Sibling: Uses own success as the bar to judge all others against. Played by Mad Hatter.
+ A chorus of the King’s Guards

Rehearsals will be twice a week from Jan 21st-May 20th (Days will be dependent on availability)

Mon 21st of May (Bump-in)
Tues 22nd May (Rehearsal at 7:30pm)
Wed 23rd May (Rehearsal at 7:30pm)
Thurs 24th May (Performance at 7:30pm)
Fri 25th May (Performance at 7:30pm)
Sat 26th May (Performance at 2:00pm)
Sat 26th May (Performance at 7:30pm)
Sun 27th May (Performance at 2:00pm)
Sun 27th May (Bump-out)

Theatre Two
Star Theatres
145 Sir Donald Bradman Dr

Saturday & Sunday, January 13th-14th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

St Paul's College
792 Grand Junction Rd

More Information:
Josh Heaysman on

Please visit to complete our online form and secure your audition time. Audition booklets can also be found in the same location.

Noarlunga Theatre Company

Written By: Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter. Adapted from the original TV series by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer. With kind permission of Tiger Aspect Productions
Directed By: Myles Leon

This stage version of The Vicar of Dibley takes its source primarily from the first two series of the show aired between 1994 - 1998. In this script adaption created by Ian Gower, is primarily the reception of a female vicar that receives upon being assigned to a small farming village called Dibley.

At first the village community are horrified at having received a female Vicar from the head church. however eventually they learn to accept her as she learns (and challenges) the steadfast ways of the village. She manoeuvres her way into the hearts of the parishioners and the community in which she lives in.

Roles Available:
David Horton
David enjoys being in charge. He's a Cambridge educated, upper-class and although divorced, an upholder of stern traditional family values - very upper lip English. He longs for tradition, law and order the status quo. David certainly isn't the most tolerant person, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. He enjoys doing good deeds, but only when it will benefit him. He finds Geraldine difficult to get on with, because of her gender.
Aged mid 40's - mid 50's.

Hugo Horton
Hugo is the veritable puppet by his controlling father. He has been brought up only by David, most of his childhood.
He aims to avoid conflict, and always aims to please most people. His is in love with Alice Tinker.
Slightly tall and able to optimise the dub look. Aged 30 - 40 years.

Frank Pickle
Frank is very "English" and very "public school" in appearance. He is highly eccentric in both manner and dress, and outstandingly well spoken. However, whilst he speaks well, most of the Dibley wish he would speak a little less, he has been known to bore people to sleep when he speaks. As Clerk of the Parish Council, he's keen to take the minutes, which can be hours, accurately as possible, but has a habit of dithering and annoying everyone. Late 40's +

Jim Trott
Jim has a very unfortunate stutter, insofar as he precedes almost every statement is "No, no, no, no.......yes". Residents find this annoying, time consuming and confusing when trying to gain a straight answer. This aside, Jim spends a lot of time generally dithering anyway and so rarely manages to achieve much. He often speaks of his sexual desire for all breathing females. Aged 50+

Owen Newitt
Owen is a local farmer and a parish council member with a very earthy manner. He lives alone at the farm with his animals and is famous for displaying extremely personal hygiene, compounded with chronic problems with his stomach and bowels. He has a thing for the Reverend Gerry. He often uses the word 'bloody', describing the word as 'a useful adjective'. Tall looking. Aged 45+

Lelitia Cropley
Lelitia is a very caring lady who longs to provide nourishing refreshment and sustenance to her close friends and neighbours, and ensures the church is full of attractive flower arrangements. This problem is her creativity ways, and could be described as rather eccentric. She was veey naughty as a young girl and wishes she could start again. Loves to knit. Aged mid 50+


4 Children - 2 boys, 2 girls - aged 10 - 15

The roles of The Vicar and Alice have already been cast

Wednesday nights - 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Sunday afternoons - 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Base 10 - 10 Main South Road, Old Reynella

This will commence end of February 2018

Friday 1st June 2018 - 8pm
Saturday 2nd June 2018 - 2pm & 8pm
Friday 8th June 2018 - 8pm
Saturday 9th June 2018 - 2pm & 8pm

The Arts Centre - Port Noarlunga - 22 Gawler St Port Noarlunga

Sunday 4th February 2018.
12pm - 4pm

Base 10 - 10 Main South Road, Old Reynella.

More Information:
Myles Leon - Director on 0421002802 or via