Promise Adelaide

Directed By: Co-Directors: Ben Francis and Annabel Lane
Musical Director: Serena Martino-Williams
Choreographer: Eliza Payze

Promise Adelaide are proud to be presenting a song-and-dance spectacular of songs from stage and screen, supporting The Starlight Foundation.

"It certainly gives one hope for the future, of not only entertainment but the world, when well presented youngsters tackle such a hard core issue with guts, energy and integrity." - Brian Godfrey, GLAM Adelaide"

​​"Never before have I witnessed such talent and promise for the future on one stage. The only criticism I have is that more people will not get the opportunity to see this show." Kerry Cooper- Stage Whispers

Roles Available:
We are seeking a talented and committed cast to sing and dance their hearts out for an amazing cause. ALL PERFORMERS MUST BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 9 AND 15 ON THE 20TH AUGUST.

Tuesday's 4:30pm - 8:30pm from 13th June to 15th August (excluding 11th July)
Saturday's 2:30pm - 6:30pm from 17th June to 22nd July
Intensive Sessions: 10pm to 7pm - 10th/12th/14th July
Final Rehearsals: Sunday 6th August 2pm - 6pm; Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August 1pm - 6pm

Saturday 19th August 7pm
Sunday 20th August 2pm


Currently seeking applications of interest. Head to www.promiseadelaide.com to enquire now!


More Information:
Ben Francis on 0414621764 or via promiseadelaide@yahoo.com.au

Wings2Fly Theatre

Written By: Don Zolidis
Directed By: Alicia Zorkovic & Michelle Nightingale

A new drama teacher is bringing a production of A Chorus Line to the high school. Though the hopefuls range from shy to outrageous, and from diva-like to determined, everyone has a chance to step into the spotlight. A hilarious and heartbreaking look at the madness of auditioning and the actors who brave the process for that perfect part.

All cast to be played by students 13-18 years old.

Roles Available:
Mr/Ms Torrance – Teacher
The new drama teacher at school who wishes to put on a production of A Chorus Line. Onstage for most of the play. Must have a level of seniority and the patience of a saint!

Stage Manager (male or female)
Must be able to move well as they lead a dance rehearsal, and attempt a beat box (doesn't have to be particularly good!)

Carrie – student
Unassuming and very talented – must be a strong singer and dancer as well as actor.

Carrie's mother/father
Overworked and tired, single parent and struggling to keep up

Soleil – student
The “different” student who struggles to fit in. Is bullied during the play. Sensitive part.

Elizabeth – student
Over-scheduled, pressured by her mother. Just wants a break for a while.
Auditions as Hamlet; actor must be comfortable with Shakespeare

Elizabeth's mother/father
The reason Elizabeth is over-scheduled. Overbearing.

Alison – student
Spoilt and argumentative. Entitled. Daddy's little princess

Alison's father
Aggressive and domineering. Character part, must have good comedic timing

Sarah – student
Completely in love with Tommy. Possibly a little unstable

Tommy – student
The object of Sarah's (unrequited) affection. Good comic timing required.

Yuma – student (could be male)
Crazy-wild dancer of many different styles. Out there

Gina – student (could be male)
Intense, oddball. Good comedy role

Marissa – student (could be male)
Extremely quiet and shy (but must still be heard!)

Plus a chorus of 6 actors, all students. Various sized roles.

Read through - Sunday 25th June
Rehearsals - 9am-4pm Monday 10th to Friday 14th July; 11am to 4pm Saturday 15th July

Saturday 15th July at 5pm and 8pm

Seymour College

Information Night:
For further information please contact Alicia Zorkovic on 0414 261 591 or Michelle Nightingale on 0411 863 865

Saturday 1st April
Callbacks Sunday 2nd April or Saturday 8th April

St Georges

More Information:
Alicia Zorkovic on 0414261591 or via wings2flytheatre@gmail.com

The Stirling Players

Written By: Tom Stoppard
Directed By: Hayley Horton

Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is an absurdist, existentialist tragicomedy that expands upon the escapades of two supporting characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Taking place “behind the scenes” of Shakespeare's play, Stoppard’s characters interact briefly with Hamlet’s major characters who enact fragments of the original's scenes.

Between these moments, both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern discuss their bewilderment at the progress of events of which—occurring onstage without them—they have no direct knowledge. Utilising language as a confounding system fraught with ambiguity, the pair are a Shakespearean comedy duo, given the chance to take the lead role in a realm that resonates with “Waiting for Godot”, and reality and misconceptions are intertwined with sharp wit and absurd humour.

Roles Available:
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, pair of schoolmates and childhood friends of Hamlet. Both male, stage-age open between mid 20s to late 30s

The title roles are central to the story and bear a significant portion of the production – they are dream roles for two great actors. Both performers need to balance each other. They must have an excellent understanding of the “acting craft” and be comfortable and confident performing in an absurdist setting and inhabiting these roles. A strong sense of comedic timing, physicality, and an ability to interpret the piece will help these performers in creating these iconic roles through the rehearsal process (along with support from the director/production team).

Are you one of our proud pair? Experienced actors who have previously performed in lead roles preferred – come with ideas and a willingness to collaborate and experiment at auditions!

Please note: We acknowledge it is difficult to differentiate between the two characters (even the characters struggle to do so). Auditionees are encouraged to prepare for the character with which they most identify/feel they are suited. Your interpretation of character is valuable to the audition process, but will not preclude you from consideration for the other character.

For an in-depth analysis of the play and the characters, visit http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/rosencrantz/

Tuesday and Thursday evenings (plus Sunday afternoons after Christmas)

23rd and 24th February 8pm
25th February 4pm
2nd and 3rd March 8pm
5th March 4pm
9th and 10th March 8pm

Stirling Community Theatre, Avenue Road, Stirling, 5152

Information Night:
Additional info available from audition booking contact

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April - slots available between 4 and 6pm
Possibility of call back Tuesday 11th 7.30pm

Stirling Community Theatre

More Information:
Contact Debbie Tester on 0450 906 522 or email debbietester64@gmail.com

Galleon Theatre Group

Directed By: KYM CLAYTON

It is Christmas at Belinda and Neville's house and they have invited their family for a traditional Christmas celebration. The guests include: Neville's exhausted sister Phyllis; her husband Bernard, a doctor whose annual puppet shows are the stuff of legend and terror to both young and old alike; Neville's friend Eddie and his pregnant wife Pattie; uncle Harvey, a slightly senile retired security guard and a television-addict; Belinda's unmarried sister, Rachel; Clive, a writer and friend of Rachel. Clive arrives late by train, is missed by Rachel, and is instead welcomed by Belinda, who is immediately attracted to him. Harvey, as a result of a misunderstanding, takes an immediate dislike to Clive, believing him to be a homosexual and prospective thief. Clive falls for the frustrated Belinda, after Rachel tells him she is looking for no more than friendship. He and Belinda attempt to fulfil their passions beneath the Christmas tree, but are discovered when they set off the various electronic toys and lights beneath the tree in, initially, their lust and then their desperate attempts to turn everything off. On Boxing Day, Clive arranges to leave as soon as he can. Meanwhile, rehearsals are taking place for Bernard's puppet show The Three Little Pigs, all his efforts being undermined by Harvey. Bernard eventually snaps and tirades against Harvey. Very early the following morning, Clive, in the process of leaving, is intercepted by Harvey who believes he is a thief taking all the presents. Harvey promptly shoots Clive, who is pronounced dead by the ineffectual Bernard. The 'corpse' promptly lets out a moan and calls for Belinda, rather than Rachel. He is taken to hospital and Belinda and Neville are left together, Neville choosing to ignore all that has happened.

Offering a seriously entertaining look at the misery and high jinks of an average family Christmas, Season's Greetings, from the ever-popular writing of Alan Ayckbourn, gives us an hilarious kick start to the run up to Christmas.

Roles Available:
“Season’s Greetings” is for an adult cast, with characters having ‘stage ages’ ranging from early/mid 30s to late 60s.

  • Neville, easy going, Phyllis's brother. always busy fiddling with anything mechanical out in his shed
  • Belinda, Neville's wife, attractive, endures a stale marriage to Neville, resorting to flapping about the house and constantly dressing the Christmas tree
  • Phyllis, Neville's sister, a martyr to cooking, Bernard's lush of a wife, whom Bernard struggles to support
  • Harvey, Neville's uncle, cropped hair, slightly military appearance, Neville and Phyllis's uncle, a cantankerous man who boasts about "thirty years experience" as a security officer, bemoans the collapse of society whilst himself gorging on TV violence, much to Bernard's annoyance (ALREADY CAST)
  • Bernard, Phyllis' husband, a rather faded man, a feeble-spirited doctor, with strong views on non-violence and obsessed with a dismal puppet show for the children
  • Rachel, Belinda's emotionally fuddled older sister, less conventionally pretty
  • Eddie, less successful, a lacklustre and lazy man who tried to strike out on his own but failed, sucks up to his friend Neville for work
  • Pattie, Eddie's wife, noticeably 7 months pregnant, largely ignored, and can only nag at him and wish she were not having another child
  • Clive, shy & pleasant manner, a writer, in a non-starter of a relationship with Rachel

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30-10.00pm, Sundays 1.30-5.30pm
First rehearsal Sunday 20 August 2017
Park Holme Community Hall, 638 Marion Road, PARK HOLME (corner Wallala Avenue & Marion Road)

Thurs 2, Fri 3, Sat 4 November 2017 @ 8pm
Sun 5 November 2017 @ 2pm
Thurs 9, Fri 10 , Sat 11 November 2017 @ 8pm

Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Road, OAKLANDS PARK SA 5046

Group audition: Monday 24 April 2017 commencing 7:00pm. All prospective auditionees should be there at that time.

Park Holme Community Hall, 638 Marion Road, PARK HOLME (corner Wallala Avenue & Marion Road)

More Information:
Contact Kym Clayton on 0407-704-349 or email ackc1@optusnet.com.au

The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)

Originally produced by EDWARD PADULA by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd
Directed By: Gordon Combes
Musical Director: Paul Sinkinson
Choreographer: Carmel Vistoli

Before Link Larkin...Before Danny Zuko...There was Conrad Birdie!

This is a bright and fast paced musical that will leave the audience with a smile on their face and humming the well-known tunes. Bye Bye Birdie is a celebration of song and dance, paying homage to 1950’s American pop culture.

When superstar Conrad Birdie is drafted into the armed forces, his tense songwriter/ manager Albert is set for bankruptcy. That is, until his faithful secretary (and long-term girlfriend) Rose devises a most brilliant publicity campaign to cash-in on Conrad’s departure from entertainment. Conrad will bestow ‘One Last Kiss’ on a teenage fan before national television audience, live from Sweet Apple, Ohio. But not all goes to plan when jealous boyfriends, meddling mothers and teenage hormones are thrown into the mix. The result is chaos!

Featuring classic Broadway songs including Put on a Happy Face, One Last Kiss, Honestly Sincere and A Lot of Livin’ to Do, this is entertainment in its most feel-good form.
We are seeking a high-energy cast of all ages to bring this flashy and colourful production to life in October at the Arts Theatre!

If you loved Hairspray, you won’t want to miss Bye Bye Birdie. It’s fun loving, hilarious and wildly entertaining.

Roles Available:

Albert F. Peterson - Albert is the nervous and high-strung president of Almalou Records. We are looking for an actor with great comic timing and an awareness physical humour. A traditional Broadway song and dance role.
Stage Age: 30-40
Vocal Range: F2 – Gb4 Baritone/Tenor
Dance Requirements: Albert must be able to move well, soft shoe would be an advantage
Audition Song: Put On A Happy Face (Bar 7 – 37) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Rosie Deleon - Rose is Al’s secretary but dreams of the day when she can adjust his title from “employer” to “hubby.” The role of Rose requires someone who can display a truly strong spirit and a spicy inner core. The role of Rose will be secured by the one who can sell the character’s spirit, both in scenes AND songs.

Stage Age: late 20s-40
Vocal Range: F3 – C5 Alto Belt
Dance Requirements: Rosie has a huge dance sequence “The Shriner’s Ballet” which requires a trained dancer or an extremely talented mover - she has to be energetic, agile and be able to be lifted
Audition Song: An English Teacher’s Wife (Bar 67 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Mama Mae Peterson – Albert’s interfering mother who will do anything to ensure he does not marry Rose. She has a powerful presence with great comic timing. Every scene in which she appears presents Mae unabashedly working to guilt trip her poor son.

Stage Age: 50+
Vocal Range: Alto
Dance Requirements: Must move well
Audition Song: A Mother Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Bar 15 – 52) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Conrad Birdie – A tall handsome and confident rock-star. He’s rude. He’s arrogant. He doesn’t show much regard for others. We also need to see, very clearly, the physicality of Birdie. The show was loosely based on Elvis’ entrance into the army. Give us a few king-like indications of the guy, but don’t go full-blown Elvis.

Stage Age: 25-30
Vocal Range: Ab2 – Gb4 Light Baritone
Dance Requirements: Birdie has to emulate the Elvis hip swinging, pelvic thrusts - needs to move with agility
Audition Song: Honestly Sincere (Bar 1 – 9) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Kim MacAfee – Kim is the president of Sweet Apple’s Conrad Birdie Fan Club. Through random chance, she is selected to deliver Conrad Birdie his final kiss goodbye before leaving to join the army. Unfortunately, her boyfriend Hugo has a few reservations. Kim needs to come across as a young, sweet and flirtatious teenage girl of the 1950’s.

Stage Age: 16-17
Vocal Range: G3 – Ab5 Lyric Mezzo
Dance Requirements: Preferably a dancer - needs to be an extremely good mover
Audition Song: How Lovely To Be A Woman (Bar 24 – 102) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Harry MacAfee – He constantly feels that he has no control over his family (or even himself) He’s also a great source of comedy in the production. He has a couple of really great scenes in which he has the potential to leave the house rolling. As Kim’s father he needs to be the typical over protective dad of his teenage daughter.

Stage Age: 40+
Vocal Range: C3 – E4 Comfortable Baritone
Dance Requirements: A good mover
Audition Song: Kids (Bar 1 – 62) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing
Doris MacAfee – Doris is a devoted wife and Kim and Randolph’s loving mother. She has a wonderful scene early on in the show in which she is mortified with her daughter’s abrupt assertion of adult status. She is the peacekeeper between her moody teenage daughter, abrasive husband and curious little boy. Doris should underplay her role in the family, even though it is clear she is in control.

Stage Age: 40+
Vocal Range: Bb3 – F5 Comfortable Mezzo
Dance Requirements: A good mover Audition Song: Kids (Bar 1 – 62) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Randolph MacAfee - Kim’s younger brother. He’s overlooked a bit and wants attention from his father. When he is acknowledged, he really isn’t given much respect at all. Randolph shouldn’t be played shy. He’s a typical kid who is curious about the world and loves discovering a variety of creatures and sister’s secrets.

Stage Age: 9-12
Vocal Range: D4 – D5 Boy Alto
Dance Requirements: A good mover
Audition Song: A Healthy, Normal American Boy TEEN Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Hugo Peabody - Hugo is Kim’s understandably frustrated boyfriend. He is a hopeless romantic with a touch of melodrama about him. He has solid stage time and enjoys command of a couple of humorous moments.

Stage Age: 16-19
Vocal Range: No lead songs, but will be required to sing as part of ensemble
Dance Requirements: A good mover Audition Song: A Healthy, Normal American Boy TEEN Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Ursula Merkle – Ursula is completely smitten with Conrad and shows it with great enthusiasm and passion. She is a supporting character, but she has some wonderful moments. She’s Kim’s number-one confidant. She’s a little quirky and high-energy.

Stage Age: 16-17
Vocal Range: D4 – F5
Dance Requirements: Needs to be able to do the splits - requires some trained dance experience
Audition Song: A Healthy, Normal American Boy TEEN Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Harvey Johnson - A member of the teen chorus with comedic voice cracking solos in the song ‘The Telephone Hour’.

Stage Age: 16-17
Vocal Range: D3 – F#4 Comedic Tenor
Dance Requirements: A good mover
Audition Song: The Telephone Hour (Bar 19 – 22) AND A Healthy, Normal American Boy TEEN Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Feature Roles and Ensemble

Feature roles: Like Mayor, Mayor’s wife, Reporters, Sad Girl, Helen, Nancy, Margie, Alice, Fans (girls and boys), TV crew, Mr Johnson, Station Master, Director, Maude and staff parents and Gloria Rasputin will be cast from the Ensemble.

Teen Ensemble: The teen ensemble need to be high energized, hard-working and be able to portray a variety of characters.

Vocal Range: Soprano/Mezzo/Alto/Tenor/Baritone/Bass.
Dance Requirements: 4 trained dancers required - others some dance experience and ability to follow choreography - great numbers for chorus
Audition Song: A Healthy, Normal American Boy TEEN Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Adult Ensemble: The ensemble will be asked to perform a variety of roles throughout the production from TV studio types to 1950’2 parents, we are seeking a variety of voice types and ages.

Vocal Range: Soprano/Mezzo/Alto/Tenor/Baritone/Bass.
Dance Requirements: good movers required - adult men participate in the Shriner’s Ballet
Audition Song: A Healthy, Normal American Boy ADULT Vocal Line (Bar 117 – 138) AND a 1950/60s musical theatre song of your choosing

Mondays at Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner Portrush Road & Nora Street Maylands from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Wednesdays at Wesley Uniting Church Hall , corner Fullarton Road & Grenfell Street Kent Town from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm at Maylands Church of Christ Hall - address above

12-14 & 17-21 October 2017 – Evenings at 8 pm
Special Price Night on Tuesday 17 October at 8 pm
Matinee Saturdays 14 and 21 October at 2 pm

The Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

Information Night:
MONDAY 5 June at 7:45 pm to be held at Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

SUNDAY 18 June from 2 pm to 10:30 pm
MONDAY 19 June from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Maylands Church of Christ Hall, corner Portrush Road and Nora Street, Maylands

More Information:
Carolyn Mesecke on 0407 457 821 or via themetsa@gmail.com