Written By: Jessica Bellamy/Alan Haehnel
Directed By: Alicia Zorkovic & Michelle Nightingale

Property Rites by Alan Haehnel

Kyle Macmanus has invested millions in a high-tech work of art -- fifteen human-figure sculptures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues, and more.

But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions; the figures are alive. As each one struggles to achieve autonomy, they begin a fatal race against their desperate owner's destructive plan.


School of Sharks by Jessica Bellamy

Bea is scared of everything - sharks, needles, and her beleaguered seaside town crumbling into the ocean. Most fearful, to Bea, is the idea of making a best friend: showing your true, vulnerable, terrified self to another human being.

Suddenly, a shiver of sharks, desperate to save their own souls, presents a predicament actually worth fretting about. Might a real catastrophe prompt Bea to show her classmates just how capable she really is?

School of Sharks is a comedic, eco-conscious work for young people that explores mental health, climate change, friendship, and our relationship to marine animals.

Roles Available:
More information on our website

All actors must be aged 10-21

Read through/Welcome Lunch - Sunday 20th June

Production rehearsals - Monday 5th to Friday 9th July
8.45am to 4pm

Performances - 10th and 11th July
2pm & 5pm

Holden Street Theatres

Information Night:
** Fully funded scholarships available for young people aged 10-18 **

Auditions - Sunday 16th May by appointment

96 Glen Osmond Rd, PARKSIDE

More Information:
Contact Alicia Zorkovic on 0414261591 or email

Gilbert & Sullivan Society of SA

Written By: Lyrics by
Music by
Directed By: Gordon Combes

Evita, the story of ambitious, charismatic Eva Duarte, opens in a Buenos Aires cinema when the death is announced of Eva Perón, née Duarte, and affectionately known by the people of Argentina as “Evita”.

Che, acts as narrator throughout this story which follows the unlikely, if real-life drama, of a woman of doubtful virtue who became the wife of the fascist Juan Perón who went on to become dictator of Argentina.

Che takes us back to the time when Eva was 15. Even then she was ambitious and the way out of the life she was leading was through tango singer Augustin Magaldi. She follows him to Buenos Aires where she begins to make her mark on the entertainment scene, notably as an actress on the radio. She meets politician Juan Perón and quickly establishes herself in his favour, at the same time, ousting his current mistress, a 16 year old girl. Eva is not content with just being the mistress of a small-time politician. She has ambition enough for the two of them and she pushes him towards supreme power.

In 1946 Perón becomes President of Argentina and on the way, he and Eva have married. She, however, is much more than a wife - she is his propaganda machine with the population. She offers them a vision of the future which involves taxing the rich to pay the poor. By the age of 26, Eva has become a heroine in her own right, a Saint Joan for Argentina. Her ambition doesn’t stop here - she wants to be a figure on the world stage.

Eva embarks on a world tour, the Rainbow Tour as it is dubbed. It is not the success that Eva, and Argentina, hoped for. Spain greeted her but elsewhere the reception was somewhat cool. She returns to Argentina and sets up the Eva Perón Foundation. This proves to be successful and popular but Eva is unwell. She desperately wants to become vice-president to her husband but politically this proves not to be possible. She goes on radio to turn down the offer of the honour of vice-president - even though it was never offered to her.

On her deathbed she says she hopes she will be remembered to those who will succeed her.

Roles Available:
Main Roles

EVITA: (Mezzo-Soprano 21-35).
Must be able to play ages 18 to 33 while projecting both a toughness and charisma. She is a beautiful, ambitious and power-seeking woman, who rises to become the spiritual leader of Argentina by the age of 26. She is also a woman of few options, who uses her sexuality to build power. The actor playing this role must be a trained vocalist with strong vocal stamina and excellent control. A legit Mezzo with a clear, strong mix that can belt to a high G and sing to a low E (below middle C). Must be a passionate and strong actor who can move well.

CHE: (Tenor, 21-40)
This character is dashing, impulsive, jealous, and manipulative. Che is a political activist and the narrator of the show, a radical who isn’t reluctant to ask tough questions and demand answers. An actor/singer that must move very well with a high, rock tenor voice that can sing a low A to high B, falsetto to high F.

PERÓN: (Baritone, 30-55)
An officer in the Argentinian army who rises to become the Argentine President. He is a man who is dignified, charming, and authoritative. A strong actor and singer who can play character/leading man. Vocal bass/baritone to high F.

MISTRESS: (Mezzo-Soprano, 18-25)
A very beautiful, fragile, vulnerable, innocent young girl who plays Juan Perón’s teenage Mistress. She is “dismissed” out of Perón’s life by his future wife, Eva. The Mistress ponders the rejection during her song, “Another Suitcase in Another Hall”. She will also appear in the ensemble. Must be able to move well and sing a low A to a high E.

MAGALDI: (Tenor, 30–40)
A tango singer with whom Eva has her first love affair. A charming loser – never quite made it. Has the first number in the show, “On This Night of a Thousand Stars” and sets up the world in which Eva exists and establishes a Latin flavor to the piece, which is essential. He will also appear in the ensemble. A Latin American “personality” type and feel that needs to be bigger than life, but real at the same time. Sings high tenor High G.


We are seeking a broad range of males and females with excellent singing voices in all ranges to play everything from Generals to Peasants. A fully featured versatile ensemble that helps define this world. Must be able to sing to move well.

Men and women who are strong dancers to play soldiers, tango dancers, and the dance chorus.
CHILDREN’S ENSEMBLE (Boys and Girls ages 7-15)

Must be able to sing and hold harmonies, act and move moderately well. These young actors will be featured as well as appearing in the adult ensemble at times.

G&S Shed, 3 George Street, Hindmarsh

Rehearsal days & times: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7:30pm to 10:30pm.
Sundays: 10am to 1:00pm.

Rehearsals start:Sunday, 27th June.

Please read the G&S Society Working With Children Policy which can be found at:

Tech. and Dress Rehearsals:
Sunday, 19th to Wednesday, 22nd September.
at 6.30pm (All cast are to attend).

Performance dates & times:
Thursday, 23rd September: 7:30pm.
Friday, 25th September: 7:30pm.
Saturday, 25th September: 1:30pm.
Saturday, 25th September: 7:30pm.
Sunday, 26th September: 3:30pm.
Wednesday, 29th September: 7:30pm.
Thursday, 30th September: 7:30pm.
Friday, 1st October: 7:30pm.
Saturday, 2nd October: 1:30pm.
Saturday, 2nd October: 7:30pm.

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Information Night:
Audition information is available at:

Audition dates & times:
Saturday, 29th May and Sunday, 30th May.

Please wear clothing suitable for dancing in.
Women to bring a long skirt and preferably chorus shoes.
All auditionees must attend a group call.

Saturday - Group call:
Adults: 9am to 11am.
Evita: 11am to 12pm.
Individual auditions from 12:30pm onwards.

Sunday - Group call:
Children: 9am to 10am.
Adults: 10am to 12pm.
Evita: 12pm to 1pm.
Individual auditions from 1:30pm onwards.

G&S Shed, 3 George Street, Hindmarsh

More Information:
Contact Alicia McCluskey (Production Manager) via email

Tea Tree Players

Written By: Robert Scott
Directed By: Lachlan Blackwell

Recent divorcee Carter Sutton wakes up after a night he will never remember to an unexplained stash of cash and a mysterious naked woman is the last person he wants his mother to find in his flat during her unwanted visit.
Along with the local policeman, the mail-woman and anyone else who feels like dropping by. It’s a fine tangle to be mixed up in! And the following 24 hours are sure to be filled with mystery, confusion and mayhem.

Roles Available:
Character/Character Description/Stage Age/Cues
Carter - cynical, sarcastic, easily stressed 28-35 (207 cues)
Roger - bachelor, sleazy, thick 28-35 (189 cues)
Kitty Kat - sexy, deceptive, cunning 24-28 (197 cues)
Emma - innocent, oblivious 24-28 (136 cues)
Logan - people pleaser, two faced 26-30 (85 cues)
Harriett - insincere, flirtatious, means well 55-65 (144 cues)
Ashley - honest, physical comedy, dim m or f 20+ (97 cues)
Maxine/Martine - twins, foreign, bewildered 20-30 (72 cues)

To be negotiated, currently set for Wednesday and Friday evenings with the potential of some weekend rehearsals.

TBD - Currently proposed for a late Sept/October, 2021 production run.

Tea Tree Players Theatre (Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park) Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads, Surrey Downs.

Information Night:
Wednesday 16th and Friday 18th June, 2021 from 7:30pm

Wednesday 16th and Friday 18th June, 2021 from 7:30pm

Tea Tree Players Theatre (Gate One, Tilley Recreational Park) Corner of Yatala Vale and Hancock Roads, Surrey Downs.

More Information:
Contact Lachlan Blackwell on 0401 047 943 or email

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Written By: Music & Lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin
Book by Jo DiPietro

Directed By: Selena Britz
Musical Director: Jesse Budel
Choreographer: Carmel Vistoli

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company wraps up its 2021 season with a Tony Award-winning musical comedy featuring the Gershwin brothers' most famous hits, including "Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off," "Someone to Watch Over Me", “Fascinating Rhythm”, “But Not For Me”, “I’ve Got a Crush On You”, "'S Wonderful” and more.

With a book by Tony Award-winner Joe DiPietro, this dazzling musical comedy is set in the roaring '20s. It follows a charming and wealthy playboy, Jimmy Winters, who meets a streetwise female bootlegger, Billie Bendix, the day before his wedding. Billie finds out that Jimmy has a beach house that he never uses and convinces her sidekicks, Cookie and Duke, to store 400 cases of gin in the cellar.

Hilarious chaos erupts when Jimmy shows up to the house with his new bride and her Prohibition-loving family in tow, forcing the trio to pose as the serving staff and keep the family away from the cellar.

Meanwhile a love story unfolds between Jimmy and Billie. The only thing standing in their way is that Jimmy is somewhat married—and Billie is a fugitive with gin in the cellar and the Feds at the door.

Hedy Weiss from the Chicago Sun-Times writes: "Nice Work If You Can Get It is pure, unadulterated bliss. It’s a gem of a musical jukebox."

Roles Available:


(30s) A wealthy and handsome playboy about to be married. Actor must have great charm, comic skills, must sing and dance (including tap) very well. BARI-TENOR.

(40s - 50s): A fast-talking, wise-cracking bootlegger. He can talk anyone into or out of anything. He is mistaken for Jimmy’s butler and has to keep up the charade. Actor must understand old fashioned vaudeville style comedy a la Abbott and Costello. (Tony award winning role). CHARACTER BARITONE.

(30s - 40s): Cookie’s sidekick. Not the brightest guy around. Very shy with women. By circumstance he must pass himself off as the Duke of England. He falls in love with the beautiful sexy chorus girl, Jeannie Muldoon. He is the dim but sweet stooge, paired with Cookie. BARITONE.

(late 50s - 60s): Eileen’s father. A humorless career politician. Stuffy, stern and judgmental. Very distinguished looking. In his youth was in love with Millicent Winter, Jimmy’s mother. NON-SINGING ROLE.

(40s): Chief of the Long Island Police Department. Fiercely, and to a fault, dedicated to his job. Seems gruff on the outside. BARITONE.


(20s - 30s): A tough, clever, feisty and street-wise young woman. Partners in rum running with her best friends, Cookie and Duke. She has always lived in a man’s world until she meets Jimmy, a millionaire playboy and falls in love. Must be a skilled farceur. Very appealing, attractive and underneath her tough veneer, she must have a strong sense of vulnerability. Various differing accents required, (American, English, Irish) CHEST MIX. MUST MOVE VERY WEESTONIA DULWORTH, THE DUCHESS OF WOODFORD
(40s - 50s) An upper-class, bejeweled dowager. A fervent prohibitionist – but underneath there is a wild spirit just waiting to be freed. Great supporting role. (Tony award winning role). STRONG BELT AND MIX, LEGIT HEADVOICE IS A PLUS.

(20s - 30s): Lush and lovely, she is the self-proclaimed finest interpreter of modern dance in the world – as well as being spoiled rotten and completely self-involved. Jimmy’s fiancée and Senator Evergreen’s daughter. A dish with great comic skills. STRONG BELT AND MIX, MUST MOVE VERY WELL.

(20s - 30s): A lovely, sexy, chorus girl from Brooklyn who falls in love with Duke, who she thinks is the Duke of England. She still loves him for who he is once she finds out the truth. They are the perfect couple, not too bright but winning. STRONG BELT. MUST BE A STRONG DANCER.

(60s): Jimmy’s mother. She is ‘Auntie Mame’; full of life with absolutely no pretences even though she is unbelievably rich. Lives life to the fullest. Has sex appeal. We find out she made all of her money as a rum runner. Great cameo role. NON-SINGING ROLE.
The Chorus will consist of strong singers/dancers. There are a lot of dance numbers in this show. Tappers will be required. Some non-singing Chorus roles may be available.

Mondays at 7:30 pm at Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner of Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at Wesley Uniting Church, Fullarton Road, Kent Town.

Some Sunday rehearsals at Maylands Church of Christ Hall

14-16 & 19-23 October 2021

Evenings at 7:30 pm and Matinees on 16 & 23 at 2 pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Information Night:
Information Night on Monday May 31 at 7:45 pm at Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner of Portrush Road and Nora Street Maylands.

Auditions by APPOINTMENT only at Information Night

Appointments will be available on Trybooking from Tuesday June 1

Auditions - Sunday 20 June from 2 pm and Monday 21 June from 7:30 pm

Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

More Information:
Contact Carolyn Mesecke on 0407 457 821 or email